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NOXygen is a “pre-workout accelerator”. It is made by Puru Labs and is designed to “build endurance” and “increase muscular energy”.

The manufacturer describes the product as “a stimulant-free, unflavored supplement additive” that may complement a pre-workout or intra-workout.

NOXygen contains five ingredients: sugar alcohol, sodium, glycerol (as HydroMax®), sodium nitrate and betaine nitrate. Glycerol is said to hydrate the muscles, enhance muscle pumps and improve endurance. HydroMax is a patented form of glycerol that is thought to have a longer shelf life.

In addition, betaine nitrate could improve high-intensity aerobic performance.

There are 40 servings in every 112g tub of Puru Labs NOXygen.


3 reviews for Noxygen

  1. Firefighter

    Its true…”If your not clumpin your not pumpin!”
    I am a 26yo firefighter from Ohio. I thoroughly enjoying lifting and trying all different types of supplements out there.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    This product has a very simple ingredient profile which is nice. It has 1.5g of hydromax glycerine which is a common but effective ingredient in a lot of these pump type products. Next the have a blend which is 740mg called the Noxygen blend. It consists of Nitratene (FCC grade sodium nitrate) and beet root extract. Thats it as far as active ingredients goes. If you look into Purus Labs the company that produces Noxygen they claim they back all their ingredients, products, and blends by research which is awesome. As a company I was really impressed by their ingredients in all products not just this one.

    The products states it is unflavored which I take as no flavor added. This products does have a slightly strange taste to it. Its not necessarily bad but it does throw off the taste of whatever you mix it with a bit. I believe this product was meant to be mixed in with other preworkout products so they left it unflavored. It warns you several times on the bottle that this product IS MEANT TO BE CLUMPY. Don’t be alarmed at all when you crack this open and its all clumps. With that being said it is difficult to get the scooper completely full. Once you do get the scooper full it is difficult to get all of the product out and into your shaker. Its not a deal breaker just a small annoyance. Once scoop worked effectively for me and two scoops was great. I used one scoop mostly throughout my usage because it was effective and I got more doses out of it.

    My experience with Noxygen was really good. I had great pumps each time I added this to my preworkout. I didn’t have any crazy skin splitting, veins almost popping experiences but you got a noticeably solid pump each use. Using one scoop was solid and two scoops made it even better. If you add this to any preworkout that already includes its own pump formula you should get an amazing pump. The majority of the time I used this product I mixed it in with Ronnie Colemans “YEAH BUDDY” which has agmatine and it worked incredibly.

    I find this product to be reasonably priced. I have usually seen it priced in the 20-25 dollar range. I have seen many websites and local stores run sales on Purus Labs products so make sure to keep an eye out if your interested.

    —-Side Effects—-
    I found no negative side effects during my use of this product.

    Overall I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to get an extra pump on top of their preworkout they are currently using. I had a great experience with this and I hope you will as well.

  2. Sloan211

    Very good,Non-stimulant type blood flow amplifier. Seems to make you recover extra fast between sets. GREAT for volume training,or super set
    I am an ex pro , and semi American football player . Also did strongman for years . I’m 6’4 274lbs at moment . Have tried hundreds of products/ supplements thru the years . So I have a been experiencing with supplements for over 17 years now . Come along way since cell teck and there dextrose filled creatine formula . That was cheap grade creatine that converted to creatin in the body ( bad by- product of the kydneys and bad creatine )
    The product consist of basically glcerol and there trade mark beet root extract -Nitratene , which is basically sodium nitrate .
    Taste is not bad . I don’t mix my powders in water . I throw them down with just scoop and a glass of water followed . But mixes good . Not a bad long lasting taste . Dose always works at one scoop but can do more for compitition . Or what u feel works for u . . So they come correct with the dosing . 40 servings also . Not bad .

    The effectiveness is wonderfull , I actually take not just for pumps . But for the heart health benifits as well .Makes me not gasp for air as much as I would especially ,if I’m doin giant sets for legs or a big bodypart. So very effective for endurance , pumps , and heart rate . My working heart rate during intensive training goes down when i
    Comsume the product that’s a fact . Especially for runners that do explosive running like football players . Great product . Especially to add to ur BCAA’s or add citrulline Malate . Or any pre workout ! Hands down . That’s what’s great goes synergistically with any pre-work out pretty much.

    —-Value— The value is very very good for 40 servings. You can get for around 20 $something dollars. And it’s a great brand ( puris labs ) -so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product it’s not a cheap Walmart type brand.

    Side effects , Iwould say there is none that I have noticed ever. What kind of side effects are you going to have from something that actually helps oxygenate your muscle tissue and helps blood through your body at a more efficient rate. Plus the pumps are freaking
    My conclusion of the product is that it is a great blood flow and 02 amplifier, without the stimulants you get the extra reps you get the rush , THE CRAZY PUMPS . It’s overall a great product from a great company is all I can say. And it can be added to anything. I love making my own pre-workouts. I’ll get four or five individual ingredients and make my own pre-workout and this is one of the main staples .

  3. ccoward

    The NO must stand for “NO” – PUMP. Very weak!
    I am 32yrs old and have been working out for last 14 years. I lift 4-5 days a week along with playing basketball once a week. I hear nothing good about Purus Labs and all of their products are reasonably priced. However, i was not impressed by Noxygen. This was my first time trying a pump accelerator along with my pre-workout. Previously, the only pump I would intake is whatever pre-workout i was taking at the time had.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    The label is extremely clear on what you will find in all those clumps. 🙂 But seriously, Noxygen is made up of 740mg of NO3-TMG BLEND, NITRATENE. 2g of carbs, 65mg of sodium, and 2g of sugar alcohol.

    Taste – 10
    It was unflavored, so it there really wasn’t much to taste. Plus, I mixed this with my pre workout and it added no ill taste to my pre workout so i was pleased with that. (Just bc it is unflavored does not mean it taste bad. The creatine mono i take is unflavored as well. I mix it with my protein shake and i can definitely tell when it’s in there or not)

    Mixability – 10
    The mixability was great compared to several pre’s i have tried in the past so no issue there.

    Dosing – 7
    Dosing is 1-2 scoops if mixing with a pre-workout, which is how i took it. It also states to take it 30 minutes prior to your workout, which is normal for the majority of pre workouts on the market. I also take creatine mono daily which is recommended by Purus.

    Effectiveness – 0
    This is where i was let down. I previously took D-Pol by Purus Labs so i was excited to try NOXYGEN as well. I noticed absolutely ZERO, ZILTCH, NOTHING while taking this. I even tried 3 scoops to see if that would help, but nothing still. Maybe i just received a bad batch, but i did not have any of the results others on here have stated. With saying that, each product works differently for different people. So it may work for you.

    Value – 0
    If it had worked, the value would have been great because it was extremely cheap.

    —-Side Effects—-
    Sides – 10
    I had zero side effects to go along with zero effects on my work outs.

    In conclusion, I was very disappointed in this purchase. As i stated above, i previously took D-Pol and was very pleased with it so i was anxious to try NOXYGEN. However, it did nothing for me so I will not be making another purchase. I would try it again if given a free sample, but i will not be spending any money on it. I will look strictly for a pump from my preworkout for the time being.

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