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IsoJect Reviews
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About IsoJect

Isoject is a whey protein powder. It is manufactured by Evogen and was created to promote “growth and repair”.

A single 32g serving (one scoop) contains 25g of protein, which is derived from whey protein isolate. This is cold-processed, which – in theory – could mean it retains more of its natural nutrients than it would if it were heat-processed.

One portion also provides 1g of total fat and 3g of total carbohydrates.

The product is sold – or has been sold – in eight flavors: ”Pumpkin Spice”, “Chocolate Peanut Butter”, “Chocolate”, “Vanilla Bean”, “Mocha Evoccino”, “Strawberry Smoothie”, “Stroopwafel” and “Orange Cream Pop”.

Each 894g tub of Isoject holds 28 servings.