Old School Labs Vintage Burn Review

Old School Labs has designed Vintage Burn as a weight loss supplement aimed specifically at athletes. The purpose of this weight loss supplement is to retain lean muscle mass while burning fat. Next to Vintage Burn, Old School Labs also produce several other supplements, most of which are aimed at helping people with weight loss.

Vintage Burn can easily fit into most people’s diets. It is plant based and therefore vegan friendly. On top of that, it can also fit into a keto diet. The company claims that you can lose weight naturally while preserving lean muscle with their fat burner Vintage Burn.

The promises of Vintage Burn sound good when you hear them. However, one of the drawbacks of this weight loss supplement is the validity of these claims. Many ingredients in Vintage Burn claim an impact that has not been proven by clinical studies.

Does this supplement help you burn fat?

Vintage burn is a weight loss supplement that focuses on burning fat while preserving muscle mass. While there are definitely supplements in this fat burner that can help you lose weight the results don’t seem to be as good as the company claims. Some of the ingredients that are included in Vintage Burn are claimed by old school labs to have great effects but aren’t supported by clinical studies.

We think Vintage Burn could help someone lose weight to some extent. However, this fat burner does not seem to be as effective as Old School Labs would like to claim. Especially the fact that Vintage Burn includes a lot of ingredients that are not backed by scientific evidence reduces our excitement for this fat burner.

A thermogenic fat burner aimed at preserving muscle

You need to keep exercising while sticking to a diet with a caloric deficit if you want to burn fat and at the same time preserve muscle mass. One important thing is to keep your energy levels high. This way you have enough energy to keep working out. Vintage Burn contains caffeine for an energy boost. If you want to boost your pre workout energy you can take Vintage Burn before you exercise.

It is necessary to eat enough nutrients that help repair your muscle mass and reduce your fatigue if you want to build muscle while losing weight. Vintage Burn does not contain vitamin B6, vitamin B12 or vitamin D as active ingredients. This makes it more difficult to keep exercising and building muscle mass.

These essential vitamins reduce the fatigue you feel during and after working out and help repair your muscle mass after you are done exercising. These important aspects are missing from the fat burner produced by Old School Labs.

Vintage Burn Review: Ingredients

Vintage Burn only includes hand selected ingredients of premium quality according to Old School Labs. They hope to keep their fat burner effective, safe and natural by doing this. The fat burner Vintage Burn has also been approved by the FDA

One of the good things about Vintage Burn is that it does not use proprietary blends. All the ingredients in Vintage Burn are listed on the label. This means you can see exactly how much this fat burner contains of each ingredient.

Green tea leaf extract

One of the best ingredients you can include in a fat burner is green tea leaf extract. Green tea leaf extract is a very popular ingredient that you can find in most weight loss supplements. Your metabolic rate is raised by green tea extract. By raising your metabolic rate green tea extract can make you burn fat faster.

Green coffee bean extract

Green coffee bean extract is also a very common ingredient in fat burners. Many weight loss supplements use green coffee beans. The reason why green coffee bean extract is so popular is that fat burning supplements that use it claim it can help reduce the ability of your body to absorb fat. Furthermore, green coffee beans are claimed to reduce the capacity for fat storage.

Of course, these qualities would make green coffee bean extract a great supplement. Unfortunately, these claims about the impact of green coffee bean extract on fat storage and absorption are not backed up by clinical studies. Green coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acid, however. Chlorogenic acid can boost your mental focus.

Raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketones are not a popular ingredient in fat burners. Even though it is rare to see raspberry ketones included in a weight loss supplement it does seem to be an ingredient of good quality. Firstly, raspberry ketones can give a boost to your energy levels. Furthermore, raspberry ketones speed up your metabolism which makes it a great fat burner. Finally, it can aid to suppress appetite. Which is essential for weight loss.

Olive leaf extract

Olive leaf extract can increase your resistance to inflammation and function as an antioxidant. As a result, olive leaf extract can lower your blood pressure. While these are good things for your overall health it does not make this a great supplement for weight loss.

Old school labs claim that olive leaf extract can increase muscle recovery. Unfortunately, there are no scientific studies with which they can support this claim. So we can’t be sure if olive leaf extract actually helps with this or not.


Caffeine is one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss supplements. As most people know caffeine gives you an energy boost. Getting this in to increase your pre workout energy is a great way to increase the impact of your exercises. But it does much more than just that.

Caffeine raises your thermogenesis which causes your metabolism to increase. This makes it an excellent fat burner. It also helps to suppress appetite. This is essential for weight loss. Making sure you have a caloric deficit is necessary to lose weight. Caffeine helps with mental focus too. This can help you focus while working out.

Bacopa leaf extract

Bacopa leaf extract is mostly used to reduce anxiety. Besides that, it is claimed to increase mental focus as well. These are good things for your mental health but not the most important things for a fat burner.

On top of these effects, Old School Labs claim that bacopa leaf extract helps you maintain your metabolic rate. If this were the case it would mean it helps to burn fat. Once again these claims are not supported by any clinical studies. So we do not know whether bacopa leaf extract is truly impactful in this regard.

Garcinia fruit extract

Garcinia fruit extract raises your metabolism and in this way burns fat. This supplement also blocks fat production in your body. On top of that garcinia fruit extract helps to suppress appetite. These qualities make it an amazing inclusion in a fat burning supplement.


Chrysin is a supplement that burns fat by letting your metabolism running optimally. This makes sure you can lose weight while preserving lean muscle mass. It is a good ingredient for a fat burner.

Forskohlii root extract

Forskohlii root extract is a supplement that is increasing in popularity. More and more weight loss supplements are including this root extract in powder mixtures. It has been proven by clinical studies that forskohlii root extract can stimulate the release of stored fats from fat cells.

But only releasing stored fat from fat cells is not enough if you want to lose weight. Unfortunately, the amount of forskohlii root extract is very low in Vintage Burn. They include only 60 mg of this root extract per serving. It is usually advised to use 200 to 500 mg per serving to be truly effective.

Vintage Burn Review: Conclusion

Vintage Burn sounds like a great fat burner when you first hear about it. The main issue with this fat burner is that many ingredients in Vintage Burn are included based on claims which have not been substantiated by scientific evidence. So you can’t be sure of the actual impact of this weight loss supplement.

You can find better weight loss supplements than Vintage Burn. There are supplements on the market which use ingredients whose claims are backed by clinical studies, such as Instant Knockout Cut. We advise trying one of these supplements instead of Vintage Burn.

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