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MRE Lite Reviews
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About MRE Lite

MRE Lite is a meal replacement product from Redcon1. Its name stems from the military’s initialism for “Meals Ready to Eat”.

Like the non-Lite version of MRE, MRE Lite is designed to give you “healthy food choices” and to “replenish your system when you need it most”. According to the Redcon1 website, MRE Lite offers the same taste and “source of whole foods” as the original product, but with fewer carbohydrates.

For easier digestion, MRE Lite does not contain any whey protein. Instead, the protein sources come from beef, salmon, egg and chicken, as well as from brown rice, peas and MCT oil.

In total, the product provides 24g of protein, 2g of sugar and 134 calories.