RazaLEAN Review

RazaLEAN is a weight loss supplement that claims to burn fat, reduce belly size, and boost metabolism.

With so many diet pills to choose from, each touting their own array of (often exaggerated) health and effectiveness claims, identifying the products that really work is a real challenge. In this RazaLEAN review, we’re going to find out exactly how effective this product is for weight loss, saving you the time and the headache of researching it yourself.

And unfortunately, despite the manufacturer’s claim that “RazaLEAN is guaranteed to help you lose weight”, we have few positive things to say about this weight loss supplement.

For those of you who want a long story short, the key takeaway is this: RazaLEAN is a sub-par weight loss pill that will have a mild to non-existent effect on fat burning. It won’t cause weight gain, but it won’t prevent fat production either. In fact, this diet supplement probably won’t do much of anything.

If you want to burn fat and lose weight fast, there are far better options to choose from being sold at a similar, or even much lower price. A good option is Instant Knockout Cut if you want something with caffeine, or hourglass fit, if you’re looking for something with 5HTP to help more with cravings, which is an effective fat burner originally developed for athletes but now available to everyone.

But don’t just take our word for it, let us tell you exactly why we’ve come to this conclusion. Let’s dive into the details of why RazaLEAN diet pills are really not worth it.

RazaLEAN Review: Ingredients 

As with all weight loss pills and diet supplements, it all comes down to the ingredients used in the formulation and the dosages at which ingredients are included.

It’s all very well to have a product with all the best, scientifically-verified ingredients, but if they are included at ineffective doses the supplement will be useless at burning fat.

This brings us to one of the key problems with RazaLEAN: it uses a proprietary blend.

The Problem with Proprietary Blends

RazaLEAN uses a proprietary blend, which means the exact ingredients and ingredient amounts are not known. This is an extremely bad sign. We always recommend steering clear of health products that use proprietary blends.

Manufacturers will claim their formula is special, one-of-a-kind, and so on. Because it’s so special they need to protect it from being stolen by the competition…or so the story goes.

In reality, using a proprietary blend means they can hide the fact that their product is of low quality. Customers like ourselves cannot judge the ingredients independently. We have to rely on whatever the manufacturer is willing to share with us. Not an ideal situation.

In most cases, products using a proprietary blend will not disclose the full list of ingredients. What’s more, they will not state the amounts of each ingredient included. We are left with no way of knowing if the active ingredients are dosed correctly.

The RazaLEAN weight loss supplement could be little more than filler with a few milligrams of the advertised ingredients.

By comparison, effective weight loss supplements clearly state the ingredients and are 100% transparent. Instant Knockout, for example, provides a complete breakdown of the ingredients and nutritional content of all its products.

RazaLEAN Ingredients: As Far As We Know

While RazaLEAN has been unwilling to be fully transparent about the contents of its product, it does share some information on the manufacturer’s website. The primary ingredients are listed, although the amounts are not mentioned.

Baring in mind the limitations of examining the RazaLEAN ingredients, let’s explore each of the advertised ingredients in turn and find out if they really will help you to burn fat, lose weight, and improve energy levels.

  1. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is thermogenic fat burner. This means it burns calories by increasing the body’s temperature. In other words, spicy food makes you hot and producing heat requires the body to expend energy.

There is some research suggesting cayenne pepper has a significant impact on thermogenesis and that it can suppress appetite [1].

However, taking cayenne pepper as a weight loss supplement only impacted subjects who did not eat spicy food regularly, and the research concluded that the effects would be temporary as the body would become desensitised to the effects of the pepper.

2. Caffeine

The caffeine content of RazaLEAN is described as the “caffeine 3X energy matrix”. A rather grandiose way of saying RazaLEAN includes three sources of caffeine. Caffeine is popular for weight loss because it increases metabolism and boosts energy levels.

Unfortunately, caffeine also increases blood pressure and can cause anxiety and stress. Therefore, caffeine should always be treated with some care and should be over-relied upon for fat burning and weight loss.

There are different types of caffeine and their impacts vary. RazaLEAN claims to include anhydrous caffeine, which is dehydrated, crystallised caffeine. In this form, the caffeine is more potent but lacks the secondary benefits available from other caffeine sources, such as green coffee bean extract.

The advantages of green coffee bean extract are slow-release energy and additional antioxidants. Anhydrous caffeine is pure energy and can easily lead to side effects, including headaches and the jitters.

RazaLEAN includes both types of caffeine—anhydrous and green coffee bean—in its 3X energy matrix. This means you’re getting a high dose of caffeine with every diet pill and receiving both the good and bad benefits associated with each type.

One thing is for sure, you can be certain of high energy levels when using Razalean, although probably no more so than if you were to drink a couple of cups of coffee per day. And frankly, two coffees normally don’t cost 70 bucks!

3. Kelp (Seaweed)

Kelp is a controversial ingredient. Studies on its effectiveness as a weight loss aid are either inconclusive or contradictory. The jury is out on kelp. This hasn’t prevented many diet pill manufacturers from making wild claims about its weight loss potential.

