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Formerly known as Micellar Casein, MyProtein Slow-Release Casein is a protein powder. It is designed to help increase muscle growth over night.

As a slow-acting protein, casein is said to help induce prolonged protein synthesis (compared to whey), which in turn could increase muscle growth.

As its name suggests, the product contains one main ingredient: micellar casein. Each serving holds 23g of protein, 1.2g of carbohydrates, 0.5g of fat and 0.08g of salt.

Flavors include “Chocolate”, “Strawberry”, “Vanilla” and “Unflavored”.


3 reviews for Micellar Casein

  1. Sparticide

    Not my favorite flavor-wise , but the price and quality is actually unbeatable.
    Casein Protein is the protein supplement that people often overlook, but should certainly reconsider. Aside from convenient macros casein protein keeps your body satisfied and building muscle for longer when used with other protein sources.

    I’ve had to help many friends steer clear of gimmicky, overpriced, and otherwise poorly conceived products with catchy names and flashy packaging. Luckily there are a handful of products I can confidently recommend for quality and value. This is one of them.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    Each serving has .5 grams of fat (0 gram saturated), 1 gram of carbohydrates (.5 gram sugar), and a hefty 24 grams of protein.

    This is the leanest profile I’ve seen so far for a casein product.

    The protein is from micellar casein, which breaks down much more slowly than whey. When used in conjunction with whey or regular meals micellar casein keeps you satisfied and in an anabolic state for an extended period of time.


    Taste (7/10)
    I’ve only tried the Cookies & Cream (7/10) variant and found the taste to be enjoyable; I would’ve named it “Cream” as there was no hint of cookie.

    Mixability (7/10)
    The powder mixes reasonably well into water or milk, shaker helps greatly but not required.

    Dosing (9/10)
    The dosage per scoop is ample to say the least. 1 scoop should be enough for most people.
    I do NOT recommend using casein by itself, it is far less effective when used alone.


    I felt satisfied for a longer period of time than when I didn’t use it; especially helpful for preventing nighttime hunger.

    Here’s where this product absolutely destroys its competition.

    At full MSRP an 85 serving bag costs $55, already a great deal. And since this is MyProtein, one can reliably expect pay 30% less than that.
    That’s less than $0.45 per serving! For micellar casein of this quality that’s absurdly good.

    —-Side Effects—-

    No negative side effects.


    Casein is an ideal companion to your whey protein of choice, in fact it can be an effective way of adding staying power to your regular meals.

    If you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of flavor for a huge discount, this is the correct choice in your search for top casein.

  2. dmf8625

    Slow protein, big bag, fantastic price!
    Hello all! Full intro on myself can be found on the forum here: https://supplementreviews.com/forum/index.php?topic=35432.0

    A little background on how I came to find out about MyProtein a few years back. I initially learned of them thanks to the website Stack3d.com. They made a post about this UK company starting to enter the US market. After checking out their website, I began to see they had a wide selection of products and killer prices for bulk purchases of protein powder. Along with the protein powder, they had some unique items like the FlavDrops that I have reviewed on here along with some different protein based food items.

    Once it came time to purchase some new casein protein powder, I was amazed at the price point that MyProtein was able to offer when purchasing large bags compared to the tubs from other name brand companies.

    And for those who have read many of my other reviews on the site, I actually paid for this protein (not full price, more on that later)! 🙂

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    When it comes to the ingredients for this micellar casein, MyProtein does not get fancy with flavors and add a bunch of fillers into the protein. You can actually go onto the website and see the entire list of ingredients for each flavor including the percentage of the casein included. As an example, the chocolate flavors have around 91% protein and 9% flavoring, sweeteners and emulsifiers. The other flavors contain about 95% protein, which is far better than any of the big name protein companies that I have found. Your money is being spent on actual protein instead of a product loaded with fillers The downside to that is there are no exotic flavors to choose from. You get your basic chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana and even an unflavored version, which is listed at almost 100% protein with only soy lecithin added in.

    For the unflavored version, a 30g scoop gives you 24g of protein, 0.5g fat and 1g of carbs for 110 calories. Those macros will vary slightly depending on the flavor you choose.

    Taste >> As I mentioned, you will not find any exotic flavors with this protein. I have personally had the banana and vanilla flavors. I enjoyed the banana much more than I did the vanilla. The banana I ordered was the natural version and delivered as promised. A nice sweet true banana flavor with no aftertaste or anything odd to report. The natural vanilla flavor was not bad, just not as good as the banana in my opinion. The vanilla flavor was quite faint, almost an unflavored version.

    Mixability >> As anyone who has used casein before, you know how difficult mixing the powder can be. What is odd to me is the powder in the bag is very fluffy and will get all over the place, which is what I would most commonly associate with a whey protein isolate. However, once water touches this protein you quickly realize this is a micellar casein. The globs start to form and it quickly becomes thick. You better move fast or you are going to have a mess on your hands (and in your shaker). Blender ball definitely required when mixing this protein in a shaker cup.

