Insane Labz

Founded in 2014, Insane Labz is a supplement brand known for its “gory”, horror-influenced branding, as well as for the unusual names of its products. The brand is based in Harrison, Arizona.

The Insane Labz brand name is owned by Lecheek Nutrition, Inc – a brainchild of Dustin LeBleu, the company’s CEO and “visionary”. As an entrepreneur, LeBleu has started a number of different brands using the “Insane” moniker. Away from the supplement industry, the CEO also set up Insane Filmz – to which a page on the Insane Labz website is dedicated.

In fact, the “insane” theme runs through the whole Insane Labz brand – the website’s About page bears the label “About The Asylum”. According to the “Meet Our CEO” page, this doesn’t just come from the founder’s love of horror movies. It also derives from Le-Bleu’s decision to go public with his schizophrenia.

All Insane Labz supplements are made in a 500,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility which sits on 36 acres of land in the city of Harrison. Those behind the brand say the facility adheres to all current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and holds certificates as proof of this. The plant is also FDA registered.

The Insane Labz product line includes energy boosters, pre-workouts, fat burners, protein powders, vitamins, testosterone boosters, sleep aids and more. The company states that its best-selling sample products include I Am God (pre-workout), Psychotic (pre-workout and nootropic), and Insane Veinz (vasodilator).

The website also includes a “Basic Ingredients” page, where users can buy Insane Creatine, Insane Glutamine, and Insane D-Aspartic Acid.

All supplements in the Insane Labz range come with a “111% Asylum Guarantee”. This means that if customers are not satisfied with the product after 30 days, the company will refund all their money – plus 11% of the original purchase price in store credits.

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