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How information is presented can tell you a lot about a persons intentions, and with Forebrain it’s unfortunate to find that a lot of the useful information that can tell us how effective a nootropic is, is instead presented through the subterfuge known as proprietary blends.

It’s worth keeping in mind that without knowing the precise dosing that we’re unable to say for sure whether or not each ingredient will be effective, though giving credit where it’s due it seems likely that Forebrain should have some positive effects as the inclusion of Bacopa monnieri extract is assumably effectively dosed.

It’s not enough however, as despite it’s cheap price Force Factor Forebrain has little else going for it and as a result of this we instead recommend Hunter Focus. With it’s effective nootropic formula that is transparent as it could be, you know what you’re paying for and have all the information available to corroborate the claims made. Hunter Focus can be purchased via

Force Factor Forebrain FAQ

Is it safe?

Though those with a sensitivity with caffeine might suffer some adverse effects, for the majority of us Forebrain should be completely safe for consumption with little worry of adverse effects. If you do experience any side effects we recommend you discontinue use and discuss it with a medical professional

Where can I buy Forebrain?

You can purchase forebrain directly from force factor here

It’s also available at a number of online vendors, including Amazon.

Customers Force Factor Forebrain Reviews


The customer reception for Forebrain is overall positive on Amazon, though it’s not exactly an industry secret that companies can quite easily flood their product pages with fake positive reviews. When looking at the complaints made it seems to be a combination of people simply complaining that there was little effect and people complaining that their orders either did not arrive or were incorrect.

Host site

On the force factor website again the response is overall positive but with this being the companies own website, the ease at which they could flood in fake positive reviews is even greater. The complaints that are present are similar however, with people either complaining about a lock of effect or issues with dispatch/ customer service

Force Factor Forebrain Ingredients

Forebrain is a formula of three proprietary blends, and proprietary blends such as these are a marketing tool that helps to take the attention away from the individual ingredients, allowing for a bit of smoke and mirrors to be played in terms of how much of each ingredient is used. In these circumstances an uncomfortable amount of guess work and assumptions are needed to draw any sort of conclusions about the effectiveness of the supplement. It’s somewhat common in other nootropic supplements and is almost always a big red flag.

As said there are three proprietary blends in use here, namely: MemorySafe, Thinkup Advanced and BioBrain+. Let’s take a deeper look into whether or not these will have any sort of nootropic effects.

MemorySafe 550mg

A combination of one of the most popular ingredients in nootropic supplements and a fairly odd inclusion

Bacopa Monnieri Extract

Also know as the water hyssop, Bacopa monnieri has a lot of research confirming it’s ability to increase cognitive performance and although it doesn’t come with the strongest effects in this area, it’s added benefit of helping to reduce stress and anxiety have made it a staple in a lot of different supplements. The dosage here is actually likely spot on, as an effective dose would require around 300mg of the stuff. This is likely to improve optimal brain function, with focus and memory being enhanced as well as the aforementioned reduction in anxiety or stress.

Grape extract

There is some mild neuro-protective properties seen in grape extract and an effective dose is around 200-300mg. Now these neuro-protective effects are a positive but don’t offer much in the way of improving your brain function in the day to day. You can also extract resveratrol from grape skin, which helps promote cognitive performance much more effectively that the seed extract we find in Forebrain. With all that considered, it seems a wasted opportunity and we’re left scratching our heads as to why they didn’t go for the more effective option here.

Thinkup Advanced 65mg


Caffeine is well documented to help people focus on singular tasks for longer periods, boosting overall productivity and being a popular way to wake up all across the globe. However the boost provided is short term and as much as it can help you focus, it’s a bit of a one trick pony and ofcourse many of us are quite sensitive to the stuff, leading to adverse effects such as shakes, palpitations and sweating.

An effective dose of caffeine is highly dependent on height and body weight, but for the majority of us 40 mg would likely have some effect on our ability to focus. With the 65mg available within this blend we think this is absolutely achievable, and believe it’s highly likely an effective dose has been used.


A fairly odd choice in the same vein as the Grape extract we saw prior, as Vincamine is currently being studied for its neuro-protective qualities. Now it’s important that we consider that protecting our brain health is highly important to retaining our mental fitness, so including one or two ingredients that can help protect your neurotransmitter activity in the long run is certainly a good call. That being the case we would do well to remember the clinical studies on vincamine are as a treatment for alzheimer’s disease, not as a way to improve memory, focus or any other aspect of cognition so it’s inclusion here is questionable.

An effective dose of vincamine is around 15mg, so we would expect it would fit in well and hope that they have dosed this correctly as well.

Toothed clubmoss

This is where this blend seems a little over stuffed. With just 65mg of the stuff, there’s no way toothed clubmoss will fit an effective dosage in. Tests would normally start with around 100mg dosed, and as such it simply won’t fit within the blend. We would hope that instead of splitting the ingredients dosing evenly they instead effectively dosed what they could and just squeezed in some mg of toothed clubmoss for another ingredient on the list as it can be an effective ingredient. Now the issues of these proprietary blends really show up, as there’s just simply not the information required to make any sort of statement on the matter; We can only give our best guess and move onwards.

BioBrain+ 5mg

The best kind of blend, the kind in which there’s precisely zero blending done. Biobrain+ is comprised of a sole ingredient,


An inclusion that’s usually quite a welcome one, as it can help to increase the bioavailability of the ingredients at hand and in doing so, increases their effectiveness. The thing is, the ingredients involved in Forebrain are simple enough for our bodies to have no trouble absorbing. In supplements with a larger cast of ingredients you’d find us celebrating it’s inclusion but here we just don’t see the point.

Going back to the first thing mentioned in this review, in how the way information is presented can say a lot about a persons intentions. Bioperine simply has no nootropic effect to speak of, and yet it’s a part of it’s own little blend called BioBrain+, which isn’t exactly a forthright way of getting that information across to the consumers.


To summarise our thoughts here, this supplement has little going for it as a nootropic. Some good ingredients are here and we can surmise that they’re likely properly dosed, we just can’t say for sure and the unfortunate truth here is that there’s simply better on the market. If you’re really looking to get a boost to cognition performance and are really set on getting something for the best price then maybe it’s worth trying, but we believe it’s really the best bet to just go for what’s the best for the money, and for us that Hunter focus, which is available here

No smoke and mirrors, no blends to disguise any dosage, Hunter Focus provides a transparent list of effective and clinically tested ingredients that should help improve mood, concentration and overall cognitive performance.

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