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Insane Veinz Reviews

By: Insane Labz


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Insane Veinz is a Pump Product manufactured by Insane Labz. It is meant to increase blood flow, muscle pumps and increase vascularity. It can be stacked with a stimulant based pre-workout for an added stimulant effect. This promotes an environment for increased muscle mass and fat loss.
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  April 27, 2017

  • Good Advertisement
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Performance
  • Good Vascularity
  • Good Pump
  • High Agmatine
  • Cool Slogan
  • Cool Name
  • Cool Colors
  • Too Expensive
  • Not Good Taste
  • Proprietary Blend


What's up Supplement Reviews. It's time to review Insane Veinz from the brand Insane Labz. Thanks to SupplementReviews for buying this so I could try it. Sorry for the delay, it's just that sometimes I had to stop taking this because I wanted to see the effects of other supplements I was also taking. When you check the name of the product, you're probably expecting a review of me judging the Pump and Vascularity but that would be an incomplete way of judging products like this. It's all about getting most of the benefits Nitric Oxide can give us and they are way more than just getting Pump and Vascularity. Knowing this, let's see how it worked...


Proprietary Blend! Informed consumers hate them but we have to understand that it's important to protect the formula. I don't mind Proprietary Blends, as long as they work and I don't feel the ingredients in the blend are underdosed. Considering the first review didn't talk deeply about the ingredients and that SR paid for this, then I'll proceed to talk about them:

+ It starts with 200mg of Sodium Chloride (NaCl - a.k.a. Salt) which is 8% of Daily Value. Why add salt? Salt, with valid and invalid reasons, has been demonized by some people. Salt is important for several health benefits and can also benefit us weight lifters. Elevated levels of Nitric Oxide can decrease our blood pressure. Sodium Chloride helps to maintain normal blood pressure. It doesn't mean you have to abuse though, not excessive salt and not excessive Nitric Oxide. Excessive salt can cause high blood pressure so keep it balanced. It also helps our nerves transmit signals and helps the body maintain fluid balance. Salt also helps to regulate Muscle contractions, eliminate excessive carbon dioxide, helps with glucose absorption and many other benefits. So good job adding this.

+ 1,250mg of Agmatine Sulfate. First, good job for telling us the amount of the main ingredient. This is the main ingredient of Insane Veinz so it's important to know the amount we're getting. The average amount of Agmatine Sulfate is 500mg approximately (sometimes even 250mg). Insane Veinz gives us 1,250mg! That's a very high amount. Agmatine is one of the best ingredients to elevate nitric oxide levels and get pumps + vascularity. Some people require high doses, others with 500mg are already happy. Agmatine activates the production of Nitric Oxide. Agmatine also protects the brain from toxins and other health problems. Human studies are very limited but the experience weight lifters have had with this ingredient are positive. If you're going to take a high dose like this one, then try to take it separated from supplements containing D-Aspartic Acid, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Yohimbe, Rauwolscine, atleast until more human studies become available.

The Proprietary Blend's total amount is 2,290mg. Out of those, 1,250mg is from Agmatine Sulfate so that leaves us with 1,040mg to distribute between 3 ingredients:

+ Betaine Anhydrous: Betaine has various benefits like promoting cell hydration, improving performance, strength, endurance, slightly decreasing Cortisol, might increase Nitric Oxide and will help you build muscle. The lowest active dose seems to be 500mg but for performance benefits, the amount has to be higher so it might seem this is underdosed. The amount of other supplements are 1.25g-2.50g and studies have used those high amounts so this seems underdosed. You might still be able to feel some benefits though because it's close to the lowest active dose.

+ Beet Root Extract: I hate beets lol. I've never taken this ingredient alone but the Pump supplements that include it have worked well for me. It's included for its high nitrate amount but Insane Veinz tells us this has 1% Nitrate. It sounds very low but I don't know if that 1% is ok or not.

+ And finally the last ingredient: Russian Tarragon Extract: It's difficult to find the reasons of why they added this. It seems to increase creatine uptake without needing any carbohydrates, with a 1,000mg dose combined with 5g Creapure... Insane Veinz doesn't have any Creapure though.


Like I said, I won't only judge Pump and Vascularity because the main aspect is to increase nitric oxide levels and get the benefits that come with that. Some of those benefits can be: Better recovery post-workout by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to go to the muscles, increase strength, endurance, facilitate the elimination of lactic acid accumulation produced by the exercises, reduces fatigue, recovery between sets, helps the immune system to combat bacterias, helps with memory, Pump, Vascularity, etc.

I tried Insane Veinz by itself and then combined with a preworkout and it worked well both times. I was surprised by how it worked by itself, I wasn't expecting much but it was effective with the muscle fullness and vascularity but also with the improved endurance, reduced fatigue and faster recovery between sets. Surprisingly, the last 3 effects were felt more when taken alone than when combined with a preworkout (atleast the one I tried). With the preworkout, it worked alright, it was effective but considering how it worked alone, I was expecting a bit more when it was combined. Vascularity was still visible post-workout. Considering my body fat isn't low, then you might get even better results than me with the Vascularity part.

I usually respond well to supplements containing Agmatine and this wasn't the exception. The high dose of Agmatine helped a lot and considering I also saw the other benefits from increased nitric oxide, then I have to assume the other ingredients worked well together too. When training for strength, I usually rest 3 minutes but with Insane Veinz, my rest time was reduced to 1.5 minutes/2 minutes. Felt less tired, I sometimes thought I had I was taking caffeine but I wasn't (when taking Veinz alone). When combined with the stimulant preworkout, pump and vascularity were increased but not significantly. Could have been because my preworkout had 400mg Caffeine.


