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Weight loss is a common goal in the modern world, where obesity is slowly becoming the norm. The world around us is trying to promote healthy eating habits and a good amount of physical exercise in order to keep people on a healthy diet and yet people seem to struggle with losing weight.

This is where diet pills enter the market, as they’re designed specifically to help peoples natural weight loss process by through by working as an appetite suppressant, increasing resting metabolic rate via thermogenesis and many other weight loss effects.

Zotrims contribution to this is to provide what they have claimed is the only clinically proven weight loss pill available. To save the trouble of reading our entire review we’ll spill the beans right here and say that we do not recommend this dietary supplement to aid your weight loss journey.

Despite the many different forms it takes, what Zotrim have provided us with here is essentially a caffeine pill in fancy clothes that includes two B vitamins that, atleast in the dosage included here, will have little to no impact on weight loss.

Instead we’d like to recommend Hourglass Fit. Including the highest quality ingredients that are legitimately clinically proven to work, such as Glucomannan and 5HTP which are the two best appetite suppressants tat are available. There’s also no caffeine included as they instead opted for Cayenne Pepper Extract for it’s thermogenic effects.

Now before we get into the nitty gritty of this zotrim review, let’s answer those burning questions


Is Zotrim a Safe Weight Loss Pill?

If you’re not very sensitive to caffeine then Zotrim will be safe for human consumption with little to no adverse affects. That being said we absolutely recommend you discontinue use immediately as soon as you encounter any adverse affects and consult your doctor as soon as is possible.

How Do I Take Zotrim?

There’s actually some contradictory information here as Zotrim have written that they recommend you take 3 pills three times a day (20 minutes before each major meal) but they’ve sold it as a 30 day supply, which would be the case only if you instead took 2 pills three times a day.

Customer Zotrim Reviews

Though it’s exceptionally common for companies to boost their ratings on public reviews by filling them with fake positives, the Zotrim reviews on Amazon sit at a middling 3.7 out of five.

Taking a look through to determine the more genuine complaints it seems the consensus is that it’s tedious to remember to take three pills before each meal and others complaining there were no positive effects found.

Ingredients Breakdown

Let’s pop the hood and see what makes this weight loss supplement tick.

Guarana Seed Extract 95mg

A common sight on the side of energy drinks the world over and for a very good reason; Guarana seed extract is a much more marketable way to express that your product include caffeine than simply listing caffeine itself as a derivative.

Yeah you read that right, Guarana seed extract contains one active chemical known to help you lose weight faster and thats caffeine. Now of course there are many ways caffeine can help with weight loss, but it’s listed as an ingredient itself further down so if you’ll forgive the tease we’ll be going into detail there.

We did find a study that found extra stimulant effects when observing planarians that had been provided Guarana seed when compared with the results of caffeine itself [1], but this is one test among many

It may be the case the certain derivatives of guarana seed extract contain up to 4 times more caffeine than coffee beans, but what does this really mean? You don’t often find weight loss supplements listing coffee as an ingredient, as they instead extract caffeine from whichever source is most cost effective and list that.

It’s not a counter argument to what we’re getting at here, which is that there’s not enough credible scientific evidence to reasonably suggest that including Guarana seed extract over just caffeine will have an increased effect.

Damiana Leaf Extract 36mg

Considered as somewhat of an ancient love potion, Damiana has been used in Mexico, Central America and South America since the times of the ancient aztec as an aphrodisiac, relaxant and also a general tonic to improve health, and has remained quite popular today.

Though we searched for a while we couldn’t find anything that would even suggest damiana leaf extract would directly contribute to weight loss, and have instead concluded it’s inclusion is to counteract the potential anxious response some people can have when ingesting caffeine.

We found a lot of anecdotal evidence for it’s relaxant effects that was often mentioned within clinical trials but all we could really found was that Damiana leaf extract was a reasonable herbal remedy for treating men with problems with ejaculating during sex.

Though we understand why Zotrim included this ingredient it’s a far cry from the clinically proven claim they’ve proudly displayed in regards to their weight loss supplements ability to promote weight loss.

Yerba Mate Leaf Extract 112mg

The history of Yerba Mate stretches back to pre-columbian Paraguay. The consumption of Yerba Mate became widespread in in the late 16th century among both Spanish settlers and the indigenous Guarani people.

