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Whey Protein Isolate Reviews
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About Whey Protein Isolate

BodyTech Whey Protein Isolate is designed to be a “fast absorbing and readily available” way to boost muscle growth and speed up recovery.

A single 29.5g serving provides 25g of protein, 110 calories and zero fat. It also features 2g of total carbohydrates, which include 1g of sugar (none added) and zero fiber. As the name of this product implies, the protein content comes from 100% whey isolate.

Whey protein isolate is known for its higher protein content, as well as for its lower concentrations of carbohydrates and fat.

BodyTech Whey Protein Isolate is sold in several flavors, including “Rich Chocolate”, “Fruity Cereal” and “Strawberry Banana”.