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PumpMode (also known as Pump Mode) is a pump product/pre-workout made by EVLution Nutrition. It is designed to increase vascularity, enhance muscle pumps and boost endurance and power in the gym.

PumpMode contains four ingredients: Vitamin C, vitamin D, betaine nitrate and the patented HydroMax® – a form of glycerol.

Vitamin C is said to reduce physical stress, which could support muscle growth.

Vitamin D could help ensure your bones stay strong and aid muscle-protein synthesis, while glycerol is thought to keep users hydrated for more noticeable muscle pumps. In addition, betaine supplementation is widely said to increase workout performance.


2 reviews for Pump Mode Pre Workout

  1. JarrodBright

    Pretty mediocre ingredient profile leads to mediocre results—-Introduction—-
    First of all, this is the first real pump enhancer that I have ever tried and so I was excited to give it a shot. I had seen advertisements hyping up the stacking of this and EVL’s preworkout ENGN (which I am a fan of). Upon looking at the ingredient list I was none too impressed at the sparse offerings in the label but given that ENGN has essentially NO real effective pump agents I figured something was better than nothing. Still, it was a little too expensive for me until amazon had a lightning deal which put 30 servings at $10 and gave me the chance to try it out.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    3/10 Vitamin C: 500mg Vitamin D: 500IU Hydromax Glycerol: 1500mg Betaine Nitrate: 1000mg That is it. There is no Citrulline malate, L-Citrulline, Arginine, etc. The only pump enhancers in this formula are the Betaine and the Glycerol. Both of these ingredients are underdoes in my opinion as well. The jury is still out on whether or not Glycerol actually helps with pump all that much the only thing we’re sure of is that it aids in hydration. Even with it’s assistance in the pump being dubious it is typically dosed at 3g minimum to have a noticeable effect. In this formula it comes in at half of that making it not really practical for what it is supposed to be used for. The Betaine has a little more scientific backing behind it but even that comes in underdosed at 1g rather than the 1.5-2g we typically see in products like this. So all in all on the ingredient profile, it is incredibly underwhelming —-Taste/Mixability—- 6/10 The mixability on this product is fine if a little bit chalky. I usually mix it with my preworkout so I do not really notice any problems with taste or consistency but I have a couple of times mixed it with my protein pre workout and it makes the drink taste really sour and unpleasant. Like I said, in the preworkout I can hardly tell it is there but it is not something that I would want to drink on its own.
    5/10 The effectiveness is just about what you would expect from the label: underwhelming. I noticed no tangible enhancements to pump or recovery that I would attribute in a major way to this product. The only reason that the score for this section is not lower is because, even if it is placebo, there was a little bit of an effect. The betaine specifically is also an ingredient that should have been more prominent in the ENGN proper so its inclusion here is nice.
    2/10 For this ingredient list, the $18.99 per 30 servings they charge on amazon is outrageous. These ingredients should be in every tub of ENGN and not on their own, but if EVL insists on putting it out on its own they need to charge accordingly. To me, the price for what you are getting does not merit the purchase even once.
    —-Side Effects—-
    No real side effects that I can think of.
    Overall, I was very disappointed in this product because I have come to be a fan of the EVL lineup. Would not recommend this to anyone looking for a good pump enhancer and I don’t plan on ever buying this again for myself. The only people I would recommend this for are people who really love the ENGN preworkout but, like me, want these ingredients in there.

  2. TheVenom

    Pump Mode- Great value, good results.

    —-Quick Summary—-
    EVLution Nutrition touts their product’s, Pump Mode, ability to deliver “Intense pumps, performance, vascularity, endurance, and power”. With a simple, transparent nutrition panel, competitive pricing, and solid reputation, I believe the product is well worth the money. The aesthetic aspect of their claims are very apparent, and the performance aspects were noticeable as well.
    Pump Mode is simple enough for even greenest of supplement users to understand. I’d bet the majority of us LOVE a good pump, and that’s the seems to be the main aim of this product. I used this product an hour after a light meal of mostly carbs.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    1.5g Hydromax is an improved form of glycerol that is more stable and potent than the past’s own Glycerol Monostearate. The improved molecular structure allows a much better effect in a much smaller amount. Both forms provide a “wet” pump and and increased muscle function, provided proper hydration. Betaine Nitrate, a sugar beet extract, in the form of NO3-T, works with Hydromax to amplify pumps, as well as supporting your body’s natural production of creatine. It has also proven to delay fatigue, allowing you to push for longer. While not as effective as Betaine Anhydrous, it still proves effective at increasing performance. There’s a nice dose of 500 IU of vitamin D. However, the addition of 500mg of vitamin C is completely useless for the intended purpose and may not allow you to use certain multivitamins without experiencing upset stomach and malaise. If you use a multi such as Animal Pak, you may need to consider skipping your fruit smoothie in the morning. I also can’t understand why they believe adults would ever request FD&C Blue #1, a synthetic and ABSOLUTELY unhelpful ingredient.
    The Blue Raz was above par in comparison to ones I’ve tried in the past. It has a nice tart note that is complimented by solid flavoring that isn’t overly sweet when mixed with 10oz water. It mixes well in room temperature water, which I then add ice to. Not once with this container did I notice any settling at the bottom of my shaker. I do believe that the two major ingredients could easily be dosed higher, however, without affecting the taste.
    The HydroMax, to my surprise, does offer a superior pump than earlier glycerol products. Betaine Nitrate, as we all know, delivers great pumps on its own. The two together offer a clean pump that you’re sure to enjoy. While it falls short of “intense” as the label claims, it is still quite effective. The label suggests adding it to your preferred pre-workout beverage. If you decide to use it that way, keep in mind that the pump from this product alone is enough for some, and most PWOs will amplify that effect. Expect to feel decent muscle fullness that looks as good as it feels consistently from first scoop to last. I’ve not stacked it with any other supplements, personally.
    For an average of $20, the value is more than fair. I purchased mine and received 50% off a tub of their CLA product, LeanMode, which my girlfriend then had me order a separate tub of after using it. $20, plus half off another product is a fantastic value, so look out for deals when purchasing PumpMode.
    —-Side Effects—-
    Zilch. Nada. Zero.
    For a clean and transparent label, listing effective products, I’d pay for this time and time again. It delivers an excellent pump and enough extra non-stimulant push to warrant trying multiple flavors. I only wish they’d drop un-needed ingredients, to possibly make room for some VASO6 or other strong pump ingredient. Next tub I get, I’ll be using with a stimulant PWO.

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