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M-Test is a natural testosterone booster made by Competitive Edge Labs. It is intended to support “lean muscle, strength, fat loss”, “sex drive”, “well-being” and “general health”.

The testosterone booster features seven ingredients. The manufacturer calls fadogia agrestris a “male aphrodisiac” that could allow men to “last longer in bed”, while Urtica dioca (stinging nettle) is said to boost free testosterone.

Ashwagandha (as KSM-66®) is thought to be an adaptogen that may lower stress and improve sperm quality. In addition, Eurycoma longifolia may help increase lean muscle in both “young and middle-aged males”.

Each bottle of M-Test holds 180 capsules (30 servings).


4 reviews for M-TEST

  1. Clipper83

    Solid profile, decent results, maybe worth it.
    At the tender age of 27, my life has been pretty hectic for the past year. My energy levels feel like they have been taken away from me due to my long commute(160 miles daily), girlfriend to entertain, late night gym sessions, cooking, etc.

    Usually, I wouldn’t consider many test boosting supplements because I feel a lot of them aren’t worth the money, yet for some reason, M-Test caught my eye. The profile looked well dosed, and I thought it may help with overall drive and anxiety levels.

    Ingredient Profile

    The one ingredient I was looking forward to was the KSM-66. Ashwaganda is well known for its ability to reduce anxiety levels. I’m a big fan of herbs that reduce cortisol levels, and while I like Holy Basil, I felt it was time to try a product with ashwaganda in it. I also like the stinging nettle in M-Test. Stinging nettle and DHT levels/prostate health… just look it up.

    Along with those 2, you find some tongkat ali, boron, shilajit, mucuna(good!), and also something I have never heard of called Fadogia. Never heard of the last one, so I can’t comment on it tbh. I like the mucuna, as I have had success with it in the past.

    A big plus is that there are no prop blends, and everything is well dosed. Respect!


    3 pills, twice a day. I personally have no problem taking pills, years of Animal Pak along with various other supplements are now just part of my daily routine. Some may not be as forgiving. They are easy to swallow caps, but I know plenty of people who have problems swallowing chewable aspirin pills, so be warned.


    Off the bat, the first thing I noticed was the reduced anxiety. My caffeine intake is very high, which usually drives my anxiety up. While on M-Test, I had a noticeable reduction in overall anxiety and stress.

    I may have noticed an increased drive to lift as well. Can’t give M-test all of the credit, but I’m sure it had a bit to do with it. Got more done at work, kept my apartment cleaner, and had no problem staying up late to make sure I had healthy meals cooked.

    I didn’t notice much in terms of libido, but I don’t have much of a problem there as it is, so I won’t comment on it.

    Overall, if you want a real testosterone boost, look for something else, but if you just want to feel better overall, this may do it.


    While prices vary, I found M-test for around $30 on sale. This may be worth a try, especially for our older members. Personally, I don’t think I would buy this myself, but I’m sure there are people on here that would benefit from this.

    Side Effects



    While this may not be a product for me overall, I would recommend it for some simply due to the solid dosing of some ingredients, good choices of herbs, ability to reduce anxiety and cortisol levels, and prostate health from the stinging nettle. Some younger guys may want to avoid this however.

  2. Isplisgardt

    It worked decently well, but knowing CELs past, I was hoping for more

    A big thank you to CEL for letting me try their test booster M-Test. I was pretty excited to give it a go knowing CELs past and they types of product they used to mess around with. This isnt that type of product but given history I was hoping that this would be in the top tier of natural test boosters.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    The ingredient profile is pretty solid. A lot of stuff that I havent tried before and that I had to look up but when you look at what each ingredient is supposed to do the combo of all the ingredients compliment each other nicely. It had Mucana Purines in it which is one of my more preferred ingredients in a product like this. Stinging Nettle and Boron Citrate are also two ingredients I am familiar with and have responded well to in the past. Its a well put together and pretty solid mix.


    3 pills twice daily for a total of 6 pills a day. Its a lot of pills and Im not usually a fan of split dosing but with half lives and everything i get the split dosage. Its not a deal breaker but Im a bigger fan of 3 pills once a day


    Now for the most important part of any product review. Ive tried many different test boosters, all a little bit different. This one ran middle of the pack for me in just about every aspect. When it comes to strength gains there was a little boost there. I felt stronger in my workouts and I had the arrogance to go ahead and try and push myself. I havent lost any of the strength gains I made either so I wont complain about that. Libido boost slight but noticeable. Not a bad thing but Im already as horny as a rabbit this just made it a little bit worse. I definitely leaned out a bit while taking this product. Shoulders and back were looking a lot more toned up. The biggest effect this product had on me was my energy levels throughout the day. Being a college student I find myself drained and constantly tired and lacking energy, lethargic. This product fixed that up pretty well. I felt like I had energy to go throughout my day and rarely did I find myself in a lethargic state so two thumbs up in that category.