Now there’s a familiar active ingredient held in Yerba Mate and we’ll give you a clue in that it’s historical use was that it was often drank as a tea, can you figure out what it is?

If you guessed caffeine then you win! It seems Zotrim had a bit of a single track mindset when it came to developing this weight loss supplement and again, we’ll be discussing why caffeine can help prevent weight gain and support a healthy diet below.

There’s some evidence that ingesting Yerba Mate Leaf can help you lose weight more than just caffeine itself thanks to it’s polyphenol content, but the thing with using an “extract” is that it’s more than likely focused on extracting a singular active ingredient, and though we can’t say this with much certainty it’s far more likely this extraction was of the caffeine content which is far more closely linked to weight loss.

Caffeine 13.6mg

The worlds favourite stimulant, it’s estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide drink coffee every day, with Americans alone drinking about 400 millions cups of coffee every single day and similarly, Caffeine is one of the most widely used and popular natural ingredients in weight loss pills the world over.

Now we’re all aware of its energy providing effects, and of course these stimulant effects contribute greatly to caffeine’s ability to prevent weight gain.

For example, stimulants are found to posses potent appetite suppressant properties, helping to reduce energy intake during meals as we already have energy to hand. In fact, if ingested anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours before a meal, caffeine has been found to significantly reduce calorie intake [2].

These appetite suppressing effects can always help to reduce snacking in between meals, helping us to maintain a healthy eating habits whilst on our weight loss journey.

Caffeine has also been found to increase cognitive performance, mood, alertness and wakefulness [3] which can directly combat fatigue and mood regulation problems that are often associated with a reduce calorie intake/ caloric deficit diet.

It’s starting to become apparent why Zotrim focused on caffeine then, with three of the ingredients main active ingredient is caffeine, because it doesn’t even stop there. Caffeine enhances thermogenesis and energy expenditure [4].

Thermogenesis is involved in ingesting, digesting and processing food [5] and to simplify the process a lot we can think of it like this; When food intake increases the temperature of our body, it increases the resting metabolic rate, helping us to lose weight faster and promotes lean muscle mass by increasing energy expenditure, reducing fat cells at a higher rate through physical exercise.

Vitamins B3 and B6 (2.9mg and 0.4mg respectively)

It’s common for weight loss supplements to include some vitamins and minerals that are know to help you lose weight quickly, and it’s a smart idea. A healthy weight loss process requires a caloric deficit which can make it harder to get all of the nutrients our body would require from a balanced diet, and as such a dietary supplement that includes these nutrients can reduce the risk of deficiencies by a lot.

This Zotrim weight loss supplement has included vitamin B6 and vitamin B3, so let’s talk about how they can help us to lose weight more effectively.

Vitamin B6 has a recommended daily allowance of 1.3mg, so the 0.4 mg included here doesn’t quite get you there itself. That said it’s still a worthy inclusion as it’s highly available in many different foods, so it just decreases the chance of deficiency.

Sometimes it’s more than tackling deficiencies though, and this is the case with Vitamin B6. We found a clinical trial that supplemented 44 obese and overweight women with 80mg of Vitamin B6 per day and concluded it was effective in reducing BMI and improving body composition and biochemical factors associated with obesity [6].

Vitamin B3 is directly involved in the metabolism, as it is helps with the process of turning the food that we eat into the energy we need. The thing is, deficiency is incredibly rare in the United States and there’s a couple of factors that play into that. First of all it’s highly available and abundant in many foods, and secondly our bodies are able to produce it ourselves if we don’t get enough via the metabolism of essential amino acid tryptophan, so it’s inclusion in weight loss pills is unlikely to help you lose weight very much, if at all.

Verdict – Will You Be Losing Weight?

So there we have it, though it could be praised for having some positive weight loss effects these could ultimately be replicated with a small glass of coffee before your meals and as such, we do not recommend Zotrim.

We would instead like to direct your attention to what we believe is one of the best weight loss pills on the market in Hourglass Fit.

Containing the very best natural ingredients for weight loss including Chromium, which has been clinically proven to positively affect insulin sensitivity as well as reduce BMI [7] and Zinc, which has been observed in clinical trials to have significantly positive effects on weight loss, BMI, waist circumference and hip circumference [8].

There’s plenty of high quality ingredients included here that have earned HourglassFit our full recommendation, and you can check it out yourself by clicking this link.


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