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Premier Protein Shake is a ready-to-drink protein shake made by Premier Protein. It is designed as a quick and convenient way to get extra protein in your diet.

Each 325ml (11 fl. oz) carton contains 160 calories (25 of which are from fat), 3g of fat, 5g of carbohydrates, 1g of sugar and 30g of protein.

The protein in the product comes from a blend of milk protein concentrate and calcium caseinate.

Premier Protein Shake also contains 24 vitamins and minerals for general health, energy and vitality. The product is available in one flavor: “Chocolate”.


1 review for Premier Protein Shake

  1. mjtuf1

    Convenient protein

    I’ve been going to the gym 9+ years, and I’ve made great gains in strength and size over the years. I use whey protein post workout, but I’ve been buying these from Costco the past year or so, mainly to have on the go when I’m at work or traveling.
    I have taken this a few times as post workout protein, but for the most part I don’t like to use this post workout protein as I feel there are better options out there and the whey products that I use are more suited for a post workout protein, so I use this product as more of a convenient on the go protein.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    160 Calories

    3G Fat (1G saturated Fat)

    5G Carbs

    30G Protein

    24 vitamins and minerals

    *See posted picture at bottom for detailed product nutrition label*

    This product doesn’t contain artificial colors, is gluten free, and is soy free.

    This is a Milk protein, which means it is a combination of casein and whey proteins (more casein than whey, and more of a slower digesting protein however)


    This is 1 (11 oz) fluid drink. It’s not refrigerated at Costco, and when you buy it you can either keep it in the fridge to drink cold, or you can keep it out and drink it warm. The Taste is okay, not terrible, I’ve had the Vanilla, Chocolate, and Bananas and cream flavor, and all tasted decent.

    Mixability – You don’t really mix it. just shake it and drink. However, I have to say, I bought several cases of this throughout the past year, and all but 1 were very good – a consistent fluid. 1 Case I bought was just a bad batch, where every drink in it was very chunky, it would be a fluid shake with what tasted like rubber chunks in it. Some of them were just undrinkable. I called the company to report this, and they were very helpful and sent me a refund check for this bad batch.


    I don’t have this daily, and I don’t have it as my post workout drink, but I would consume it while on the go, sometimes I’ll bring it to work in the morning and drink it as part of a quick breakfast. This product is effective for helping me reach my protein intake for the day, and sometimes when having just this in the AM when I’m busy, it helps keep me full and can suffice as a quick and convenient breakfast. This also helps me with vitamin intake.

    Again, not my go to post workout protein, but usually on a day off from the gym and when I’m on the go, this helps me reach my protein intake for the day. Also, the fact that you don’t have to keep it refrigerated and it’s ready to drink, makes it easy to reach my protein for the day if I’m going away for a day or 2, as this is easier to pack.


    The Value here isn’t too good. I bought an 18-pack for $18.99 when it was on sale, but typically this can sell at Costco for as high as $27.99 for an 18-pack. A bit pricey, and again, why it’s better suited as a convenient on the go protein in my opinion.

    —-Side Effects—-

    None to report


    This is a good convenient protein, but not the best post workout protein. It’s a combination of casein and whey proteins, with 24 vitamins and minerals. If on sale it’s $18.99, but regularly priced for $27.99 at Costco (for an 18-pack). For me I can make an 18-pack last about a month or a bit more because I use this for convenience and not as my daily protein supplement.

    If the price is right, and you’re looking for a quick protein to pack when going to work and /or a short trip away, this stuff can suffice. But as your regular source of a post workout supplement, this isn’t the product to go with for that.

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