Premier Nutrition

Premier Nutrition is based in Emeryville, California. Its full name is Premier Nutrition Corporation and it began life in 1999.

The company was acquired by Post Holdings, Inc on September 1, 2013. It is managed as a separate entity from its Missouri-based parent company.

While Premier Nutrition only markets the Premier Protein range under its own name, it also makes and sells the PowerBar, Joint Juice and Supreme Protein.

The first thing the brand’s customers read when they visit the Premier Nutrition site is “we bring good energy to the world”. To realize this vision, the brand states a commitment to “positive nutrition”. In other words, it ensures its products are “nutritious”, “transparent” and “convenient”.

To make its products “nutritious”, the company says it crafts them “with the foundational nutrients that people need to thrive”. And in terms of transparency, Premier Nutrition disavows proprietary blends in favor of supplement facts that make it “easy to understand” what’s in the company’s products.

To ensure its products are more “convenient”, those behind Premier Nutrition strive to make supplements that “fit people’s lives” and help them get “through their days” with greater ease.

In addition, Premier Nutrition says it constantly seeks to “challenge the status quo” and searches for ways to progress and “do it better” than other supplement companies. As part of its commitment to “bringing good energy”, the company is a partner of several charities, including CoachArt, Project Open Hand, and City Slicker Farms.

Premier Nutrition’s parent company, Post Holdings, belongs to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). As a result, it’s committed to increasing the supply of sustainable palm oil. The parent company is also dedicated to maintaining an ethical supply chain. This means vetting everything “from the farms where ingredients are grown” to the ethics of Premier Nutrition’s suppliers.

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