Genius Mushrooms Review

Genius Mushrooms is a mushroom supplement designed by the Genius brand and made with a selection of organic mushrooms grown in the USA. It is intended to enhance mental clarity, immune health, natural energy production, oxygen utilization and overall brain health.

Unfortunately, when you examine the Genius Mushrooms ingredients, their doses, and the effects Genius Mushrooms has produced in past users, it is apparent that this mushroom supplement isn’t the miracle product the Genius brand claims it to be.

In the following Genius Mushrooms review, we will show you exactly why that is.

Genius Mushrooms Review

Genius Mushrooms is primarily made using a blend of three organic mushrooms. It has organic lion’s mane mushrooms, organic cordyceps mushrooms, and organic reishi mushrooms. It then also has hypromellose and ascorbyl palmitate in its “other ingredients” section.

The cordyceps mushroom and reishi mushroom have both been widely used for centuries in traditional chinese medicine. However, there is no conclusive proof that either actually works.

Worse still, even the studies that say they do work recommend taking doses higher than those used in Genius Mushrooms. This means two thirds of the mushroom blend is almost guaranteed to be of no use.

Lion’s mane is the only one of the three mushrooms that actually has evidence to back up its claims, and it is even used in an effective dose.

However, as it only amounts to roughly one third of the formula, it won’t have nearly the kind of positive effect it would when taken in a more well-rounded dietary supplement. This is especially true as none of the “other ingredients” add any extra health benefits of their own.

Throw in issues like big capsules that are hard to swallow, an overly large serving size, and numerous reports of side effects, which vary in both nature and severity, and there is just no real reason to take Genius Mushrooms, aside from its reasonable price tag.

Instead, why not try Hunter Focus? An immune system support and brain and heart health boosting supplement that actually does what the Genius brand claims Genius Mushrooms does and then some, with no side effects, it is a product that is simply superior in every way.

Genius Mushrooms Ingredients

Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms – 500 MG

Cordyceps mushrooms are a type of parasitic fungus native to Asia that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. They are claimed to benefit your health in many ways, including combatting diseases and boosting brain functions.

They are said to reduce inflammation and the signs of aging, boost heart health and physical performance, stimulate brain cell growth and testicle function, and help treat coughs, diabetes, diarrhoea, headaches, liver and kidney diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and tumours.

There are two major issues with the use of the cordyceps mushroom in Genius Mushrooms though.

First, there is little conclusive evidence to prove any of its claims. Second, even the studies that do suggest it is effective claim 1,000 to 3,000 mg must be taken every day in order to produce its effects (1).

The combination of these two things means that the 500 mg of cordyceps mushroom extract every serving of Genius Mushrooms contains is highly likely to be of absolutely no use.

Organic Reishi Mushrooms – 500 MG

Reishi mushrooms come from the ganoderma family and are a type of a polypore fungus.

Found primarily in east Asia, the reishi mushroom has been used in traditional chinese medicine for decades, and has slowly grown to be used in Japan, Korea, and even western countries as well.

The most frequently touted benefits of the reishi mushroom revolve around its purported effects on the immune system. It is said it can either reduce or boost immune function, depending on the situation, to ensure you always have optimal immune health.

Other benefits linked to reishi mushrooms say it can also relive stress, lower blood sugar levels, provide mood enhancement, and even treat metabolic syndrome and some other chronic illnesses (2).

The research into reishi mushrooms has not yet conclusively proven all of these effects, but the results are promising. What is not promising, however, is the dose the Genius brand used.

The optimal daily dose of reishi mushroom extract varies depending on the type you use, but the absolute lowest useful dose of any type is 1.44 grams.

As Genius Mushrooms contains just 500 mg of reishi mushroom extract per serving, it is therefore too low to be of use, regardless of what type is present.

Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom – 500 MG

Lion’s mane mushrooms are a tooth fungus found throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. They are incredibly popular in both culinary and medical circles, due to their distinctive taste and texture and the wide range of health benefits that they can offer.

