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MyProtein Flavdrops is an alternative weight-loss product manufactured by MyProtein. It is designed to add flavoring to food without extra sugar or calories to the diet.

The “zero calorie” and “zero fat” drops use a “droplet system”. The manufacturer says this allows users to easily add as much or as little of the product to their smoothies, oatmeal, coffee, shakes or cereal as they wish.

The product’s lack of sugar, fat and calories means it can be added to a diet without affecting the user’s macronutrient intake or weight-loss goals. The drops are also gluten free.

MyProtein Flavdrops is sold in 17 flavors. These include – or have included – “Butter Biscuit”, “Chocolate” and “Apple”.


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  1. dmf8625

    A few drops turns plain into whatever flavor you choose

    Hello all! Full intro on myself can be found on the forum here: https://supplementreviews.com/forum/index.php?topic=35432.0 For the Flavdrops, I initially purchased these to help fill an order to meet MyProtein’s free shipping threshold. I ended up ordering three containers because I just couldn’t decide which flavors I wanted. In the same order, I was buying some unflavored protein powder that I would use with these along with other foods.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    The ingredient profile is pretty simple on these and only varies slightly depending on the flavor and type of sweetener that you choose. The basis of each bottle is Carrier (Propylene Glycol), Natural color (Beetroot, Carmine [Strawberry & Raspberry flavors only]), Natural Flavoring, Sweetener (Sucralose), Water. The main ingredient of Propylene Glycol is defined as a colorless, creamy liquid, it’s classified by the chemical formula C3H8O2. Another name for it is “propane-1,2-diol,” which is sometimes used when listing it as a compound on ingredient labels. As it’s found in food as an additive (in the U.S., at least), the U.S. Department of Agriculture refers to it via the E-number E1520. It’s completely soluble in water. There are options for all natural and stevia sweetened versions of some of the flavors. In terms of macros, the bottles do not list any and the website claims there is no calories, carbs or fat.
    Taste >> I personally have purchased three flavors of this product. Maple, peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter. Each one tastes pretty much what the label says it is going to taste like. There is only a slight difference that I noticed between the peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter flavors. In my opinion, they could have upped the chocolate a little more. Overall, none of them were bad tasting and there were no surprises when I used them in various different food items. Mixability >> Never had a problem mixing these with anything that I used them for. I used them in protein shakes and oatmeal, both mixed using water. For the shakes, I would squirt in a few drops after adding my protein powder to the water and shake as normal. Always mixed perfectly and the taste dispersed throughout the entire shake. On the oatmeal, I would add in the drops after I cooked the oats and simply give it a quick stir. Easily mixed and flavored the entire bowl. Dosing >> The dosing of these is left up to the user. Depending on how you are using them and the size of the food product you are looking to flavor; a few drops can be used to reach the desired flavor most of the time. For my uses, I would add one dropper full of the flavoring to my shakes and oatmeal. If I were to count out the drops, I would estimate anywhere between four and six each time. If you want a really strong flavor, just add more drops. It’s all up to you!
    This is one product where you can specifically control the effectiveness because everything revolves around personal taste and how strong you want the flavor. As I mentioned, it only took one dropper full of the flavoring to get the desired taste I was looking for. I feel that one dropper full to flavor a shake or a big bowl of oatmeal is reasonable. With that in mind, I would have to say this product is 100% effective at its intended purpose of flavoring plain foods. There is nothing I can complain about in this category.
    The great thing about the MyProtein company is they almost always have some type of sale going on. If you sign up for their mailing list, you will be advised on all the different sales they run throughout any given month. Sometimes you do need to act quickly though as the largest deals may only last anywhere from a few hours to just one day. As I am writing this, they have a sale where some items are 50% off. These Flavdrops are currently 33% off and some flavors are marked down even more! The retail price listed on the website is $6.49 per bottle but you should never pay that with the endless discounts the website provide. Some flavors right now can be purchased for as low as $3.34 a bottle, which is a great value in my opinion. One bottle typically lasted me about a month when used multiple times per week.
    —-Side Effects—-
    None to report. Unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients, I can not foresee any problems happening with these. I went through all my bottles with no issues.
    To wrap this review up, these Flavdrops are a great way to change up the flavor of everyday plain foods like shakes and oatmeal. You can buy multiple bottles and rotate flavors so you never have the same one each day. If you happen to have purchased some unflavored protein in the past, these would make it far easier to drink. Or if you are a person who is tired of plain oats and doesn’t want to add any caloric items to flavor them up, these are a must have. [b]Thank you for reading this review and leave a comment if you have any questions[/b]

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