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  1. Sparticide

    Houston… No problems here.
    —-Quick Summary—-
    Launch Sequence from Loud Muscle Science is a libido booster that has been met with some controversy here on SR, with varying degrees of side effects. However the one thing that nobody will deny is that it is HIGHLY effective. What follows is my experience with the product.

    Before I begin I’d like to thank Loud Muscle Science for the opportunity to try their product through the TROOP program; this is my very first TROOP review and boy did I pick a hell of a way to start things off. My Launch Sequence if you will.

    It’s important to note that I’m in my late 20’s, do not have any persistent issues with my virility, and therefore am not using this product to fix a problem. However I’ve never used a libido booster before and curiosity got the best of me.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    So this thing has a prop blend which is always a bummer, but as we’ll see in the effectiveness section this gets a pass from me.

    Each serving consists of 2 pills, and there are a total of 30 servings in a bottle.

    For sexual health and strength: Tongkat Ali
    For treating low libido: Horny goat weed
    For increased libido: Tribulus terrestris
    For treating erectile disfunction: Yohimbe bark
    For boosting testosterone and treating stress: Ashwagandha
    For hormonal balance: Maca
    For L Dopa which has numerous benefits: Mucuna pruriens
    For sexual interest (aphrodisiac): Muira puama
    For fighting stress and fatigue: Rhodiola rosea extract.

    Based on a surface comparison these are all ingredients that you’d expect to find in test boosters, libido boosters, and other types of male hormonal health products.

    Pills, so no taste or mixability issues.

    I took 2 each day with a meal, typically in the afternoon.

    WELL. My libido is already pretty good but this took me back to high school levels. The positives of this are precisely what I had come to expect given the other reviews thus far:

    Random boners for days
    Feeling more alive
    Better performance
    Intense ejaculation
    The stiffest morning wood I’ve had in a while
    I even got a small strength boost while running this, not enough to make it a selling point but it was cool

    These effects would kick in within 1-3 hours.
    I had to wear tighter underwear to keep things from getting awkward when I’d be out and about.
    After trying this out for a while I determined that the effects last for a few days after you stop taking it so one can make the bottle last quite some time by taking more breaks and saving this for when you need it.

    So $90, or $3/serving, is a tough sell. It’s the best I can find for a full container currently and the price for lower serving counts is even worse.

    However I don’t think most people will need to take this every day. I can’t speak for the older crowd but now that I’ve tested this out for a while I can say that I’ll only be taking this when I know I’ll need it.

    —-Side Effects—-
    Early on in my run I was experiencing tightness in my legs, which I initially attributed to this product. However after taking a break the problem never resurfaced so I am relieved to report no side effects on this one.

    The only reason I bother to mention it is as an update to anyone who saw my original draft of this review.

    I can’t compare this to other products of its kind since its my first one, but if you’re looking for a sure thing this is definitely the one.

    It would be an easier recommendation if this product were closer to $60 ($2/serving) but if you need a product like this then it would be accurate to say its worth it.

  2. TheVenom

    Elect to be Erect
    —-Quick Summary—-

    Launch Sequence is Loud Muscle Science‘s proprietary formula for sexual health. It has some typical effects, as well as a surprise that wasn’t mentioned. Work on the price, and you’ve got a great product.


    I’ll be turning 25 at the end of this year. It may confuse some as to why I was even interested in this product whilst in my sexual prime. I have no problem getting erections. My sexual-desire-switch basically never turns off. What I was really looking to “intensify pleasure and orgasm”, as so eloquently put on the bottle. I used this product sporadically, as every-day use was simply too much for me, and noticed some interesting effects when using modified doses.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    The 1560mg proprietary blend includes a slew of ingredients, all believed to increase libido. The list below will also list other known or believed effects of each ingredient;

    Tongkat Ali – Mood support, Muscle and bone mass (heehueeheuehehehue)
    Horny Goat Weed – Combat mental and physical fatigue
    Tribulus Terrestris – Yet to be really proven to do much of anything
    Yohimbe Bark – Stimulation, Mood support
    Ashwagandha – Mental health, Mood support, Sleep
    Maca – Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalance
    Mucuna Pruriens – Sleep, Mood support, Mental health,
    Muira Puama – Anti-Inflammatory
    Rhodiola Rosea Extract – Fatigue, Mood Support


    It can’t get any easier than 2 capsules.


    I played around with the doses and found that different doses achieve different effects for me.

    1 capsule: 1/2 serving, produces a slightly firmer erection and slightly heightened sensation.

    2 capsules: 1 serving, produces much firmer erections, slightly heightened sensation, slight increase in orgasm intensity, and notable reduction of refractory period. (Can’t be asked to maturely explain that, google it.)

