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AlphaMax XT Reviews

By: Performax Labs

AlphaMax XT is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Performax Labs. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.
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  May 23, 2016

  • Fully Disclosed
  • Studied Ingredients
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Increased Libido
  • No Evident Signs Of Test Boosting


I ran one bottle of the original Alphamax back in the fall through the TROOPs with pretty good results. I saw one of the Performax Labs' reps post that they were coming out with a new formula a few months back and I wanted to give it a full eight week run. Since I thought this was more effective during a recomp, I ran a majority of this product during my recomp phase; although there may have been a few weeks or so overlap of each a bulk cycle in the beginning and a cut at the end of the bottle. I have a log that documents some background information regarding this product starting about half way down on page seven, but I will make a little timeline here to make it easier for the reader.

-March 11: Started taking while going on my 7th week of GVT. Weighed 219.2. Was eating 4,000 calories training days/3,500 calories on off days for two weeks.
-March 27 (Start of recomp): Had a deload week eating a max of 3,000 calories per day.
-April 2: Started Skald.
-April 4: Dropped calories to 3,500/3,000 a day. Started phase two of GVT.
-April 16: Finished first bottle of AlphaMax XT, immediately started the second bottle. Weighed 214.
-April 22: Ended GVT.
-April 24: Started cutting with 2,500 calories a day max. Spent the week in the gym finding my 1RMs.
-May 2: Started 5/3/1 routine. Finished Skald.
-May 10: Finished my eight week cycle of AlphaMax XT. Weighed 208.4.

Ingredient Profile

XT took all of its ingredients and the same dosages from the first version except Arimistane. Then they added five new ingredients. I copied and pasted my original write ups of the original ingredients and will include the new ingredients with an asterisk for easy reference.

Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 for a little ZMA blend start off the ingredient profile.

1) Free & Total Testosterone - Growth Hormone.
Urtica Dioica aka Stinging Nettle - contains 3,4 Divanillytetrahydrofuran. The 3,4 divanil binds to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and may increase free testosterone. Free testosterone is important because it leads to strength and muscle gains and increases libido. Stinging Nettle is also used as a diuretic.
Mucuna Pruriens Extract aka velvet bean - Its active ingredient is Levodopa (L-DOPA, 98%) which helps increase growth hormone and total testosterone. L-DOPA can also improve mood and may reduce cortisol. Mucuna has been shown in some studies to effectively raise sperm levels and testosterone levels especially in infertile men.
Eurycoma Longifolia aka Long Jack* - one of the better aphrodisiac herbs that increases libido and sexual drive.

2) Estrogen & Cortisol Control.
Withania Somnifera aka Ashwagandha (5% Withanolides)* - Ashwagandha can significantly reduce cortisol while also improving performance in athletes. It also helps with virility.
Abieta-8,11,13-trien-18-oic acid aka Dehydroabietic Acid (DHAA)* - extract of the commiphora myrrha plant. Basically takes the place of Arimistane as an aromatase inhibitor. The AI prevents your body from converting testosterone into estrogen.

3) Lean Mass Activator - 95.
Coleus Forskohlii (95% Forskolin) - this is an Asian herb that may increase testosterone and increase the rate of fat loss. Forskolin activates cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) which is very similar to adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the main source of energy for skeletal muscles. cAMP also can eventually lead to the body converting cholesterol into testosterone.
Ferula Asafoetida (95% Ferulic Acid)* - this may allow you to workout harder, for longer. It could increase muscle mass while shortening the time it takes to recover.

4) Testosterone Support
Vitamin D3 - supplementing vitamin D3 can lead to multiple benefits including cognition, bone health, sense of well-being, and increase of testosterone. D3 is recommended over D2 because D3 is used more effectively in the body.
Boron Citrate* - mineral that has been shown to increase both free and total testosterone.


Same as the previous version; two capsules twice a day separated by 6-8 hours. The directions are not too specific, so I took two in the morning and two about a half hour pre-workout and two in the morning and two with dinner on off days.


As I stated above, the true reason I wanted to run this for a full eight weeks is because I wanted to start recomping and saw pretty good results with the first bottle as a recomp agent. Plus it was a new product with different herbs and another mineral added. Throughout the first bottle, I noticed that my muscles were again nice and full and I thought they looked more round than before I started. I started at just over 219 and finished the first bottle weighing 214. Honestly I was a bit disappointed from a vascularity standpoint because just one bottle of the first AlphaMax gave me way better vascularity. Please note however, that I was weighing in around 200 pounds the first time so I was a lot leaner which I suspect had a lot to do with it.

With the second bottle, I did eventually start seeing the same vascularity that I noticed with the previous version. I had really visible veins in my arms, shoulders, and lower abs. I think if I started the cycle leaner, I would have started to get veins in my chest too, as I think they were just about ready to pop out. Never had any visible veins in my legs.

My recovery time throughout the eight week cycle was not really affected in anyway. I did not notice much improved recovery, but I also did not experience any with AlphaMax. My strength gains were there for the most part, which is documented in my log. I was not gaining strength at an extreme rate, though. I also did not see much of an increase in energy throughout the day when I was not taking Skald. I did not notice an improvement in sleep during my eight week run of this. However, I also did not notice any interrupted sleep that I noticed from the first run of AlphaMax.

The biggest aspect that I thought was better in the XT version than the first version was my libido. I did not experience much of a libido increase in the first AlphaMax, but with XT, my libido was crazy high. I do not really think anything else needs to be said on that.

Another observation is that I did not have any "side effects" that normally come with test boosters, which is weird because just about all of the ingredients were carried over from the previous version. I did not breakout once during my eight week cycle. No sign of acne anywhere whereas I broke out pretty badly in the second week during my run with the first version. I also did not notice any extra aggression or an increase in appetite. One thing I must note is that I did notice an increased mood and slightly decreased appetite from Skald that was ran in conjuction with XT, but that was only four weeks out of the eight so where was the aggression and increased appetite the remaining four weeks? Obviously I do not want an increase of acne or aggression while working with kids, but it kind of nice to be assured it is working..

Now that I have been off this for two weeks, my libido has come back down to normal, which kind of sucks.


I purchased this from TGB supplements where it is currently priced just under $40. AntM1564 let me know that TBGsupplements was having a 30% off pre-sale of this back in February, so I was able to buy two bottles for about $70. Even at its normal price the value is not awful and is not much more than the original version, which was priced around $35.

Side Effects

Unlike the first version, I did not have any sight of acne or did I experience any extra joint pain. I also did not have any interrupted sleep like I experienced with AlphaMax.


I thought my results overall during the eight week cycle were alright, but I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting this to be a lot better than what I got out of it. Maybe my expectations were too high. I did not think this was awful though and XT was pretty effective with helping towards my ultimate goal of recomping. Do I think it was better than the first version? I cannot really say that it was. However, I would ultimately recommend this to try if you saw good results with the first version or wanted a test booster to try.


  • May 24, 2016

    Sold review and I have used the previous version last summer and it did help with looking dry and more vascular on my cut but it definitely killed my libido. I do have two more jars in my stash but this time I'm only going to use one jar at 2 caps a day for 8 weeks for anti estrogen purposes and I will be running it when I'm using my Olympus LJ100 tong Kat. I figured the new version would be better on libido with the ingredients added but I see it's not as effective for hardening up but I'll most likely will give 2 jars a far run sometime in the future.

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