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Prime Male is a natural testosterone booster made by Propura.

It was developed to help men over 30 reverse low testosterone, build muscle, reduce fatigue, improve mood, raise the libido and enhance cognitive function.

The product contains 12 ingredients. These include vitamin D3, which is said to help strengthen the muscles and bones, while also reducing fatigue and improving sleep quality.

Prime Male also features D-aspartic acid, which is thought to improve sex drive and fertility. In addition, boron is believed to help improve brain function.

There are 120 capsules (30 servings) in every bottle of Prime Male. This product is endorsed by Dolph Lundgren.


5 reviews for Prime Male

  1. Bounty

    Potent formula

    When it comes to supplements, we all have to cut through the marketing and look at the label to see what’s actually in the bottle. I was pleased that Prime Male has no proprietary ingredients and is supported by a natural blend. It’s encouraging to see most manufactures have no cleaned up their act, probably because consumers are now wise to their tricks. So looking at Prime Male, everything is above board with the ingredients. You won’t find anything dangerous. I like that it includes DAA and the bioperine seems potent. Dosage sizes are all industry standard so no surprises there. I noticed i have more definition when working out and I’ve also been in a much better mood recently which I will put down to the supplement. Since I’ve used it I feel a few years younger. Who could ask for anything more?

  2. Cali Charlie

    What can i say, great!

    I’m going to be honest and say that I didn’t buy this for the muscle gains or weight loss. While they would be great, I really wanted something that was a natural sex drive booster. I have tried other over the counter type medicines and don’t need anything as strong as viagra, so started researching test boosters. I’ve tried around 3-4 brands over the last year and I have to say that this one is undoubtedly the best so far. I really wanted to rate Prime Male higher but I think there are so many products on the market now it’s hard to give one of the 5 stars over the other, particularly when I didn’t buy any of them for the muscle mass (which it seems most people do). If you’re looking for a libido enhancing supplement, this could be for you.

  3. Roger

    Very good

    Good product. It certainly helped my t levels spike during the initial few months. It has since tapered off a little but I may need to cycle it and wait a little while. Overall it’s good value but nothing more than 3 stars for me. Price – 3/5 Effect – 3/5 Usability – 4/5

  4. Groovy P

    Excellent product

    I was diagnosed years ago with low testosterone levels and I’ve done everything I can since to help naturally boost my levels. I don’t want any strong medication so I’ve stuck to diet, exercise and supplements. I’ve tried many over the years and I have to say that this is by far the best one I’ve encountered. I noticed that my sex drive and energy levels started to climb during the first month I used it, which was a much welcome surprise. A lot of other supplements have claimed to do this, yet I never noticed much of a result. So far Prime Male has really helped keep me and my wife happy. The best thing is my mood is so much better. I found myself getting irritated at really small things, but now, I don’t sweat the small stuff. For a small bottle it certainly packs a punch. I’d definitely recommend it for men of a certain vintage!

  5. Golden Oldie


    If you’re in your golden years like I am, you’ll probably be experiencing a bit of a t level decrease. It’s perfectly natural but as I still go to the gym regularly it can be a bit of an issue as I want to keep in shape. Prime Male says it will help get rid of ‘excess weight’ and ‘increase energy’. I didn’t notice huge weight decreases but I definitely felt more energy. It also says that it stops you getting tired, and I can say that was definitely true. My libido has also increased. Overall a really good product. Purchased – May 2019 Used – 8 months Overall – 4 star

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