Matcha Slim Review

Matcha Slim is a powdered food supplement made by BNH. Matcha Slim packs claim it boosts energy, suppresses appetite, and stimulates fat burning, to support healthy weight loss, while using only natural plant extracts, amino acids, and vitamins.

Unfortunately, the Matcha Slim powder uses a lot of smoke and mirrors and, after even the slightest examination, it’s clear it is highly unlikely to help you lose weight. In the following Matcha Slim review, we’ll explain exactly why that is.

Matcha Slim Overview

The Matcha Slim formula includes matcha tea extract, taurine, spirulina extract, marshmallow root extract, grapefruit seed extract, coleus leaf extract, xanthan gum, natural flavouring, and various vitamins and sweeteners.

Some of these ingredients are indeed known as weight loss enhancing compounds, but the issue is the dosages. Each serving weighs 7 grams, which is the exact quantity of taurine listed on the pack.

Even assuming they’ve rounded up the weight of the taurine, that leaves at most 500 mg per serving in which to fit all the other ingredients, which is nowhere near enough for them to be effective.

With 24 calories per serving and a pleasant flavour, it may seem like a nice way to prevent cravings in between eating meals. Unfortunately, with no real effect on appetite and a high price tag, it appears to be nothing more than a very expensive flavouring.

Rather than deciding to buy Matcha Slim, reputable alternatives like Instant Knockout Cut are a far better choice. Able to actually deliver what Matcha Slim promises, while boasting a very favourable Matcha Slim price comparison, it’s a better choice in every way.

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Matcha Slim Ingredients

Matcha Tea Leaf Extract

Matcha tea leaf extract is a finely ground powder made from specially grown green tea leaves. Matcha green tea extract is one of the best versions of green tea and is rich in antioxidants, caffeine, catechins, chlorophyll, phenolic acids, quercetin, rutin, theanine, and vitamin c.

Preparing green tea like this makes it very beneficial for weight loss, as it will give you an energy boost and burn fat and more calories.

It can even offer additional benefits, like reducing inflammation, detoxifying the liver, boosting brain functions and heart health, and preventing certain illnesses and diseases (1).

The problem is, these results are only seen when consuming 2 grams of matcha green tea extract per day. While we don’t know how much green tea extract is present in Matcha Slim, we do know it’s less than a gram, so isn’t going to be of any use.


Taurine is an amino acid that’s essential to keep your brain, heart, eyes, nerves, and skeletal muscles healthy and functioning at an optimal level. It can also reduce cholesterol level, boost energy levels, and accelerate the burning of stored fat, all of which is beneficial for weight loss.

Unfortunately, studies have only proven taurine to be safe when using doses of up to 6 grams per day. As Matcha Slim contains 7 grams of taurine per serving it’s too strong and puts you at risk of side effects like head, liver, and stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting (2).

Spirulina Extract

Spirulina is a blue green algae rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and protein.

It will help you lose weight as it can boost metabolism and suppress hunger, while offering other benefits, like fighting free radicals, preventing oxidative damage, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, and boosting heart health.

However, these benefits are only seen when 8 grams of spirulina are consumed each day (3). As an entire serving of Matcha Slim weighs only 7 grams, it’s impossible for it to contain anywhere near enough spirulina to be of use which is why it typically doesn’t make it into any of the best fat burners for women or men on the market right now.

Marshmallow Root Extract

Marshmallow root extract comes from the althaea officinalis plant and is rich in antioxidants. It’s added to a weight loss supplement as it swells in the stomach, suppressing appetite and preventing overeating.

It can even offer benefits like healing coughs, colds, and skin irritations, and improved digestion (4). The problem is, with no information on how much is present (although indications suggest it isn’t much), we have no way to know if it’ll be of use or not.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit extracts are high in vitamin c and bioactives like naringenin. They seem able to help your body burn fat faster, but only when combined with caffeine or a mixture of other polyphenols, as well as when consuming very larges quantities (5).

