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Zotrim Reviews

Not a Trusted Product!

We have listed this product in our Buyer Beware section mainly due to the manner in which it is marketed and sold.
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We recommend selecting a product from a brand that has a proven track record and honest customer reviews to support their claims.

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Alternative Weight Loss Products
Zotrim is an herbal weight loss supplement that claims to reduce hunger, increase energy, and outperform prescription drugs. Complete with a nicely built website, customer testimonials, and bold promises, anyone would probably think that these pills are something when it comes to weight loss. However, after having a closer look at the product, it turns out that Zotrim can't be trusted a hundred percent for a number of credible reasons.

Over-Optimized Sales Page: Bogus countdown timers

A countdown timer is designed to create a sense of urgency so that the customer doesn't have time to reconsider the decision to purchase. Try refreshing the page or visiting on another day to see for yourself that the countdown timer is completely bogus. Do legitimate online retailers like Amazon ever use gimmicky countdown timers? Absolutely not.

Vastly over-exaggerated product claims

We see some pretty lofty claims from Zotrim that aren't necessarily supported by the science behind the product's ingredients. Be sure to do your own research into the effectiveness of each ingredient on reputable sites like to see if the product is really all that it's cracked up to be. It's very likely that these promises are grossly overstated or even made up entirely.

Large affiliate commission on referred sales

Zotrim offers a commission to affiliates who refer sales of their product. This often leads to a substantial amount of misinformation on Google when you search for the product. Affiliates tend to write fake blog posts with fake reviews that recommend the product just so they can earn a commission.

This product has been manually listed in the Buyer Beware section. We have not used this product, however were able to immediately identify that it shares many characteristics of other suspicious products. If this is your product, please prove us wrong by sending a few containers to our reviewers and getting honest feedback.

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