The lion’s mane mushroom is capable of helping people attain both optimal cognitive function and a healthy immune system.

It can aid cognitive performance, boost brain cell growth and blood flow to the brain cells, stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF), stop age related mental decline, improve memory, focus, and concentration, reduce inflammation, and provide various other immune benefits (3).

Lion’s mane mushroom extract is also the only one of the three mushrooms in Genius Mushrooms present in a dosage seen in top mushroom supplements.

The issue is, lion’s mane mushroom isn’t a miracle substance that will change your life on its own. That is why it is better to not buy Genius Mushrooms and turn instead to supplements that combine lion’s mane mushrooms with other proven ingredients, like Hunter Focus does.

Other Ingredients

The other ingredients in Genius Mushrooms are hypromellose and ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin c).

Hypromellose is exclusively used to make the vegetable capsule the mushroom supplement is contained in and doesn’t offer any additional benefits (4).

Vitamin c is an essential, water soluble vitamin that is one of the primary building blocks of collagen.

It’s vital for making neurotransmitters and brain tissues, repairing damage, maintaining joints and cartilage, aiding joint mobility and flexibility, boosting bone, muscle, and tooth strength, improving nutrient absorption, and enhancing immune functions and preventing diseases.

Unfortunately, you have to take a minimum of 2,000 mg of vitamin c each day to see any benefit from it (5). As it is hidden in the “other ingredients” section with no listed dosage, it’s virtually assured that not enough will be present to be of any use.

Genius Mushrooms Reviews By Customers: Do Users Find It Improves Their Mental Clarity?

Genius Mushrooms reviews by people who have decided to buy Genius Mushrooms in the past look quite positive on the surface, and it has a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

Positive Genius Mushrooms reviews focus on it offering a small reduction in anxiety and brain fog and being able to slightly improve memory, mental clarity, and natural energy levels, while not causing crashes like you get with caffeine.

All of these are linked to lion’s mane mushrooms.

The negative Genius Mushrooms review section, however, paints a very different, much darker picture.

Issues like seeing no benefits or the large capsules and servings that made taking Genius Mushrooms difficult are all obviously problematic. The biggest issue by far though, is the side effects Genius Mushrooms is capable of producing.

Intestinal cramps, irregular bowel movements, lethargy, nausea, depression, dysphoria, pain in the extremities, dizziness, irritability, panic attacks, joint pain, impaired liver health, stomach pain, brittle fingernails, and insomnia have all been reported when taking Genius Mushrooms.

Rather than take Genius Mushrooms, safe mushroom supplements, like Hunter Focus, will allow you to boost your immune system and cognitive health, without putting yourself at risk.

Genius Mushrooms Review Pros & Cons


  • Reasonably priced
  • Contains enough lion’s mane mushrooms to slightly boost energy levels naturally and offer some mild cognitive benefits


  • Many of the ingredients Genius Mushrooms contains are unproven
  • The Genius Mushrooms dosage is off on almost all of the ingredients
  • Severe and abundant Genius Mushrooms side effects have been reported by many users
  • There have been complaints about the Genius Mushrooms capsule and serving sizes

Genius Mushrooms Review Conclusion: How Does The Genius Brand Product Compare With Other Mushroom Supplements?

Medicinal mushrooms can be used to boost both immune and cognitive health. Unfortunately, the medicinal mushroom formulation the Genius brand have created just doesn’t contain the ingredients or dosages required to make Genius Mushrooms work or compare to the top mushroom supplements.

Lion’s mane mushrooms may well be great immune and cognitive function boosters, but they aren’t going to change your life on their own. From the unproven ingredients and low dosages to the Genius Mushrooms side effects, we have to suggest you avoid taking Genius Mushrooms.

Instead, we recommend you give Hunter Focus a go. A brain function, concentration and focus enhancer that uses only optimal doses of proven ingredients like lion’s mane mushrooms, it will actually boost both your immune and brain health, without putting you at risk like the Genius Mushrooms mushroom blend does.



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