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King Mass is a weight gainer made by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. It is designed to help increase mass and to provide energy for what the brand calls “brutal workouts”.

The product contains 60g of protein and 1000 calories per serving (four scoops) regardless of flavor. However, other nutritional information may vary according to the flavor in question.

For example, a single portion of King Mass (“Vanilla Ice Cream” flavor) delivers 6g of total fat, but “Cookies N’ Cream” contains 7g.

Ronnie Coleman King Mass is sold – or has been sold – in three other flavors: “Dark Chocolate”, “Strawberry Milkshake” and “Mint Chocolate Chip”.


1 review for King Mass

  1. Gaurangacool

    Real King of the Mass Gainers
    I have never been a skinny dude but who doesn’t want to gain a little muscle…. Completing calories for a bulk is not so easy and that’s where Gainers come in handy. I had already tried multiple brands and was sick of the thick and bulky shakes but King Coleman is a king indeed when it comes to picking sandows or creating a product.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Ingredients are solid and that handfull of vitamins And trace elements are icing on the cake.
    The only factor to be noticed is amount of sugar… 12 gm in two scoop serving is a bit higher side as it already has malto fructo and other high glycemic index carbs so overall watch over your carbs when using this product
    Tastiest gainer I ever used and mate, I used a lot of ’em. I tried the dark chocolate flavour and I was amazed to see the whey like consistency of this product. It’s so smooth and tasty you will surely exceed the dosage.
    Mixability was super smooth and no lumps. I tried in water not in milk.

    Super effective, as I mentioned I wasn’t skinny so effect were noticed by measuring before and after using the product. I gained decent size and strength as I was benching 20 pounds heavier and gainer 1 inch in my bi’s ( I finished the large bag)

    Value wise this product is good. I am from India so we get the products on a costlier side but even then this product is a must

    —-Side Effects—-
    Taste is so good you will exceed recommended dose.
    You are more likely to get some gains at your waistline if you don’t carefully count your carb intake with any gainer as they have sugar,malto,fructo etc

    If you can watch your daily sugar/ carb intake and desire for some gains with a tasty product, your search ends here.

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