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Super Mass Gainer is a weight gainer made by Dymatize Nutrition.

It is designed to help “bodybuilders, powerlifters and hard gainers” increase mass  – especially during the bulking phase of their workout regime.

Each serving provides 52g of protein, which is derived from milk, whey concentrate and whey isolate. Each portion also holds 3g of creatine, 7.8g of fat, 242g of carbohydrates and 1248 calories.

The product also contains an extensive amino-acid profile. This includes branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) in leucine, isoleucine and valine to increase muscle-protein synthesis and aid growth.

The product has been tested under the Informed-Choice program. This ensures Super Mass Gainer is safe for athletes to use in competition.


2 reviews for Super Mass Gainer

  1. bromine2122

    This weight gainer will make you hefty,hefty,hefty

    —Introduction— Huge thank you to Dymatize for their support of the SR Troops program. I’ve always heard great things about this company. This is my second review of a product that Dymatize makes. The first being their new pre-workout and now I’m doing a review for their weight gainer called super mass gainer. Right now I’m looking to bulk up a put some weight on so when dymatize put this up I was excited to give it a try. Now let’s get big. —Ingredient Profile— Like most weight gainers the ingredient list is quite long. So I will give you a nice easy to read list with the highlights of this product. First off you get 1,280c with 32oz of milk. But if you add goodies in their like I did that number will be higher. Along with the 1,280c you will also get 52g of protein from 5 different protein sources. Then you get 10.9g of BCAA’s for all day muscle recovery. Next you will get 5.2g of leucine. Then you get 23g of sugar which isn’t too bad for a weight gainer. And 1g of creatine monohydrate. In all a quality weight gainer that in theory will help put muscle weight on. —Taste/Mixability/Dosing—- Like with any weight gainers using a normal shaker cup along with water and milk will not work. You have to use a blender. I have a vitamix 5200 which will pretty much blend anything. So it was easy for me to use serious mass. I would normally 2.5cups with 32oz of milk along with a banana, fruit, and some sometimes candy. A few times I just did water, ice, and ice cream then put it in the freezer for a bit. It was really tasty. Mixability with the blender was not an issue. I normally just took it daily. —Effectiveness— Looking to get hefty,hefty,hefty serious mass will help you reach those goals. Right now I’m at 205lb and I’m looking to add some extra weight to my frame. I also work two jobs and burn a lot calories during the day so I really don’t mind getting a little extra in. I’m looking to get up to 215-220lb in weight which is the reason why I wanted to try this product. Normally I would make a shake first thing in the morning then bring it with me to work. I would drink it in-between breakfast and lunch. I get up pretty early usually around 5am so by 10am I’m ready for some food. The shake came in handy because it would keep me full till lunch time which would be 1-2pm. Now with the extra calories from this shake it did make me gassy during the day along with extra trips to the bathroom. I drank the shakes pretty quick due to timing issues when I’m at work. Drinking such a high amount of calories that fast didn’t help. However it did help me get close to my goal of 220lb while take this I was able to get up to 217 with the extra calories I was consuming. My daily calorie intake when from 3,200 up to 5,200 per day when I included the shakes in my diet. Overall this weight gainer that will put some size on you. —Value— you get a 6lb tub of super mass gainer for 27.99 which is $3.50 a serving and there is 8 servings in a 6lb tub. —Side Effects—- Making some hefty gainz —Conclusion—- Looking to bulk up or needing to put some size on? Give super mass gainer a try! This weight gainer will help put weight and some size on at the same time. Now the 6lb tub can be costly per serving so I would go with the 12 bag because it will be cheaper of the two. Overall this is a quality weight gainer.

  2. Firefighter

    You’ll gain some mass but not so super…

    A very big thank you to Dymatize for sending me their mass gainer to review! I am a 26 year old firefighter from Ohio. My main fitness goals are to maintain a solid shape for my job and to build muscle mass / strength.
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    This is a very big ingredient profile because they stuff it all in here. First off we will start off with the nutrients. They include Vitamin A, B6 and 12, C, and E. Also included in the nutrients are calcium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Also included is 1 gram of creatine monohydrate. Now let’s get to the numbers. It is 1,280 calories per serving. It includes 10 grams of fat, 244 grams of carbs, 23 grams of sugar and 52 grams of protein per serving. Quite hefty but it is a mass gainer. Now let’s breaks down the protein types. The protein they use in this is in what they call a protein blend. That consists of whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrosolate and micellar casein. This is similar to their XT protein product because it has several proteins that break down at different stages. It might even be that protein as a base then all the added calories to make it a mass gainer. Which would be fine because I reviewed that protein as well and liked it a lot.
    The flavor I received was sugar cookie. Now as far as just the flavor goes it was rather enjoyable. It was quite like drinking a sugar cookie so I was pleased in that aspect. My biggest problem was in the mixability. I understand it’s a mass gainer so I was already prepared for large scoops and having to shake the crap out of it. Now the tub recommends a shaker bottle if using a half serving or less. I had a very hard time getting this to be able to blend enough in a shaker bottle to be able to drink it even at that serving size. I moved to a blender and tried it at 24oz which they recommend for a full scoop. That still came out quite lumpy and not fully blended. When I used the full 32oz of their recommendation I was able to get it to fully blend pretty smoothly. I tried both water and milk and thought it tasted much better with milk. Although keep in mind there are more calories. The dosing as far as nutrients go seems perfect because it is a mass gainer. The 2 and half scoops serving size is a lot to get blended but once again it is a mass gainer.
    It was effective in gaining mass although it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. Overall after I was done with it I’d say I was up about 6-8lbs. So technically it worked. I do feel like the only mass I gained though was in body fat. I didn’t see much or any gains in muscle. Now I know this is likely to happen with these types of supplements because of the overall amount of calorie intake but I was hoping for more muscle gains considering the amount of protein per serving. It definitely helped me hit all of my caloric and nutrient intakes throughout each day. I always felt very full and slightly bloated because of the 32oz of liquid for quite awhile after ingesting. Feeling full for awhile would be good on a cut but not when your goal is trying to gain mass.
    I have found this product on for 22 bucks plus 8 bucks shipping. That’s a fantastic deal compared to what some other sites are selling it for. I received the 6lb tub and it had 8 servings. So at that price it’s about 3.50 a serving. If your looking to use one tub that’s not too bad for the results but if you want multiple tubs it’ll start getting pricey.
    —-Side Effects—-
    Besides feeling bloated for awhile after consuming I didn’t experience anything negative.
    Well to conclude I will say it does work just not the results I was hoping for. So if your in the market for a weight gainer and just want general weight increase then this is for you. You can get it for a good price now at the site I mentioned. If your looking for leaner gains or a shake that’s not so big then I suggest looking elsewhere. I do not think I would try it again but like I said depending on your goals this may be just right for you.

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