    3 capsules: 1 1/2 serving, produces throbbing erections, slightly heightened sensation, moderate increase in orgasm intensity, and significant reduction in refractory period.

    4 capsules: 2 servings, erections the same as 3 capsules, sensation actually decreased (???confused???), orgasm similar to a grenade strapped to a pressurized water tank, COMPLETE ELIMINATION OF REFRACTORY PERIOD.

    I personally do not recommend anyone to toy with doses with proprietary blends, especially when they contain stimulants. However, I’m reckless and will risk it for the bro-science biscuit. I can say I personally haven’t experienced any of the heart-burn that others mentioned. It’s also impossible to increase my libido. It is also worth noting that Macuna Pruriens may be a little unpredictable. Erections would sometimes spark for absolutely no reason, and sometimes without even dosing. The duration of this effect established, nor is it guaranteed.


    This is where it gets upsetting. There is absolutely nothing in this bottle that should make it cost that much. If I were to buy each of these ingredients individually, I’d get a full-container’s worth of EACH INGREDIENT before I even got close to paying the retail price of this product. The effects, while great, simply do not justify the cost of the product, especially since all ingredients here are available in bulk form for pennies on the gram. I’m much more likely to just buy the Macuna and Yohimbe and spend the remaining $80 on gatorade for an all-night bang-fest.

    It’s only available from the manufacturer, via official site or their amazon seller page.

    —-Side Effects—-

    Nothing ill whatsoever.


    Launch Sequence is a solid product, with a lot of potential and POWERFUL effects. It however seems that they are attempting to use a proprietary blend to prevent users from buying bulk and making their own. That would be fine if the price was decent, but it’s outrageous. I enjoyed my time using it, but can’t say I’ll ever pay for a bottle at this price!

  3. Jags70

    Big Servings for a High Price
    Hey guys. Huge thanks to Loud Muscle Science and SR for getting this product out. I have never tried a supp like this before and was curious as to if these products actually work.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Right off the bat your hit with three different prop blends with all the ingredients. Here are some of the ones that stood out to me. All the info here is from research, I’m not an expert or nutritionist.

    Tongkat Ali: Plant that supposedly helps with sexual performance
    Horny Goat Weed: Herb used for aiding sexual performance along with other things such as memory loss and joint pains.
    Tribulus Terrestris: plant ingredient not many study support this doing anything.
    Yohimbe Bark: Supports Mood
    Ashwagandha: Mood support, Helps with sleep
    Maca: A root that helps with fatigue, hormonal imbalance
    Mucuna Pruriens – Mood support and Mental health
    Muira Puama – Plant used for Anti-Inflammatory qualities
    Rhodiola Rosea Extract – Helps fight fatigue, and with mood support

    The bottle comes with a lot of pills and this threw me off at first. You get 60 pills however one serving is two pills. These are on the larger side but still easy to get down with no taste.

    So for all the negatives, I see in this product this is the one category that works and is arguably the most important category. The only reason I’m not giving this a would not recommend review is because the product did work for me. I took these whenever I was tired and needed a little boost in the bedroom and two pills did just that. I will admit I was dumb and didn’t read the serving size the first few times and only took one pill. I really did not feel any effects at that dosage however the two pills got the job done. I never went over two pills.

    For only 30 servings per bottle and costing almost $100 I would not purchase this product. I’m sure with some research alternative products that work the same for much cheaper. If you have almost $100 big ones to blow and really need help in the bed you could give this a shot but I personally would wait for a price drop or maybe some discount codes.

    —-Side Effects—-
    Some people report heartburn while using this. I did not see any side effects but read some other reviews because people are experiencing some.

    I feel like I could never recommend a product that costs as much as this one, however, I can’t not recommend it because the product did live up to its claims. If you’re willing to spend the money then go for it. There might be some discount codes floating around out there to help.

  4. Darkman

    Yes, it works, but that price?!?
    —-Quick Summary—-
    An herbal libido booster with a ridiculously high price

    First, thanks to Loud Muscle Science for supporting the TROOPs. I’ve never been a big believer when it comes to herbal libido boosters or test boosters, but I had seen a few good reviews on Launch Sequence, and curiosity got the best of me.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Each serving consists of 2 pills, and there are a total of 30 servings in a bottle. It’s a prop blend. I’m not a fan of blends, but again, because of the positive reviews, I gave it a pass.

