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Energy Supplements: Drinks

Energry drinks are a carbonated beverage with added ingredients for energy. They are a relatively new supplement as they have only been around since the mid 1990's, but have had an explosion in the number of individuals that use them. They primarily work with the use of stimulants which stimulate the central nervous system. Common ingredients include caffeine, taurine, b vitamins and in some cases antioxidants.

One of the ingredients used in many energy drinks to provide quick energy is sugar. This is good in the fact that it will provide a quick energy source, but it is a negative drawback as it will spike insulin and you'll crash when it wears off. One option is to consider the sugar free version of energy drinks as you'll be able to avoid the crash.

There are many popular energy drinks of the market including Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, Venom, Full Throttle, Amp and countless others are available with new ones being developed and released all the time. Users must exhibit caution when utilizing these drinks as they can be high in stimulants. Other products on the market such as pre-workouts and even coffee have additional stimulants in them and too many can have negative side effects such as insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, heart palpations and elevated blood pressure.

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Xenergy Drink
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