Inno Supps T-Drive Review

Low or inadequate testosterone levels can have a seriously detrimental impact on the quality of life of men. Male vitality is dependent on consistent and sufficient testosterone production.

Without ample testosterone, men will experience rapidly degrading body composition, be unable to attain muscle growth, and feel fatigued and even depressed. Other symptoms of low testosterone levels include a loss of libido, difficulty with cognitive processing, and weight gain.

To combat these side effects safely, a wide range of natural testosterone boosting supplements can be used. Inno Supps T Drive test booster is one such product.

But with so many testosterone boosters on the market, it can a challenge to separate the legitimate products from the trash. Today, I’m going to review T Drive to find out if it actually lives up to its promises.

To do this I’ll be looking to answer a few basic questions about the product.

Is Inno Supps T Drive worth it? Will it actually increase testosterone production and eliminate the symptoms of low testosterone without any side effects? Does Inno Supps T Drive amplify muscle growth and improve body composition?

All this and more will be answered in the following T Drive by Inno Supps review. Let’s dive in.

Inno Supps T Drive: How does it work? 

T Drive claims to boost testosterone levels naturally. What this means is that T Drive is formulated using only naturally occurring ingredients, as opposed to harmful artificial steroids.

Unlike said steroids, natural test boosters aim to increase the body’s natural testosterone production. There are several ways the ingredients can do this, including triggering certain processes in the body that lead to more testosterone being produced and increasing the number of raw materials available for conversion into testosterone.

Natural Testosterone Boosters: Side Affects 

Unlike synthetic steroids, natural t-boosters cause few, if any, side effects.

Some ingredients used in natural testosterone boosters have been associated with side effects when used in certain quantities or by persons with underlying health issues, but by and large, the contents are safe to consume in large amounts.

What’s more, the side effects that have been reported are relatively minor, particularly when compared to the extremely dangerous and debilitating side effects caused by using synthetic steroids.

T Drive Ingredients 

While side effects are rarely an issue, the quality and effectiveness of ingredients is a hot topic. The effectiveness of many so-called natural testosterone boosters is highly questionable. Therefore, the key metric for judging the value of a particular test booster is the ingredients. What’s in it? And how much of each ingredient is included?

Most compounds and extracts that are known to increase t levels naturally are only effective at specific doses. A good t-booster needs to have the right ingredients included in the right amounts.

T Drive is no exception, which is why we’re going to analyse what’s in it right now.

T Drive Ingredients Overview

Here are the nine ingredients included in the natural testosterone booster T Drive:

  1. Vitamin D – 2,500IU
  2. Niacin – 10mg
  3. Magnesium – 200mg
  4. Zinc – 15mg
  5. Ashwagandha Root Extract – 675mg
  6. Fenugreek – 400mg
  7. Boron – 10mg
  8. Epimedium – 200mg
  9. Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract – 250mg

T Drive Ingredients Analysis 

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is an excellent ingredient that is guaranteed to boost testosterone levels, improve immune function, and increase overall male vitality. The importance of vitamin D cannot be overstated. It is used to treat all sorts of ailments and deficiencies, from depression to low testosterone. Scores of studies have confirmed its testosterone-boosting properties and overall health benefits.

Niacin – Also known as vitamin B3, niacin is a naturally occurring substance that is found in food, including many vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy products. Fish, beef, and many nuts are good natural sources of niacin.

At higher doses, niacin has been shown to improve serum testosterone levels and contribute to muscle growth, lower body fat, and male health. One study on rats found that 800mg of niacin significantly increased t levels [1]. Unfortunately, T Drive contains only 10mg per serving; it is unclear whether this amount will impact free testosterone levels in humans.

Magnesium and Zinc – A good testosterone booster will often contain magnesium or zinc and T Drive contains both! A deficiency of either will cause low testosterone. But the effect is normally instantly reversed by consuming the deficient substance as a supplement.

In addition, zinc and magnesium have been linked to increasing free testosterone levels in healthy males. One study observed the impact of magnesium supplementation on athletes and sedentary males and discovered an increase in free testosterone and total testosterone levels in both groups, although the increase was greater among athletes [2].

Similarly, a study into the effects of zinc and magnesium on American football players found that it increased testosterone levels markedly [3]. However, the study administered twice the amount of zinc and magnesium to participants than is included in a daily serving of Inno Supp’s T Drive.