    Launch Sequence Proprietary Blend–1560mg:
    Tongkat Ali:For sexual health and strength
    Horny goat weed: For treating low libido
    Tribulus terrestris: For being over hyped and worthless
    Yohimbe bark: For treating erectile dysfunction
    Ashwagandha: For boosting testosterone and treating stress
    Maca: For hormonal balance and fighting fatigue
    Mucuna pruriens: For L Dopa (feel good)
    Muira puama: Anti-inflammatory
    Rhodiola rosea extract: For fighting stress and fatigue

    Actually, there’s nothing really earth shattering here as far as the ingredients are concerned. These are the same ingredients typically found in test boosters/libido boosters. I’m curious to know why companies still include tribulus in their ingredients. It’s been shown to be pretty ineffective.

    There was no taste; they’re cobalt blue capsules. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, and the company recommends 2 capsules daily (more on that later).

    So, honestly I really don’t see the need to take this daily unless you’re suffering from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction (sorry for sounding like a Cialis ad…lol). I took two capsules and it took maybe 2 hours to kick in. I noticed firmer erections, my sensation was slightly enhanced, and my orgasm intensity was slightly increased. Good, but not really spectacular. When I took 3 capsules…WHOA! My erections were full and throbbing. My sensation was enhanced even more, my orgasms were intense, and I noticed very little, if any refractory period. Good stuff, however, I did experience some migraine headaches and congestion. I have read in numerous medical reports that prescription ED medications can cause headaches and congestion. Considering how well this worked and the side effects, I’m wondering if Loud Muscle Science added a little extra ingredient that they conveniently left off the label.(?)

    This is where things get ridiculous. The lowest price I could find for a 30 serving bottle of Launch Sequence was $89.95 on Amazon. This is not acceptable, especially when you can find similar libido/test boosters with fully disclosed labels and similar ingredients for 2, maybe 3 times [b]LESS![/b]

    —-Side Effects—-
    Intense headaches, congestion, heartburn

    Launch Sequence, although a solid product, has a prop blend and a high price. I honestly believe that anyone could buy each separate ingredient in bulk and take them together for similar effects and a lot less pocket strain. I just don’t see paying 90 bucks for a single bottle of something…[b]ANYTHING[/b] with a prop blend. It’s a shame, because Launch Sequence really does work.

  5. abailey108

    Highly effective and really expensive, but possibly worth it.
    —-Quick Summary—-

    Simply put, this stuff worked! Literally, it worked everytime and never let me down (pun intended). Keep reading to hear my thoughts.


    Well, I wouldn’t say I suffer from ED or anything like that, but I have definitely felt some decline in my drive as of late, so I figured I’d give this supplement a try. I have tried a few other supplements in this department that had zero effectiveness so I wasn’t expecting much from this one either. Thanks to Loud Muscle Science and SR for the chance to try this one. Sorry for the delay in getting the review out. I am caught in the middle of this government shutdown and it sucks.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    I’m not going to get into the ingredient profile since so many people already have. It is a prop blend of around 1560mg consisting of mostly typical ingredients you see in sexual health supplements. Take a look at it if you want to see it. Overall, there is nothing too surprising in here. Another reason I wasn’t expecting much.


    This comes in blue pill form. No noticeable odor or aftertastes.


    Well, Launch Sequence ended up blowing my mind! I was pretty caught off guard. My drive was increased so much it was almost scary. Within 30-40 minutes I could feel it. I was getting randoms left and right, which doesn’t really happen to me that much any more. And I was staring at my wife with that look in my eyes. In the bedroom, it did everything it promised. Things lasted longer, felt better, all that kind of stuff. I’m not trying to sound like a commercial for this stuff but it really did do everything it promised. Now with that being said, I did not take these daily and I think that was a good idea. The coolest part for me is that the effects from Launch Sequence lasted a few days for me. And this held true for the whole bottle. This also affected the value for me. I usually stuck to the two pill dose as recommended, but occasionally i took three. The main difference was how many days the effects lasted for me. Another thing I noticed is that after we were “done” I’d still be at attention for a while which was also pretty crazy. Long story short, this stuff works. Maybe I have a problem I need to get looked at since these kicked things up so much!


    Launch Sequence took a lot of hits in this department but I feel a little different about it. It is expensive for sure, but you definitely do not need to take it on a daily basis. I took it once or twice a week and felt like it was working every day in between. Also, this stuff did exactly what viagra and the other pills promise to do, make it stay up longer. But those pills don’t do anything to actual sex drive. Launch Sequence does. And the price for viagra/cialis is utterly ridiculous. 10 serving can get up over $150. So for all those reasons I don’t think the price tag is all that bad. Until I find something similar that works as well.

    —-Side Effects—-

    I did not experience any negative side effects.


    Launch Sequence was a winner for me. Like I said, I have tried cheaper products with similar ingredients that did not have any effectiveness. I don’t know why. Yes, I guess I could buy all these ingredients in bulk and make my own, but I don’t feel like it. Thanks for reading and again, sorry for the delay. Go Pats!

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