RazaLEAN believes kelp “could be the missing ingredient for faster weight loss.” We’re not convinced. For one thing, RazaLEAN provides no arguments to explain this claim, nor do they refer to any evidence to support it.

We found one study conducted on Japanese participants that found kelp may have had a significant impact on weight loss among obese men [2]. The same study found kelp had no impact on weight loss among women. Hardly a conclusive result for kelp.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

You might be surprised to see apple cider vinegar on the ingredients list for a diet pill—and you’d be right to be so. There is little to no evidence that suggests apple cider vinegar supports fat burning and weight loss.

Anecdotal evidence suggests drinking vinegar in small amounts can suppress appetite but this is likely due to its high acid content simply inducing nausea.

RazaLEAN believes the weight loss effects of vinegar warrant its inclusion in the top four ingredients included in the diet pill. We see no reason to include vinegar at all.

5. L Arginine

There is some evidence that L Arginine increases weight loss and its inclusion in RazaLEAN formula is understandable.

A high dose of L Arginine has been shown to reduce body fat and promote weight loss. Furthermore, it is thought to be able to burn stubborn fat and help people to lose weight quickly.

One study recorded an average 4cm reduction in waist circumference and 3kg weight loss in overweight men over a 12-week period of using L Arginine supplement [3].

L Arginine is also known to regulate blood sugar levels, which helps to prevent blood sugar spikes that result in the body producing fat.

However, each RazaLEAN diet pill contains only 600mg of ingredients, which suggests there is very little L Arginine in each serving and is therefore unlikely to have much effect on weight loss. The study cited above gave participants 3g of L Arginine three times per day, that’s 15 times more L Arginine than all the ingredients in RazaLEAN combined!

We can conclude that RazaLEAN’s dosage of L Arginine will not help you to lose weight. Better use of your money would be purchasing L Arginine weight loss supplement in its pure form.

6. Turmeric Root Extract

Turmeric is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties, but there is increasing interest in its potential as a weight-loss supplement and fat burner.

RazaLEAN enthusiastically states that turmeric root extract is able to reduce inflammation caused by fat. This is half true. Turmeric is thought to reduce the chronic inflammation that accompanies obesity and turmeric root extract has been shown to do this but only in a lab setting using samples [4].

A one-month study conducted on human subjects that a high dose of turmeric—800mg—can result in weight loss and help to burn fat. The study found that weight loss was increased by almost 5% during the observation period and that excess fat was lost at a rate of 4%.

While this sounds promising, let us remind you again that RazaLEAN diet pills are 600mg each, which means there is no way there is an adequate amount of turmeric included in the formula to actually help you lose weight.

Again, if you want to lose weight and start burning fat you would be better off buying turmeric capsules and consuming 800mg worth per day rather than buying RazaLEAN. And you would save yourself a bundle in the process.

RazaLEAN Diet Pills Ingredients Conclusion

The health benefits of RazaLEAN are minimal and perhaps entirely fictitious. It is very unlikely that you will lose weight quickly by taking RazaLEAN diet pills.

The RazaLEAN ingredients are insufficient to warrant this pill being named a weight loss pill. The inclusion of completely ineffective ingredients like kelp and apple cider vinegar, along with an over-reliance on caffeine to reduce body fat storage and stimulate weight loss, means this diet supplement has the biochemical value of an espresso.

And, on top of the ineffective, debunked ingredients, the potentially fat burning, rapid weight loss inducing, body fat extricating ingredients are included at such low doses as to be virtually, if not entirely, worthless.

RazaLEAN Customer Feedback: Does anyone think RazaLEAN is worth it?

When reviewing weight loss supplements the ingredients are always the main consideration. That said, it can also be worth checking out what other customers think of the product.

After all, you don’t just want an effective product, you also want a company that is able to deliver it to your door and resolve any issues that might arise promptly and professionally.

Unfortunately, not even the RazaLEAN diet pills website has much to offer. The website features a grand total of three testimonials. Each one is as generic and uninformative as the next.

Other online RazaLEAN reviews highlight many of the same issues we’ve touched on here today. The lack of effective fat-burning ingredients and the issue of using a proprietary blend.

RazaLEAN Review Conclusion

We can’t stress this enough: if you want to lose weight then choose a different weight loss supplement. As far as diet pills go, RazaLEAN is one of the worst. The health benefits are low to non-existent, again, it’s hard to tell since the formula is not shared transparently.

If you want to achieve weight loss, increase energy levels, eliminate excess fat, and develop lean muscle mass at the same time, then choose a weight loss pill that has been developed by reputable manufacturer that shares the exact ingredients and nutritional content of its products.

And of course, all weight loss supplements work better when combined with a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. But choosing weight loss supplements that actually work will speed up the process!

To help you lose weight we recommend weight loss supplements by Instant Knockout. Unlike RazaLEAN diet pills, Instant Knockout Cut is a serious fat burner and is formulated with ingredients that are proven to help you lose weight, boost metabolism, and prevent fat production and belly fat formation. Finally achieve your desired weight loss goals by purchasing weight loss pills that actually work.



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