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  1. cgray12

    Old Guys Rule–and So does this Supplement
    I am a 54 Year old CIO who over the last 3 years has been trying to gain lean mass, while reducing fat. I have a very stressful job, and have worked out on and off my entire life, played basketball and am very active. I have completed a Spartan race and 3 Tough Mudders. However, at this age while gains come–they come slow for a variety of reasons. So instead of going for the bulk/drop type cycle I’ve just been working through trying to gain muscle, while slowly reducing fat and my fave man-boobs.

    —-Ingredient Profile—
    Only became aware of these ingredients because as I finally got my diet honed — (not saying I still don’t occasionally eat junk) but getting enough protein everyday to get on the positive side of protein turnover, I started doing tons of research on how to keep the mass and produce a more anabolic state naturally. By the time Anafuse entered my radar I had all my supplements (protein, BCAA’s, Creatine) all measured and perfected for me. The reason I bring this up is because randomly adding multiple influences to my workout/nutrition profile is not something to be desired or executed in “hopes” that I’ll get gains. Plus, this attention to detail helps me understand exactly what is happening in my body. Previously, I trashed another supplement I added in due to an allergic started looking for something new, that could help boost testosterone. As you probably know, being over 50 is no joke in the testosterone department. I do not want to take anabolic steroids, but wanted something that could help block estrogen, promote testosterone and HGH if possible. This search led me to Anafuse which was pre-hormonal and according to other reviews didn’t have the same side effects but had the mix of all things you would have to get in 3 other supplements. That made a lot of sense to me, because frankly if it didn’t work I would throw it in trash. Epicatechin is designed to block Myostatin which is the enemy of muscle mass pure and simple– Myostatin decreases insulin sensitivity and protein synthesis. So this combined with Laxogenin which assists in protein synthesis and strength makes for a great combination.

    Let’s start the good news here–these capsules have zero taste, Zero and for me it didn’t come back either. I’ve taken on empty stomach through intermittent fasting, full, before and after workouts. No Taste–that is HUGE to me. Nothing makes you want to ditch something faster than URPS after the fact or sour taste in your mouth. I worked up from 2 capsules to make sure there was no adverse reaction, to 4 a day. 2 before my workout and 2 right before bed.

    2 Key facts about effectiveness:
    I waited till after my last Tough Mudder to give this a shot.
    I had been recovering from a partial bicep tendon tear 11 months earlier

    So lets get down to business–like most folks taking this supplement the first week was basically no change for me. That is fine, there were no adverse effects so I was willing to keep going. By week 2 I started noticing a ridiculous increase in stamina/endurance. To date this still remains its most pronounced affect. I can work out to failure on any given exercise and literally 10-15 seconds later I’m ready to go again–in some ways this level of endurance makes it hard to measure how much I “SHOULD” be doing because I do not get tired, without almost an instantaneous recovery.

    Strength–during this time was also intermittent fasting (that is what makes the fact above so stunning), and work out fasted almost every day–with one off day per week. Set PR’s in Deadlift, Benchpress, Inclined Dumbbell press, Bent over rows etc…I could go on–everything got stronger, EVERYTHING!

    More importantly, I noticed I was finally starting to lean out–this was huge for me because of a perhaps irrational fear of some kind of gyno reaction–nope just the opposite-what was left of my man-boobs started going away and are almost completely gone. Waist is smaller have to get new pants..its stupid =D

    This is an expensive supplement–especially since it falls outside the normal trifecta of protein shakes, BCAA‘s and Creatine. Still, halfway through I bought another bottle–its that good and clearly doing exactly what it says it does.

    —-Side Effects—-
    No measurable side-effects. Maybe one small one that I could not directly attribute to Anafuse–after taking it I felt kind of loopy for a short bit, but that always corrected itself after working out. Then I just can’t wipe the stupid smile off my face because of the gains, strength and endurance.

    If you are any guy, but especially a middle aged guy who wants to branch out from the trinity of Protein/BCAA/Creatine to something that will boost protein synthesis, testosterone, strength and endurance. This is your GO-TO. I’d recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone.

  2. User

    Anafuse Power
    There has always seemed to something missing for me in the gym, I would have great days and awful days, and as I’ve gotten older the lousy days are more frequent. Just a total lack of ‘Power’. I’ve tried every supplement I can think of with a whole range of results. When I tried anafuse, at first I didn’t taken is exactly as suggested, and I didn’t notice any results, after a week or so I forgot to take it first thing in the morning and ended up taking it about 2 hours before the gym and that day I had an incredible work out, just intense Power….., no fatigue, lack of energy or lack of endurance. Just hammered through the whole 2 hour work out. The next day and since I take it twice daily, but one dose is 1 1/2 hours before working out WITH FOOD. It will upset the stomach without food. Anafuse is the missing link for me, the key to powerful strength, and recovery. Now my best day at the gym is Everyday! Best overall Supplement on the market in my book. -POD

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