Brain Wyse Neuro Plus Review

Brain Wyse Neuro Plus is a cognitive enhancement supplement made by the brand Kivus. They claim it can enhance memory, increase focus, improve mental clarity, and support brain function.

However, even the slightest analysis of the product will reveal that these lofty claims are about as far from reality as can be. In the following review of Brain Wyse Neuro Plus, we will show you in detail exactly why this is.

Brain Wyse Neuro Plus Reviews

The red flags are visible as soon as you look at the bottle, as clear spelling mistakes show this isn’t a high quality product with any form of quality control. Things then only get worse when you start to read the information written on the bottle.

The Brain Wyse Neuro Plus formula consists of ginkgo leaf extract, neuro thing coffee fruit extract, phosphatidylserine, Yamada bee farm propolis, turmeric, and gotu kola.

Ginkgo leaf extract and turmeric have both been proven to be beneficial for the brain. However, as Brain Wyse Neuro Plus doesn’t list any of its ingredient dosages (another red flag), it is impossible to tell if enough is present to be of any use.

They are then aided by compounds with only hyperbolic claims to support their inclusion, rather than any hard evidence. Even then, many are only said to work in very specific circumstances, which makes them of no benefit to the majority of people.

If being an ineffective product wasn’t bad enough, things only get worse when you discover problems like the product causing side effects, the company signing you up to subscriptions you didn’t know about, or their website infecting your device.

If our review hasn’t made it clear enough, you should avoid Brain Wyse Neuro Plus at all costs.

You would be far better off in every way using an effective cognitive enhancer made with a proven formula by a trustworthy brand instead, such as Hunter Focus.

Brain Wyse Neuro Plus Ingredients

Ginkgo Leaf Extract

Ginkgo leaf extract is obtained from the leaves of the ginkgo biloba or maidenhair tree, which is native to China. Used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, it is said to be rich in a variety of both antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

They claim it can improve the health and function of the brain, eyes, and heart, resulting in better vision, circulation, recall, blood flow to the brain, and mental clarity, concentration, and performance, while preventing oxidative stress and neurotoxic effects (1).

There are a couple of issues though. Firstly, ginkgo leaf extract has been shown to work much better in older people than it does in the young. Then there is the fact that Brain Wyse Neuro Peak doesn’t disclose how much they have actually put in their product.

This combination of issues is a big problem, as it means there is no way to determine how much use the ginkgo leaf extract will be here, if any at all.

Neuro Thing Coffee Fruit Extract

Coffee fruit extract comes from the fruits on the coffee plant that are known as both coffee berries and coffee cherries. Believed to be high in antioxidants, minerals, and chlorogenic acid, it is said to be able to improve brain health, while not containing caffeine like coffee beans do.

Studies are currently being conducted to assess claims that it can fight free radicals, prevent oxidative damage, mental decline, damage to brain cells, and diseases like dementia, improve brain function, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, boost the immune system, enhance weight loss, and limit the impact of aging (2).

The problem is, all of these studies require more time before any of their results are conclusive. This means including coffee fruit extract in a product like Brain Wyse Neuro Peak may serve no purpose at all.


Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid, a type of fatty acid found in cell membranes, that is vital for optimal brain functions. It is intended to offer benefits like improving memory, preventing cognitive decline, enhancing brain functions, and reducing stress levels.

However, most research suggests that its ability to assist brain performance is only present in elderly people. Other research even shows that most healthy adults will already get enough phosphatidylserine in their diet anyway, so putting it in Brain Wyse Neuro Plus is pointless (3).

Yamada Bee Farm Propolis

Propolis is a waxy product made by bees during the honey making process. It is known to have a number of useful properties, including being antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimycotic (4).

A number of studies have been conducted that show it is capable of offering benefits like improving gut, colon, and stomach health, regulating cholesterol levels, treating allergies and infections, healing wounds, boosting testosterone levels, and improving memory and cognitive functions.

The issue is, these results have only been demonstrated in specific conditions, such as in the elderly or with injectable propolis and, even then, far more evidence is required before the results are conclusive.

This makes it yet another Brain Wyse Neuro Plus ingredient that relies heavily on hyperbole and hope and may serve absolutely no real purpose in the product.


Turmeric is a supplement extracted from the roots of a plant in the ginger family called the curcuma longa. It has been widely used as both a spice and herbal remedy in Asia for centuries as it contains curcumin, a substance proven to be a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

It can neutralise free radicals, preventing and reducing oxidative damage and inflammation. This will protect the cartilage, joints, and organs from degrading, and is especially beneficial for brain health, as it will prevent mental decline and the loss of memory and cognitive functions (5).

Unfortunately, curcumin only has any real effect when you take 1,500 mg each day. As Brain Wyse Neuro Plus doesn’t provide any information on ingredient doses, we can’t tell if it has enough to perform these functions, although its position at the bottom of the ingredient list makes it highly unlikely.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kolta is a pennywort plant often used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines. It is said to improve cognitive, cardiovascular, and immune functions, promote wound healing, and treat anxiety and rheumatism.

Unfortunately, all of the studies on its cognitive benefits have been done on rats, and there is no proof that they can be transferred to humans (6). This makes it yet another item on the Brain Wyse Neuro Plus ingredient list that has a high chance of doing no good at all.

Brain Wyse Neuro Plus Reviews By Customers

Customer reviews of Brain Wyse Neuro Plus are middling, and it currently holds a 3.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

All of the positive reviews state that the product did help them to focus better, although this was really the only nice thing anyone had to say about it.

On the flip side, the negative reviews covered a number of points. Many said that Brain Wyse Neuro Plus simply did nothing for them, while others mentioned experiencing side effects, most notably extreme itching.

However, the most common complaint was with the company, rather than the item itself. Many people reported that even when purchasing a single bottle, they were signed up to an expensive subscription.

This appears to be a clause hidden in the small print, regardless of how many bottles you have in your cart. At best this makes the company extremely deceptive and, at worst, makes the whole thing look like a complete scam.

While writing this article, I personally also experienced a number of problems with the company’s website and had my security software constantly flagging up adware.

When you combine all this with the overall ineffectiveness of Brain Wyse Neuro Plus, it simply isn’t worth taking the risk.

Brain Wyse Neuro Plus Pros & Cons


  • Contains a couple of effective ingredients
  • Very cheap


  • Much of the formula has not been proven to be effective
  • All the ingredient dosages are hidden
  • Many users report seeing no benefits or experiencing side effects like itching
  • Many customers report being enrolled in an expensive scheme they didn’t sign up to
  • The company’s website may put your device at risk of adware

Final Thoughts On Our Brain Wyse Neuro Plus Reviews

Brain Wyse Neuro Plus is the sort of supplement that gives the industry a bad name and should be avoided at all costs.

Its formula is full of things that haven’t been proven to be effective, while including just enough recognisable compounds to draw people in. Throw in side effects, hidden subscription fees, and a potentially harmful website, and there is simply nothing to like about it.

Those seeking cognitive enhancement should instead try Hunter Focus. A supplement that is proven to be effective and made by a reputable brand, it removes all of the risks associated with Brain Wyse Neuro Plus, while providing all of the benefits you wanted in the first place.



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