*TASTE: I requested Grape and got Grape. First serving: "Hey this taste is good!". The next day: "Hey this taste isn't so good as I thought..." And the next days I didn't like it :( I wouldn't say it's a bad flavor though but it's not good either. It's drinkable. The flavor at the beginning isn't so strong and it's alright but then as I drank more, I could strongly feel the artificial chemicals, that's where it gets bad lol. I gave this to 2 other persons to try and they liked the flavor. One of them loved the flavor, the other said it was alright. I say it's drinkable. So you'll have to taste it yourself lol. Insane Veinz also has Fruit Punch and Unflavored available.

*MIXABILITY: Excellent, never gave me problems mixing it. Had humidity problems but only at the end when the tub was almost finished.

*DOSING: It has 35 servings. That's a good amount of servings. When taken alone, I took 1 scoop of this 15 minutes before working out (I warm up like 20-30 minutes that's why). When taken with a stimulant preworkout, I first took Insane Veinz 45 minutes before working out and then the stimulant preworkout 15 minutes before working out. You can just put them together too and drink it 30 minutes before working out.


Online, you can only buy it from their website for $54.95. Their website mentions some retailers that apparently have it like Complete Nutrition (their website didn't have the product), Redline Nutrition (Their website has the product name but I couldn't see any prices visible, their website seems to be having problems), Supplement Giant (they don't have it) and others so the only trusted price here is the $54.95. It's very expensive which is why I gave it a value of 6. The fair price would be $35. You can get cheaper agmatine supplements but with lower doses and only with Agmatine included. So I think $35 for 35 servings of Insane Veinz would be a fair price. They can probably reduce that price of $54.95 if they get to sell it massively. They put in some samples of Psychotic and Insane Focus. Unfortunately, I had an accident with the Psychotic sample so I couldn't try it :( I haven't tried the Insane Focus sample yet, I'm waiting for something stressful to come so I can take it lol. If money isn't an issue to you, then try it.




Insane Veinz is more than just Pump and Vascularity. Your performance will be greatly improved, fatigue will be reduced, Vascularity and Pump will be very visible, Agmatine Sulfate amount is high, it has beet root extract and betaine, flavor is drinkable, price is too expensive and... overall, effective supplement for people with good money! lol. Hope they get that price down and change that damn taste! And to finish... be careful with Jason, he might be watching you ;) *Goes and watch Jason X again after writing this review* lol.
  • Grape: 5/10

  March 30, 2016

  • Good Advertisement
  • Minimal Pump
  • Minimal Vascularity
  • Not Effective
  • Bad Taste
  • Too Expensive
I got a decent deal on a couple of the Insane Labz products a few months back and was very interested in giving them a shot.. I must admit that I was somewhat more interested in them because of their strong social media presence and "horror" ads. I was skeptical because of the floods of positive reviews on their products flooding social media also.
Insane Veinz is a pump product that sports a cool Jason hockey mask on the label. It claims "Pumps, non-stim, Vascularity Beast"

Taste 7/10
I went with fruit punch on accident. I had got the grape Psychotic in my package deal and thought I picked up the grape container of this too. Since I obviously didn't, I just went with FP. The flavor is your average FP and not as good as the Kool-Aid you had as a kid. It does have some minor chemically taste to it but nothing that was disgusting. I have to go with slightly above average here but I would suggest trying a different flavor.

Profile 6/10
My profile ranking is based partly on the effectiveness too. To just look at the product, it appears to be a normal pump product that should get the job done. On their website, they claim that this is like nothing else you've ever taken! So we should expect something mind-blowing here right?

Serving 4.2G

Chloride as sodium chloride 200 mg
Sodium as sodium chloride 200mg Yes, it is listed that way on the label, I have no clue why

Blend (of course) 2290 mg

Agmatine Sulfate (1250 mg), Betaine Anhydrous, Beet Root Extract, Russian Tarragon Extract.

So that's it, pretty simple and leaves 1.51G for filler. This does seem to be a healthy dose of Agmatine and the pump appears to be focused coming from that. For many pump products, that's 2.5 scoops to get that much. I don't really see anything else here that jumps out at me.

Effectiveness 5/10
I took this as a standalone at first to see how my body reacted to it without a pre. I noticed very little change in my pump from a normal one. I may have been a little more swole but no increased vascularity. After a few days of disappointment, I combined it with my Psychotic. I did notice a difference in combining the two vs. just taking them alone. The pump wasn't much different but there were more veins popping out for sure. Not to get your hopes up, there was nothing crazy like Big Poppa Pump or anything, just a noticeable difference.

I did try to increase the level scoop to a heaping scoop but saw no change in results there either. I never did try two full scoops mainly because it made the mixture of grape and FP unbearable.

Value 4/10
So here I have a pump product that did very little for me but would cost $55 for 35 servings at their website. Insane Labz can only be sold at box front stores or their own website. This does not help drive the cost down. $1.57 a serving for a pump product that didn't work by itself is not a good value for me. If you subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on social media, they have 25% off sales from time to time but $1.18 a serving still isn't worth it to me.

Overall 4/10
I had to weigh the value of this one pretty heavy. I just cannot recommend anyone to spend their money on this product based on my results. I also do not think a pump product is a necessity but more of a high level luxury supplement. That being said, I believe a pump product can help you grow more by causing more micro tears in your muscles. At that price, it's not worth the pay back though.

Be very weary of their social media hype. You would think this is the best thing to ever come out that is legal or illegal for that matter. Their website one hit comments and 5 star reviews are shady at best. Insane Labz gets a 10 for social media bandwagon and advertisement but this product falls flat.

My suggestion, stop spending so much on advertising and get the cost of your product down and the quality up.
  • Fruit Punch: 5/10

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