Isagenix Natural Accelerator Reviews

Isagenix are one of those health companies that make a lot of different products, and this can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how they go about it. The question is, are they spreading resources too thin, or are they using their extensive industry expertise to stay ahead of the game?

Well when it comes to this their weight loss efforts, Natural Accelerator falls short rather dramatically, suggesting perhaps a more focused effort would be more effective. It’s not entirely useless, but it’s not far off, with practices that bring up the ethics of the product in more ways than one. We won’t get too far into it right now but suffice to say we will not be recommending this product to you today, and would instead suggest you spend your time and money on a much more favourable product such as Instant Knockout Cut.

Where Isagenix make claims of efficacy, Instant Knockout Cut delivers, and it does so with a much more ethically sound approach that respects their customers. The isagenix natural accelerator boost to weight loss is a drop in the water compared to what could be achieved with any single one ingredient included in Instant Knockouts dietary supplement.

You’ll see exactly what we mean when we get into more detail, so let’s not delay any further.

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Proprietary Blends – What they are and how to read them

The natural accelerator is a combination or two different proprietary blends, each containing a plethora of natural ingredients that have been formulated to support weight loss.

In this industry, the use of proprietary blends is unfortunately common, and is something we really hate to see in this line of work. Let’s think of the options first, as you could list all of your individual ingredients along with their individual doses, providing the consumer with all of the information they need to decide what will work best for them or you could hide everything behind a proprietary blend and simply tell your customers that your product is what they need.

This is what we were referring to in our introduction when we brought up ethics, as this is in no small way an attempt at subterfuge. Why give the consumer all of the information when we can save a bunch of money, include barely anything useful at all and still sell it to people? It’s something we really hate to see, and hopefully we can keep shining a light on this issue to increase awareness, as this is exactly how people get scammed, damaging the reputation of the entire industry in the process.

There’s one small flicker of hope however, which illuminates this vacuous and unending tirade of deception just enough to see through the lies, and that’s how the labelling or proprietary blends is regulated. How this works is that you don’t have to list the individual dosage of each ingredient, but you do have to list them in order of how much space they take up. That is to say that if you see an ingredient that is useful at the bottom of a blend, there won’t be very much of that in there.

Ingredients Breakdown

Proprietary Blend Sinetrol – 630mg

Taking up the vast majority of the pill here with a disappointing collection of fruit extracts with next to no fat burning at all. We’ll tackle these in the same order they’re listed, so please bare in mind the first in line is the most plentiful, the second is the second most, and so on.

Pomelo Fruit Extract

We found no evidence that Pomelo fruit extract supports weight loss at all, besides one study in mice. This study had the mice eat high fat diets alongside supplementing pomelo fruit extract and the researchers observed a decreases risk of metabolic disorders developing [1].

This shows some promise but considering this study is over a decade old without any successful show that the most reasonable conclusion that can be drawn from this is that pomelo likely has a strong antioxidant effect, rather than being helpful in weight loss.

Grapefruit Fruit Extract

Actually a fair inclusion to any weight loss supplements as, though it’s not exactly the most well researched ingredient, it’s research shows great promise, as one 2006 study we found showed that supplementing grapefruit helped the patient lose upto 1.3kg more than placebo [2].

This had the patients drinking grapefruit juice however, and outlined that the mechanism with which weight loss had occurred wasn’t clear. This is the only human study with any promise first of all, but when the mechanism of weight loss isn’t outlined, how would Igenix know exactly what to extract from the grapefruit in order to have this effect?

We also found a study on rats that supplemented 1g of grapefruit in rats before seeing positive effects, which calls the dose into question too as there’s obviously no way you can fit a gram into a blend that is barely more than half a gram.

Orange Fruit Extract

Another ingredient with great promise that is wasted on the natural accelerator. Now we’re three ingredients in, with two to go, and we have a capacity of 630mg. It’s hard to say for sure exactly how much more of the first two there are than the rest, but the research advocating for orange fruit extract states that 400mg is an effective dosage [3]. With it’s position in third place here, let’s just acknowledge that’s not possible and move swiftly on.

