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BREACH is a BCAA manufactured by Redcon1. BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. They are the building blocks of protein and can increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and have also been shown to reduce body fat.

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  May 18, 2017

  • Improves Recovery
  • Hydrates
  • Mixes Well
  • Slightly Expensive
I've been fortunate enough to get to try out several of Redcon1's products via the TROOP, this one however I opened up the wallet and spent my own greenbacks on to try out. BCAAs are one of my cornerstone supplements, and probably the supplement I use the most. One of the positives about BCAAs is you can take them pretty much any time and they are beneficial. Here's my breakdown on Breach:


2 scoop mixed with Redcon1's Cluster Bomb and taken as a peri/intra-workout drink. Better known as the "Gym 40".

Ingredient Profile (8/10)

A fairly simple formula with a few twists in this product, but sometimes simple is effective. Fully disclosed product label, so bonus points for that. This profile starts off with 5 grams of BCAAs per scoop in the traditional 2:1:1 ratio; 2.5 grams Leucine, and 1.25 grams of Isoleucine and Valine. 1 gram each of Coconut Water Powder and Glycerol for hydration support, 1 gram of Taurine for endurance support and a 400mg electrolyte complex of 240mg of potassium and 160mg of sodium.

I like the simplified approach to this product with the emphasis on hydration; this makes it an ideal intra-workout product.

Mixture (8/10)

As noted above I used this along with Redcon1's Cluster Bomb HBCD carbohydrate product. I mixed them both together with 40 ounces of water in my creation I dubbed the "Gym 40", which was nearly twice the amount of water called for the two products together. Since BCAAs tend to be a more fine powder that dissolves quickly the grit in my concoction I attributed to the HBCDs I was using with this, and I used this on its own a few times as well and it mixed just fine.

Taste (7/10)

I got the Strawberry Kiwi flavor in this product to coincide with the same flavor I got in the Cluster Bomb. Taste overall was decent, but not great. No terrible surprises or lingering aftertastes and the flavoring is mild and not overpowering.

Effectiveness (9/10)

This performed up to par with what a good BCAA should do for you when utilizing as an intra-workout. Improved recovery time and reduced rest breaks during workouts. I was pumping out workouts at or around the 2 hour mark during the course of my use with this product, and I experienced some excellent recovery periods. Definitely felt well hydrated as I was never really thirsty during my workouts, and made adequate stops at the urinal. I rarely ever went over the minute mark for rest breaks. On its own, it's great as a drink to sip on throughout your workout. Combined with Cluster Bomb this made for a superb peri/intra workout mix.

Value (7/10)

When I bought this, it was on a BOGOF at A1. But that deal has evidently come and passed. So the cheapest spot to nab this looks like Tiger Fitness at $32.49 for 30 servings, or $1.08 per serving. A decent price considering all you get, but perhaps slightly on the high side for a BCAA product.

Conclusion and Verdict

This is a legit and solid BCAA product either on it's own or stacked with HBCD or other carb energy source. Provides excellent recovery and hydration, and is easy to mix and drink. This gets a solid thumbs up and Shinndigg Seal of Approval!
  • Strawberry Kiwi: 7/10

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Redcon1 for sending it out!
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  March 23, 2017

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
    Introduction + Supplement facts
    Huge thank you to RedCon1 for their support of the SR Troops and the program. This is my 3rd review for a product that is made by redcon1. So far the other product that I've tried worked really well. This review is on their BCAA called breach. Like the other redcon1 breach is another full label discloser so you know what you're putting into your body. That's another reason why I really like this company and how they are not shy away from hiding the amount for each ingredient that is listed for their products.
    With breach you will get 5g of BCAA at 2.5g leucine, 1.25g of isoleucine, 1.25g of valine. For the total of 5g. Then you get coconut water powder at 1g. Coconut water helps with potassium and it's also a great source for staying hydrated. Then you have glycerol 1g for those extra carb sources. Taurine 1g which is another essential amino acid. Breach also gives you a good source of electrolytes with potassium at 340mg along with sodium at 160mg. To help keep you muscles good and hydrated during you intense training sessions. Redcon1 did another great job making sure you the consumer knows what you are getting with this BCAA product.

    Taste + Mixability + Dosing.
    The flavor that I received was blueberry lemonade which tasted really good for a BCAA product. Hopefully they make a sour gummy bear flavor sometime in the future. Now I will say when you are mixing this it does get a little gritty. The only thing I could think of was from the coconut powder. But Other than that I didn't' have issues. Dosing was 1 scoop with 10 to 120z of water I usually mixed with a 33.8.z water bottle and it worked just fine.

    Effectiveness 8.4/10
    Once again Redcon1 delivered on another solid product. This time the product is there BCAAs breach. And unlike a seawall the breach will not you down. The recovery aspect of breach was solid each and every workout and deliver like a charm. My DOMS really decreased from workout to workout while taking this product. The extra boost of coconut water along with the extra electrolyte blend really made a difference during the hot humid days where I would normally get muscle fatigue and tired beach kept me in check just like a quality seawall would. For me the only thing that could make this product any better would be if it the InstaAminos which seem to be more effective. Breach was still a great amino product along with giving you the extra benefits of making sure they you stay hydrated during your lifts. The glycerol was also came in handy for my intense training seasons where I was doing more high volume weights but with lower reps and more sets. The extra energy boost that I got made me want to train at the gym for a longer period of time then I normally would. I work two jobs so on certain days I don't a lot of time to lift. These are usually my most intense and best lifts. But these are also the ones that are taxing on my muscles. But with breach the recovery time really made a difference to make sure my muscle were ready to go. Overall breach is a great product that adds a little more than just BCAAs.

    Value 8.2/10
    The cheapest place that I found once again was where a 30 serving tub of breach is 31.99 which is a 1.06 per serving.

    Side Effects



    If you're looking for a great all around complete BCAA then breach is really worth a try. This is a product that I will be trying again in the future. You get a great combination of BCAA and electrolytes which means less DOMS and soreness in-between your workouts.
    • Blueberry lemonade: 10/10

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