Evlution Nutrition Leanmode Review

When buying a dietary supplement to help you lose weight, most people will want a product that claims to offer a wide range of benefits and that uses ingredients they’ve heard of. This gives them a sense of trust and confidence in the item they’re purchasing.

Unfortunately, just because you’ve heard of something doesn’t mean you know how it works or that it’s actually effective, and supplement companies will exploit this.

In the following article, we’ll show you why you shouldn’t buy lean mode and explain just how its manufacturer Evlution Nutrition tricks customers into buying it.

Evlution Nutrition LeanMode Stimulant Free Fat Burner Overview

Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode is a stimulant free fat burner that is created with a blend of ingredients linked weight loss. It includes chromium picolinate, conjugated linoleic acid, green coffee bean extract, and multiple forms of carnitine.

The first problem is that, while all these ingredients can, in theory, help you lose weight, in reality the effects will be so mild that the results will be negligible. What’s even more of an issue though is the dosages that are used.

Every ingredient in Lean Mode is present in a dose far below what’s required to produce results. This is an issue for any supplement but with one that uses ingredients only capable of producing mild effects it renders the product virtually worthless.

Lean Mode does come with an extremely friendly price tag. However, considering how ineffective it is, this still makes it a waste of money and continues the theme of preying on customers who don’t analyse the product too closely.

If you’re going to spend money on a fat burner, it makes no sense purchasing one that won’t work just to save a little money, when there are options like Instant Knockout Cut available.

Evlution Nutrition Leanmode Ingredients

To give us a clear picture of exactly how Lean Mode works, it’s important we begin our Lean Mode review by analysing exactly what’s in the Lean Mode formula.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a type of fatty acid that interacts with hormone receptors known as PPAR. It can have a number of beneficial effects on the body, including enhancing fat burning, reducing inflammation, and regulating hormones and blood sugar levels.

The problem is, while CLA does interact with these receptors, the effect is extremely mild. This means the increase in fat loss it stimulates will be far too small to be noticeable.

Studies also show that for these fat burning effects to occur, 3,200 to 6,400 mg of conjugated linoleic acid must be consumed each day. This is far above the 1,000 mg present in a serving of Lean Mode, so it won’t be strong enough to even induce the minimal effects it is capable of (1).

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is extract is a common addition to weight loss supplements as it’s rich in compounds linked to fat burning, including caffeine, chlorogenic acid, and a type of antioxidant known as a catechin.

Chlorogenic acid can optimise blood glucose and blood pressure levels, while boosting your metabolic rate (2). Caffeine then gives you more energy, allowing you to train harder, while the catechins boost your health and recovery.

This means you’ll burn fat and calories faster, avoid blood glucose spikes that cause weight gain, and stop you getting sick or injured. These effects range from mild to moderate, depending on which study you look at.

All studies agree you need to use between 600 and 3,000 mg of green coffee bean extract daily though, depending on its chlorogenic acid content. With Lean Mode having just 500 mg of green coffee bean extract, it’s certain to be too little, even with them hiding its potency (3).


Acetyl L Carnitine is a derivative of the amino acid l-carnitine that’s been shown to have a positive effect on fat metabolism. It’s also valuable as it can cross the blood brain barrier, is antiseptic and antibacterial, and can help prevent cognitive functions from deteriorating.

The ability to convert fatty acids into energy and reduce blood sugar levels are both beneficial when trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, these weight loss effects have been shown to be minimal, so aren’t likely to be of any use unless extremely large doses are taken (4).

With each serving of Lean Mode containing 500 mg of acetyl l carnitine, it’s well below the optimal dose of 2,000mg per day. This means it is unlikely to provide any benefits at all when consumed in this supplement.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

L-carnitine l-tartrate is made of l-carnitine and a tartaric acid salt. L-carnitine can speed up the rate you burn fat at by prioritising its use, so your stores will be depleted much faster.

It can also help boost energy levels, meaning you can train harder, burn fat and calories faster, and potentially even build muscle. The antioxidant properties of tartaric acid then reduce fatigue, muscle soreness, and muscle weakness, so you recover faster.

Unfortunately, while it offers a large range of benefits, many studies question its effectiveness. They also state 1,000 to 4,000 mg of l-carnitine l-tartrate is required per day to be beneficial. With just 200 mg present in a serving of Lean Mode, it is virtually worthless (5).

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is potent weight loss ingredient consisting of an amino acid derivative of chromium and picolinic acid. It’s proven to enhance the brain’s insulin receptors, which can regulate blood sugar levels and ensure nutrients are broken down more effectively.

Other benefits of chromium picolinate include preventing weight gain, boosting energy levels, providing appetite support, preserving muscle, raising serotonin levels, improving cognitive functions, and improving sleep quality, which are all beneficial for losing weight.

Unfortunately, to achieve these benefits you need to consume roughly 1,000 mcg of chromium a day (6) . This means the 120 mcg in each serving of Lean Mode is far to low to produce any noticeable effects.

What Does Evlution Nutrition Leanmode Claim To Do?

Now we’ve seen what the Lean Mode stimulant free fat burner contains and is capable of, let’s see how that compares to the claims made by Evlution Nutrition.

Helps You Burn Fat Faster

Helping you burn stored fat faster is a popular fat burner benefit, as it takes little to no effort by the user. It’s also the main aim of Lean Mode, as 4 of its 5 ingredients are said to achieve this.

However, as all these ingredients are present in low doses and only have a mild effect on fat burning to begin with, it’s highly unlikely you significantly lose fat.

Boosts Metabolism & Burns More Calories

Boosting metabolism is good for weight loss as it will burn more calories than normal, which will help you burn fat and even build muscle. While Lean Mode does contain an ingredient that’s beneficial for this in chromium, it features far too little for it to be of much use.

Provides Appetite Suppression

An appetite suppressant is beneficial for weight loss as it prevents overeating and helps you stick to your diet. However, as there are no ingredients in Lean Mode that are known to suppress appetite, it’s highly unlikely to achieve this with any real success.

Evlution Nutrition LeanMode Customer Reviews

Lean Mode reviews tended to have a good to average rating, with people liking the low price and some even mentioning they felt more energetic and lost weight. As most reviewers also mentioned they followed a diet and exercise routine too though, this could easily be a placebo.

On the other hand, negative customer reviews virtually all stated they saw no beneficial effects from using Lean Mode. This suggests the positive reviews are likely more due to users changing their habits, rather than Lean Mode itself having an effect.

Evlution Nutrition LeanMode Pros & Cons


  • Very low price tag
  • Vegan and gluten free


  • Generally considered to be ineffective
  • Most of the ingredients used are only capable of producing mild weight loss
  • The dosage of all ingredients used is far too low
  • Three capsules per serving is quite a lot

Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode Review Conclusion

Lean Mode by Evlution nutrition is a dietary supplement that, on the surface looks like it will be great to help you achieve your fitness goals. However, as soon as you look a little closer, it becomes clear that it’s not a good product.

From using ingredients that offer only mild benefits to including far below the recommended dosage of everything in the formula, this supplement is unlikely to make a big difference to your weight. As a result, we highly recommend you don’t buy lean mode.

If you are going to buy a weight loss supplement, you want one that will actually work. Instant Knockout Cut is the best pure fat burning supplement, while Hourglass Fit is a great choice for those who particularly want a stimulant free fat burner.








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