Dymatize Nutrition ISO-100 Reviews

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Sub Category: Whey Protein
ISO-100 Reviews
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About ISO-100

Also known as ISO100 and ISO 100 Hydrolyzed, this product is a whey protein isolate supplement from Dymatize.

ISO-100 is designed to promote muscle protein synthesis and to help users build muscle. Free from sugar and fat, the product contains under 116 kcal in water - and it’s said to provide the “right quantity” of protein for muscle growth “with as little surplus calories as possible”.

Each serving of ISO-100 contains 25g of protein and 5.6-5.8g of BCAAs. It is suitable for vegetarians and is certified free from banned substances by Informed-Sport. It was also named “Isolate Protein of The Year” fives times in row (2013-2017) by Bodybuilding.com.