Kre-Alkalyn is just creatine monohydrate with an added pH buffer. During manufacturing, scientists add positively-charged ions to creatine. This creates a form of the nutrient with a higher pH level – Kre-Alkalyn. The manufacturer of this patented form of creatine is All American Pharmaceutical. The company says Kre-Alkalyn “unlocks more muscle-fueling potential from creatine” and “drives greater lifting power” than creatine monohydrate “by over 28%”, while also boosting stamina and endurance by “118%”. The manufacturer also markets Kre-Alkalyn as “100% stable” in liquid. This is said to allow Kre-Alkalyn to mix better, which could also mean it won’t sink to the bottom of the glass or bottle like creatine monohydrate can.

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