Ashwagandha Root Extract – Considered by many to be an adaptogen, ashwagandha is a plant that grows primarily in Asia and Africa. While there is little evidence to support claims that ashwagandha helps the body deal with stress and anxiety, there is evidence its use supports testosterone production.

One double-blind study reported a 15% increase in t levels in overweight men between the ages of 40-70 who took ashwagandha root extract [4]. Another demonstrated the supplement’s positive impact on muscle growth, muscle mass, and muscle recovery, as well as linking it to increased testosterone levels.

Around 500mg of ashwagandha root is effective to boost testosterone and to amplify muscle growth. Since Inno Supps T Drive contains 675mg per serving, we can conclude that this is one ingredient that is both effective at increasing t levels and included in the right amount.

Fenugreek Extract Supplement – You may know fenugreek as a commonly used ingredient in Indian cuisine. What you may not know is that fenugreek is also a proven testosterone booster. Studies into its effectiveness have reported increases in free testosterone levels and total testosterone levels.

A 2010 study into the effectiveness of fenugreek supplements on testosterone in healthy males reported a significant increase in t levels, along with improvements in muscle mass and body fat composition [6]. The study used a 500mg dose of fenugreek, just 100mg more than used in the Inno Supps T Drive formula.

Another study into fenugreek’s effect on testosterone discovered a 46% increase in t levels among 90% of participants who were given a 500mg dose [7]. It also appeared to increase libido, energy levels, and sperm count.

Boron – Boron is a mineral found naturally in many foods and in coffee. It is believed to play a role in testosterone production and is often added to t boosters. Just 6mg of boron supplementation per day can increase testosterone levels by up to 25% [8]. Given that Inno Supps T Drive contains 10mg of boron per serving, we can safely assume that this is one ingredient that is doing its job.

Epimedium – Also known as barrenwort or horny goat weed, epimedium is thought to have powerful effects on sexual functioning, increase sperm count, and improve energy levels. Unfortunately, research is currently inconclusive. Epimedium may help to resolve erectile dysfunction, but it is unlikely to supercharge testosterone significantly.

Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract – Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, coleus forskohlii herb extract is now commonly found in health supplements, particularly in fat burners. A 12-week trial demonstrated a 16-33% change in serum testosterone among a group of obese men given coleus forskohlii extract supplement, suggesting the extract can have a powerful impact on testosterone production.

Inno Supps T Drive: Is it worth it? 

Having considered all the ingredients and the ingredient amounts used in the Inno Supps T Drive formula, it is clear that T Drive is a decent testosterone booster. Many of the ingredients have been proven to be effective in the amounts supplied.

That said, we do have some concerns about the amounts of some of the ingredients. For instance, the amount of niacin (vitamin B3) is far too low to have an effect on testosterone production. In addition, it would be better if Inno Supps increased the about of fenugreek by 100mg to be in line with the amount that is proven to increase testosterone.

It is also unclear whether the horny goat weed extract is having any effect. Research is inconclusive and until its effects are known we cannot confirm its validity as a testosterone booster.

We’d also have liked to have seen an inclusion of D Aspartic Acid in a supplement at this price point.

Will I See Muscle Growth with T Drive? 

Despite the flaws in the Inno Supps T Drive formula, the high dose of vitamin D, Ashwagandha, boron, and other active ingredients are going to give your testosterone production a kickstart. The outcome will be muscle growth, increased strength, better energy levels, and improved cognitive function.

Vitamin D and Ashwagandha have both been proven to increase muscle growth and heighten physical performance. If you’re looking for better results in the gym then Inno Supps T Drive is not a bad option.

T Drive Conclusion 

At the start of this review, we set out to determine T Drive’s impact on natural t production, muscle growth, and overall male health.

We can conclude that testosterone booster T Drive does help stimulate testosterone, will boost performance, improve cardiovascular health, and lead to rapid gains in the gym. The natural ingredients constitute a healthy blend that is unlikely to result in side effects.

While many of the ingredients are clinically proven to increase t production and lead to improved performance, there are some ingredients in T Drive that are not fully understood and cannot be relied upon.

Therefore, while we recommend T Drive, we feel the need to point out that there are other testosterone supplements available that consist of 100% effective ingredients and if you’re looking for the best, fastest results, you may want to consider these options. We recommend Prime Male as having the best effect on overall vitality, sexual performance, muscle development, and cognitive improvements.


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