This means there are multiple issues with its inclusion in Matcha Slim. Not only is the quantity used extremely small, but there’s no caffeine or other polyphenols present. The inclusion of grapefruit seed extract in the formula is therefore totally pointless.

Coleus Leaf Extract

Coleus leaf extract, also known as forskolin, is from the Indian Coleus plant. It’s put in weight loss supplements due to claims it can boost metabolism, stored fat oxidation, and test levels, leading to you losing fat and weight, building muscle, and boosting your body composition (6).

There are very few scientific studies that have actually been conducted on coleus leaf extract though. This means that all these claims are nothing more than that, and there’s no evidence to support any of them.

Vitamin Complex

Matcha Slim lists a vitamin complex that includes vitamin a, vitamin b2, vitamin b3 (niacin), vitamin b5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin b6, vitamin c, and vitamin e. This range of vitamins can help you lose weight in a variety of ways.

This includes encouraging fat burn directly, helping you build lean muscle to increase your metabolic rate, boosting energy levels so you can follow a rigorous exercise routine, and keeping you healthy so you don’t miss workouts.

Unfortunately, like with everything else in Matcha Slim, the doses present are far too low. With a serving containing just 6 to 10% of your recommended daily intake of each vitamin, drinking Matcha Slim barely has any impact on your daily vitamin intake.


Matcha Slim is sweetened using maltodextrin, fructose, and sucralose.

Maltodextrin has an identical number of calories to sugar but spikes your blood sugar faster and is only used as it’s cheaper.

Sucralose is calorie free but also has no nutrients and can damage your gut bacteria and cause inflammation and obesity.

Fructose is a sugar made from fruit that’s almost twice as sweet as regular sugar. It’s known to be much worse for your health but is still used as much less is required, making it cheaper.

Without knowing how much of each has been used, it’s not possible to know how your body will react to these sweeteners. What we do know, however, is that the combination is worse for your body than sugar in multiple ways, and has only been used to save the company money.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide that enhances the shelf life, taste, texture, consistency, and appearance of a powdered supplement, but doesn’t alter its effects (7).

The problem is, it’s most effective when combined with other, similar ingredients. As it is the sole ingredient of its kind in Matcha Slim, even the superficial aspects of the product are being impaired to save money.

Natural Flavour

Natural flavour is listed on the Matcha Slim label, yet no further information is given. This makes it impossible for people to truly know what they are putting in their body and continues the lack of transparency that is an issue with every aspect of this product.

Customer Matcha Slim Reviews

Matcha Slim users report the drink to be well below par, and it holds a fairly poor 2.9 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Positive Matcha Slim reviews seem to only mention it tasting pleasant, while the negative Matcha Slim reviews focus on the fact that it didn’t produce any results.

This suggests if you’re looking for anything more than a pleasant flavour to add to water or other drinks, there really is no reason to buy Matcha Slim.

Matcha Slim Reviews: Pros & Cons

Matcha Slim Pros

  • Contains ingredients that are proven weight loss aids
  • Tastes pleasant

Matcha Slim Cons

  • No information is given on ingredient quantities
  • It’s clear that most ingredients are drastically under dosed
  • At least one ingredient may cause side effects

Matcha Slim Review Conclusion: Does Matcha Slim Work?

Matcha Slim is billed as a weight loss supplement but, on closer inspection, is essentially just an oversold and overpriced taurine powder. Even then, the dosage is far from ideal, which is a running theme you can see, despite their best attempts to hide exactly what is in the formula.

In reality, consuming Matcha Slim isn’t going to help you lose weight and is unlikely to produce any real effects at all. Even if you have already bought it, we would highly recommend you stop drinking Matcha Slim and switch to Instant Knockout Cut instead a fat burner that’s actually designed to be just that.

One of the best dietary supplements to help you lose weight and follow healthy eating habits, while actually saving you money, it is the smart choice in every way.

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