EVLution Nutrition

Founded in 2013, Evlution Nutrition is a well-known supplement company based in Florida, USA. Its owner and founder is Mike Spinner, a retired professional BMX rider.

The brand’s first product, the Evlution ENGN pre-workout, hit shelves in September 2013. Since then, the range has grown to include more pre-workouts, protein powders, post-workouts, testosterone boosters, ‘health & wellness’ products and more.

The company promises “best in class ingredients and manufacturing” for all its products. In fact, all supplements are made in the USA at an “FDA and GMP trusted facility”.

Evlution Nutrition also says its mission is “to be your most trusted nutrition partner” and to help you “achieve your fitness goals” with “constantly evolving products”.

Despite being a much newer brand than some of the ‘giants’ of the industry, Evlution Nutrition received Bodybuilding.com Supplement Company of the Month for March 2015. The brand also gained coverage on the prestigious Forbes.com in the month of its launch (September 2013).

Its best-seller is LeanMode – a “stimulant free fat loss support” supplement. The fat burner is designed not just to burn fat, but also boost users’ metabolism, raise their energy levels, lift their moods and control their appetites. LeanMode boasts thousands of positive reviews on popular review sites.

Another popular supplement in the Evlution line is BCAA Energy. The product’s marketing bills it as a way to raise “your anytime energy, recovery and performance needs”. The label suggests using one serving for “mild energy” or two to three servings for better training performance and recovery.

This powder/drink comes in 21 flavors. These include “Blue Raz”, “Furious Grape”, and “Blueberry Mojito”.

Evlution Nutrition also makes and sells EVL TEST – a well-known testosterone booster. The company says this product “supports natural testosterone levels, raises muscular strength., boosts stamina and ensures “optimal sleep”. Some brand marketing also refers to EVL TEST as a “recovery amplifier”.

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