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Isoject is a whey protein powder. It is manufactured by Evogen and was created to promote “growth and repair”.

A single 32g serving (one scoop) contains 25g of protein, which is derived from whey protein isolate. This is cold-processed, which – in theory – could mean it retains more of its natural nutrients than it would if it were heat-processed.

One portion also provides 1g of total fat and 3g of total carbohydrates.

The product is sold – or has been sold – in eight flavors: ”Pumpkin Spice”, “Chocolate Peanut Butter”, “Chocolate”, “Vanilla Bean”, “Mocha Evoccino”, “Strawberry Smoothie”, “Stroopwafel” and “Orange Cream Pop”.

Each 894g tub of Isoject holds 28 servings.


1 review for IsoJect

  1. DaSlaya

    I want to Isoject this into my veins, this protein is amazing!
    38 years old and I lift 4 days a week. I recieved a tub of Isoject from Evogen from Tommy and Clipper as a bounty reward, so a big thank you to them and SR for making that possible and having such an awesome program in place. I take in quite a bit of protein daily to hit my macros, as i weigh in at 240 pounds, so having a protein powder around that I find enjoyable is a must! I had never heard of Evogen prior to taking this, so lets see how this first impression went.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Each 30g scoop nets you 110 calories, 2g Carbs, and 25g Protein. Pretty standard isolate profile here. This does not necessarily break down the different types of protein in here like you would find in other brands, but it appears that its all Cold-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate. According to the company they utilize a triple cold filtered whey isolate which preserves the quality of the whey isolate. Either way they did a nice job here.

    I have included the typical amino acid breakdown you can expect from this protein and their label as well. This does include Soy and Milk so if you are allergic to any of these be advised. As I said standard profile that can meet anyone’s macro goals.

    [u]Taste:[/u] I got the Cinnamon Roll flavor, and dare I say this was the best tasting protein I have ever had. Dymatize‘s Elite Whey Cinnamon Roll is a close second, so if you have had that you can expect this one to taste even better. This truly tasted like a cinnamon roll and was like a treat every time I had this. I never got tired of the flavor nor was it too sweet. I mixed it with water and milk, and it actually tastes better with water surprisingly, but fine either way.

    [u]Mixability:[/u] This powder was pretty fine so it mixed up very well. No issues here at all, one of the easiest mixing protein powders I have seen to date. I always use a shake with about 8-10oz of water, so keep that in mind.

    [u]Dosing:[/u] I typically dose my protein 1 scoop before my workout, since I workout first thing in the morning and do not want to do it on a completely empty stomach, and 1 scoop post workout. The label has directions broken down my male or female, and goals, so if you were unsure how to dose this that is an added benefit for ease of use. End of the day protein should be dosed as needed to SUPPLEMENT your diet, not be your only source of protein (thats what real food is for people). Okay, soap box complete on that.

    So I judge my protein based off digestibility, and if it filled me up or not. I am not going to do some wazoo claim here and say I gained 10 pounds of muscle on 28 scoops of this stuff, because that is just ridiculous. This digested very easily for me, and I never noticed any bloating or any “rock in the bottom of my stomach” feeling. As far as keeping me full, I say it kept me full for around 30-60 minutes easily, I mean this is an isolate after all. That is usually my goal for my post workout since its about 60-120 minutes before I get a chance to eat breakfast, so it keeps me going in the mornings without being hungry. Recovery wise is hard to say as I always take a BCAA or other recovery supps, but I am sure it didn’t hurt. Overall I felt this was an effective protein powder for what I needed it for.

    Across the board you can grab this for $44.95 from Evogens website, I’ll Pump you Up, or They also have a natural version of this that is a little cheaper if you are looking for something without the artificial sweeteners. That price gives you 28 scoops which nets you $1.61 per scoop which yeah is pretty expensive when compared to other isolates. I am not going to slam value too much here because you are getting cold filtered Whey, so high quality, combined with how effective and enjoyable it was raises its value in my opinion.

    —-Side Effects—-
    None at all.

    I must say that this is probably the best digested and tasting protein powder I have had to date. I was very impressed with running this one. While I do not have any quantitative results to give you on weight gain, I can say that this did aid me in meeting my protein macro daily goals and got the job done pre and post workout. It is a little more expensive compared to its competition, but with how much I enjoyed it I would say its worth the price. I highly recommend this product, and this has inspired me to start looking into other Evogen products and learning more about the company, well done Evogen!

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