Guarana Seed Extract

Here’s a far more commonly found ingredient, as Guarana is actually quite a popular choice and is in a lot of other supplements. Ofcourse being second to last there’s no way it’s dosed correctly, but it’s always nice to see a familiar face.

Blood Orange Fruit Concentrate

You’ll see a funny bit of attempted deception on the label of natural accelerator, as they’ve listed the latin for every ingredient (I suppose it adds an air of legitimacy to the proceedings), and the latin listed for orange fruit extract is C. Sinensis, and then the latin listed for this entry it Citrus Sinensis. [4]

It’s the same thing again.

With it being some kind of concentrate there’s a slim chance that when combined with the orange fruit extract, you’ll actually get one well-dosed and somewhat clinically backed ingredient. That’d be nice, though we’re sceptical of course.

Metabolism Blend – 57mg

A slight improvement over the previous blend that is immediately tarnished by the absolutely minuscule dosing of everything present.

Lemon Verbene Leaf Extract

There are studies which indicate that when supplemented alongside Hibiscus (see below) that lemon verbene can help support weight loss efforts. It initially seemed we wouldn’t be able to get precise doses but there was one that listed it’s use of metabolaid [5], which is a blend of lemon verbene leaf extract and hibiscus flower extract dosed at 500mg per day [6], meaning an effective dose would not be available in this 57mg blend.

Hibiscus Flower Extract

There are no studies advocating for the use of hibiscus seperate from the ones including Lemon Verbene Leaf Extract.

Black Pepper Extract

Another very common inclusion in dietary supplements across the board. This is because it’s not really one of the active ingredients per se, but instead it increases the bioavailability of all of the other ingredients, increasing their potency.

Unfortunately it’s no miracle worker though, and won’t make up the difference on under-dosing. That being said it is likely that this is dosed correctly, as basically everything above 5mg has been found the be effective.

Cayenne Fruit Extract

Seeing cayenne fruit extract here is like a breath of fresh air… that is immediately followed by microwaved fish in the office. One of the best natural ingredients known in the weight loss world, cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which is responsible for both the kick of the pepper and the weight loss effects.

As warm blooded mammals we regulate our internal temperature through a process known as thermogenesis, which s essentially burning calories in order to produce heat in our muscles. Certain natural compounds, such as capsaicin, are known to amplify this effect, increasing the heat that our muscles generated. As you may have already pieced together, the resulting effect is to boost metabolism by increasing the amount of calories being burned. In simple turns, you boost energy expenditure [7].

It is a very well researched ingredient and as such is found commonly in the absolute best of the best when it comes to weight loss supplements. There better weight loss supplements would likely include around 100mg of cayenne pepper however, and with it being the lowest on the list her it means there’s likely very little here at all.

Insaganex Natural Accelerator Reviews Verdict – Does natural accelerator work?

you see a lot of proprietary blends in this job and unfortunately it’s never a good sign. Insaganex fail to change our minds with their ineffective formula of fruit extracts that mostly seem designed to provide some flase image of health than any actual, meaningful weight loss ingredients. The worst thing is there are ingredients that do both, such as green tea extract that are actually good weight loss ingredients and yet they’ve opted for grapefruit and orange extracts. It’s surprising you don’t see apple cider vinegar extract in this formula for the pseudo-science that permeates throughout.

We would once again like to recommend you spend your time and resources on something that is genuinely scientifically formulated to help with your weight loss efforts, and we can think of none better than Instant Knockout Cut. First of all it’s labelled with full transparency, so you can ever individual ingredient alongside it’s respective dosage, showing a strong faith that their formula will sell itself.

Speaking of that formula, Instant Knockout Cut contains cayenne dosed aptly at 100mg, alongside caffeine to provide a massive boost to metabolic rate thanks to the strong effects in thermogenesis these both have, and then pairs this alongside the strongest ingredient for appetite control with Glucomannan, which is clinically observed to reduce weight [6].

Pair all of this alongside specialised ingredients such as green tea extract and L-Theanine and you have an incredible formula that is designed to actually help you lose weight.

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