    Dosing >> As with any protein supplement, the dosing is at the discretion of each individual. Most people commonly use micellar casein before bed because it digests slower than whey and will keep them full throughout the night. Others may be a believer of using a protein blend post workout by mixing this with whey for a combination of slow and fast digesting protein. Either way, this is a pretty pure protein supplement that can be used to fill your macros without having to worry too much about fat or carbs.

    Much like dosing, the effectiveness of a casein protein product is left up to the individual. We all know we need protein to survive and this powdered form is an easy and quick way to get some grams of protein in your system by just adding water. If you are a person who gets hungry in the middle of the night, then a slow digesting casein protein like this would be perfect for you. If you are a person who has trouble gaining weight, you can use this at night to keep aminos flowing through your system and preventing muscle breakdown. If you want to make your own protein blend with whey and casein, here is half of your product ready to go. This protein has also been effective at satiating a person who may be dieting and does not have many macros to eat. Since casein takes longer to digest, it stays in your system longer and helps give you that full feeling.

    This is where MyProtein really shines when it comes to this product and many others on their website. They always have sales going on, so you should never have to pay the retail price listed. Sometimes they have huge sales on specific flavors and/or sizes of this protein. If you don’t mind having the same flavor of casein protein for a while, the 11 pound bags are the best value. The retail price is $95, which on its own is a good deal. A well known major protein brand that sells a 100% casein in four pound tubs retails for about $54. That works out to be just over $13 per pound. Compared to MyProtein casein in the mid $8 per pound price range.

    Don’t forget the numbers listed above are at retail for MyProtein before discounts. I have had times where I was able to purchase an 11 pound bag of this casein in the low $60 range (under $6 per pound). I have not and probably never will find a deal like that from any of the major protein manufacturers that we are all familiar with.

    —-Side Effects—-
    I personally have had no side effects using this casein protein. For those who have not had casein before, you may experience some cramping or bloating since this sits in your stomach longer. Start with a smaller dose and work your way up if you are concerned.

    In conclusion, this product is the best deal I have found for a casein protein. The ingredients list is one of the cleanest I have seen for casein where you are not paying for fillers. Yes, the best deals require you to purchase a large quantity of the same flavor but the savings is worth it to me. There are also no exotic flavors to choose from but I am ok with that. I found ones that taste good to me and I am happy. If you are looking to save some money on your casein protein purchases and can look past having limited flavor choices; the MyProtein version is definitely worth a look. I will not buy casein from any other company now because it just doesn’t make sense.

    [b]Thank you for reading my review and let me know if you have any questions[/b]

  3. JohnSerio

    Great Value Great Macros
    I found this product on sale when I was looking for a new protein powder, it came out to $9 for a 2.2lb bag. I used this while bulking and while cutting to meet my protein goals, I took it before bed. My review is based on mixing vanilla flavor with 6oz of water, no blender ball.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Most flavors contain around 95% protein, this product is also available in natural flavors or flavorless. There are no fillers in this product and 100% of the protein is from micellar casein (milk). For the unflavored version, a 30g scoop gives you 24g of protein, 0.5g fat and 1g of carbs for 110 calories. Those macros will vary slightly depending on the flavor you choose.

    The taste was good, I have only had the vanilla but I have had no reason to switch. It is smooth, not too sweet, a bit bland but definitely a vanilla aftertaste, 7/10.
    Mixability was fine, I never had any clumps. The powder is very thin so be careful about opening the bag or the powder will get everywhere. After drinking, clean out your shaker or cup immediately because it will leave a film on whatever it touches once it dries.
    I dosed the protein at one scoop nightly. If I was lazy with getting my protein in for the day I would go with two scoops.

    This product was great for both bulking and cutting diets. This product kept me full and usually stopped me from craving sweets, I usually get cravings at night right before bed, so this would help with those cravings. I also felt that this was effective while I was bulking because I had trouble hitting my protein goals without it, I also would feel that my recovery was better when I took the product before bed.

    Since it is MyProtein, NEVER pay full price! There is almost always a sale going on, and the value of these sales are very good. The regular prices are $54.99 for a 5.5lb bag or $29.99 for a 2.2lb bag. When compared to other popular casein powders these are better than normal prices, and when they are discounted they are even better. I would recommend signing up for MyProtein emails, they can be annoying but they run a lot of 24 hour or less sales where you can get the best prices on their products.
    MyProtein’s most recent sale on casein dropped the price to $9.78 for 2.2lb for all flavors.
    —-Side Effects—-

    This product is easy to get for a great deal, and it is relatively clean. No matter what you use the product for this is the best value you will find.

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