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Total Carb Reviews

By: Cutler Nutriton

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Total Carb is a Carbohydrate Product manufactured by Cutler Nutriton. It is designed to provide the body with the vital macronutrient carbohydrates which is used as fuel to help performance as well as improve muscle recovery.
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  April 1, 2018

  • Cheap
  • Versatile
  • Great Ingredients
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Prop Blend


I want to start by saying I think carbohydrates from food will always be more superior. I think carbohydrate supplements are really cool and versatile. Just like protein. There are a lot of carbohydrate supplements out there. It can be tough to choose which one to use, but I want to help make it easier by reviewing Total Carb.

Even though there are so many carbohydrate supplements out there, you can see what's going on by looking at the ingredients. This will tell you the type of carbohydrate being used.

People go crazy over carb sources. Carb supplements are judged mainly on their type of carbohydrate being used. Some companies are different. Some are the same. Some are the same, yet use different buzzwords. Some are different, yet use the same buzzwords. It can get confusing when buying a carbohydrate powder.

But again, look at the ingredients list and you'll see what's going on. Also read the claims of the product. See if they talk about replenishing quick, slow, or a mixture of both. This will make is easier to assume which carbs are being used.

Ingredient Profile

Total Carb has 4 ingredients under there so called HIGHLY ADVANCED HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT GLYCOGEN REPLENISHMENT MATRIX which includes 3 carbohydrate sources and 1 is electrolyte source.

1. Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin - this is probably becoming the most used carb source. Easy to mix. Low insulin response. Doesn't sit in stomach. Fast digesting and absorbing. NutraBio SuperCarb uses this. I like it. I will talk about this more.

2. Rice Dextrin - i enjoy eating rice as food for carbs, so it's nice to see this here. It's rice dextrin, not rice dextrose. Meaning it's like eating brown rice vs white rice :) haha. No but really, some will use rice dextrose rather than dextrin.

3. Potato Dextrin - I enjoy eating potatoes as food for carbs, so it's also nice to see this. Again is dextrin and not dextrose. Some care to know this. I'll explain more.

4. Avocado Powder Extract - this is used as a source of electrolytes. Which I think is awesome. This is how carbohydrate powder differs from food and is versatile. Choosing a carb powder with electrolytes is like choosing fruit. Fruit as a carb source contains more electrolytes than pasta. See the difference?


I would like to know how much of each I am getting. It says 25g total, but there are 22g sugar.

NutraBio doesn't state any sugar content and uses the same ingredient. If I look at NutraBio SuperCarb I would think it's all complex carbs because I see no sugar. I look at Total Carb and see 3g complex carbs. Total Carb just has rice and potato, so is that the 3g complex carbs? Probably.

Same with Redcon1 Cluster Bomb and Gaspari Nutrition GLYCOFUSE. I see no sugar and would assume all complex. Total Carb uses the same source, but most of its total carbs are from sugar. Post Jym Carbs uses dextrose which is all sugar if you were to look at the label. So I feel Total Carb is on the honest side a little more.

The best thing to do is experiment because the semantics can give you a headache. I feel at the end of the day they all do the same thing. They all break down into glucose, just at different rates. But, it would be nice for companies to get more detailed on reading labels on carbohydrate supplements.


Taste - I got unflavored. I think unflavored is more versatile due to having no flavor, but this taste just like some sort of punch! It's unflavored, but taste really sweet! It's really good. Just as good as SuperCarb or any other product. It really makes my protein shakes taste better as well, especially if it's a plant based protein. It even smells good!


Mixability - it mixes just fine, clear, and no clumps or floaters. I took a photo. It mixes just fine with protein and ect when making a shake or whatever. No worries. You can even shake this by hand and it mixes perfectly!


Dosing - it's a 26g scoop for 60 servings. 25g per scoop is good. That's like one packet of oatmeal (carb content wise). I usually do one scoop as that is enough, but 2 scoops is okay. Still taste good. Mixes fine.


It works and does what I need it to do. I use it for a few reason. I use it when I don't feel like eating whole food. I'll use it when I want extra pumps in my PreWorkout. I use it as part of my protein shakes because that's smart. I enjoy carbohydrate powders, they come in handy.

This does give me nice and fuller pumps. Any carbs will do this for me. I'm sensitive. I can't really judge the endurance. I don't use this and expect to have energy, I use this in conjunction with my calories and training.

When I'm low on blood sugar, this puts me back into balance, so it's no placebo. It contains calories and can help achieve your goals such as building muscle or losing fat.

It's effective and does 100% of what I use it for.


This bad boy is cheap. I buy it at Grocery Outlet for like $20 on the dot. It's cheap everywhere else as well. So much cheaper than the prices of like SuperCarb, Glycofuse, and Cluster Bomb. Way cheaper than Vitargo S2. Total Carb is probably the cheapest carbohydrate powder that contains Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin at 60 servings. I think the value is 100%!

Side Effects

None. Nada. Zip.


I really like this product, I like it even more that it's a cheaper product containing Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin with high servings. It's versatile (all can be). It taste, smells, and works great! It is prop blend which I can't give a full 100% for, but I totally recommend this product.

But again, food is more superior.
  • Unflavored: 10/10


  • Clipper83
    Rep: +4,422
    April 1, 2018

    Just thinking, if there are 22 grams of sugar in here, maybe they just pixie dusted HBCD? I'd trust a label from NutraBio more than anything from BPI personally

  • royalapple
    Rep: +204
    April 1, 2018

    @Clippers83 Yes there is and indeed! Grrr.

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