    29.99 a bottle, thats actually in my mind a pretty fair price for what you get. The price point is fair and I would possible consider buying it again at that price point.

    —-Side Effects—-

    Above averge breakouts on my upper back and shoulders as to be expected


    Overall its a decent product. It does everything average with the exception of the above average increase in energy. Its at a fair price point for the category that its in but like I said, this is CEL and even though theyre trying to operate in the post ban world I was expecting this to lead the pack not be in the middle. Its worth a shot at the price point though

  3. JayT

    One of the better natural test boosters that I have tried.
    Upon first seeing M-Test come up on the dashboard, I was really hoping I would be able to try this out. Obviously I was able to claim a bottle and Competitive Edge Labs was nice enough to send two bottles so I could run it for a full eight weeks.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    This ingredient profile was really impressive and even more so that it is fully disclosed. There are a few similarities to another test booster I have tried recently in AlphaMax XT. The ingredients that were similar are Urtica Dioica aka stinging nettle which may increase free testosterone and increase strength and libido. It also acts as a diuretic. The Tongkat Ali herb can increase libido and sexual drive. Boron citrate which is a mineral shown to increase both free and total testosterone. And the final ingredient that was in both products was the Mucuna Pruriens which can increase growth hormone and total testosterone through its main ingredient, L-Dopa. It could also raise mood and reduce cortisol. I have had the KSM-66 in Inspired Nutraceutical’s LGND. This trademarked ingredient can help reduce cortisol and increase testosterone. There were two ingredients I do not recall having in another product: the PrimaVie and Fadogia Agrestis. PrimaVie is another trademarked ingredient that may help male sexual health and can improve endurance and fitness levels. The Fadogia has been considered a very strong aphrodisiac although there are not any studies on humans. As you can see, all of these ingredients can help in someway with testosterone or male health. Just have to throw in that I am not a fan of the gelatin capsules or the dyes. A vegetarian capsule would be ideal for me.

    Three capsules taken twice a day. This is pretty normal for testosterone boosters. Every other test booster I have taken has a dosing protocol similar to this.

    Being that I just recently only turned 26, I have not ran a lot of testosterone boosters in the past. However, I have run a few in the past, so I have a decent understanding of what to expect with them.

    Probably the most noticeable effect I got from M-Test was a huge increase in appetite. I could eat all day and still not ever be full. I guess this could be considered good or bad, depending on your goals. I would not suggest this for a cut though, just for that reason. I was trying to stay around 3500 calories a day, but on some days I had closer to 4000. I was really trying to stay lean this year. I made the mistake last year of increasing my calories too much during the winter and it took me way longer to cut down. Now that I have come off of this for about a week, my appetite has come back down a little. Another positive effect was that my muscles seemed fuller especially in my shoulder/trap area. Vascularity was improved a little bit in the arms and shoulders. Occasionally even had some in my chest. I always felt energized going to the gym while running M-Test. What I mean by this is that I really did not have “force” myself going to the gym. I am not saying that going to the gym is a chore for me without this, but some days I just do not feel 100% up to going. Lastly, I felt a slight boost in libido. Nothing over the top there, but enough.

    A few things that may be considered a disappointment while running this are that I did not have any extra aggression or acne flare ups. I guess that may be considered more of a positive, but normally those are tell tale signs that the product is working. However, the biggest disappointment for me was that I do not think the strength gains were too outstanding. I mean I definitely got stronger on it, but I think it was more due to the program I was on. Not completely sure, but then again you cannot really expect anything too substantial with a natural test booster.

    $30 for a month’s run on a few different sites is a very fair price for this label. However, I thought this really shined at two full bottles and that is what I would recommend if you were to purchase it.

    —-Side Effects—-
    Nothing to report.

    Honestly my expectations were really high with M-Test. I think that it came pretty close to meeting those expectations. I would run this again sometime in the future and would recommend it to others, especially our older members who want to stay natural. Thank you CEL for the chance!

  4. majormass

    Awesome t booster
    Thorough ingredient profile and very effective libido enhancer. And when you buy it at Dps nutrition you can get for 24$ that’s about as good as your are gonna get for a product like this. Snap it up. I am 45 so perhaps t boosters work better for me at my age

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