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This product has been reported as discontinued.

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Prime is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by USPlabs. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +151
Trust: 100%
  December 31, 2014

OK, to begin with, I'm not an expert or a chemist and my knowledge is based on reading, internet research and empirical evidence from things I've tried. I like some of USP Lab's products and have used PRIME twice, back when it first came out and liked it. It increased my appetite, improved my mood and had a nice overall sense of well-being with good recovery.

I especially liked the old "PINK MAGIC," so much so, that I used three bottles of it. It worked really well for me and was the closest thing I could imagine to pro-hormone like effects. So far I'm natty and try natty things, always on the lookout for the new and innovative.

GNC had this on clearance, so I snatched it up for another go round. But, this time I was left somewhat disappointed.
Not sure if the formula changed or maybe the dosage, but it just wasn't the same as the original.

If you've read any of my other reviews, you see I'm usually more on the positive side and try to focus more on the effectiveness of products, but other than mild improvement in appetite and digestion, which isn't an issue for me, I didn't notice anything else really. Ok, maybe a little strength improvement, but it's hard to quantify if from this, or plain grit.

I guess the "Expert Reviewers" pretty much nailed it, this is more of a nutrient partitioner.
I suppose I was hoping for test boosting and libido enhancing, with "tribulus aquaticus extract," but apparently this isn't the same thing as "tribulus terrestris."

All that said, I think the reason I had good results the first two times is because desperately trying to hold on to muscle and even gain some weight in between military deployments and insufficient calories, low food quality and stress. An as such it helped out and I made improvements.

The take away then, is that this is probably a good product for someone thin, trying to gain weight, or someone trying to bulk up. And it may be advantageous to use this for 12 weeks or so for the full effect.

To sum up I learned a lesson this time do my research, compare ingredients and use products for what they are intended!

One final note, I'm 1/3 thru a bottle of the new "PINK MAGIC" and will definitely be reviewing it when finished.
  • Increases Strength & Recovery
  • Increased Appetite
  • Little Pricey
  • Increased Appetite And Cravings
Rep: 0
Trust: 0%
  September 23, 2014

This was my first time with this kind of products. I used as well powerful at night, so I can´t talk only about the effect using this only product. I was supplementing before and during the intake with creatine decanate, and glutamine decanate (muscle meds). I´m 1.78 tall, 74 kg, 36 years old.

Six day training, three of them double season with 14 km running (wednesday), 1500m open water swimming (tuesday and thursday). One day rest. Main objective was increasing strength in three basics movements, bench press (110kg), deep squat (90 kg), dead lift (120 kg). Gym Training Plan: Week 1: 1. Leg; 2. Chest; 3. Back; 4. Shoulder and arms; 5. Leg; 6. Chest.
Week 2: 1. Back; 2. Shoulder and arms; 3. Leg; 4. Chest; 5. Back; 6. Shoulder and arms, and so on during 8 weeks.
From week 9 to 12, Chest day with triceps, Back day with Biceps, Shoulder day with more streching and exercises to prevent injuries. I used Prime between the weeks 6 and 10th.

Bench press: 125 kg one rep (110kg 5 reps); Deep Squat: 110kg 5 reps; Dead Lift: 150 kg 3 reps. Actual body weight is 79 kg, with non special diet for this program. Other increases, biceps zbar, from 40 kg to 50kg for 1-2 reps. Less fatigue in high reps series.
I notice a very good recovery between training days and between the first and the second training. There was an increase in muscle mass, but not significant for me, I didn´t measure it but the t-shirts now are smaller than before.

Side effects:
Good: A serious increase in sexual desire (sometimes not a good thing!!!).
Better muscle profile.
After swimming my arms were like rocks but without fatigue.
Bad: no notice (it is been more than 20 days I finish).

I was specting better results, but the lack of these could be due to other causes, like the aerobic training or the diet, because I didn't increase the intake as I should to reach higher loads. (High spectations aren´t always good). Nowadays there were some quality results.
To resume, I will use it again with powerfull, and I will made some changes in the diet. Is a product that worth it.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increases Strength & Recovery
  • Increases Muscle Hardness & Density
  • Increased Appetite
    Rep: +43
    Trust: 25%
      May 26, 2013

    I have been using Prime for the last 33 years. (Much before USP labs was born). How? Because I am using the two main ingredients of prime since the age of 3. (Nobody told me that these two things can make pro-hormones obsolete and build great muscles. How unfair :(

    USP labs people are geniuses. They know things no one else in the world knows. So there is this thing called Tribulus Aquaticus. Also know as water chestnuts and "˜Singhara' in Hindi. Singhara flour is a staple in the 9 days Nauratri fast (Nau- Nine, ratri- Nights) which is observed in most Hindu homes. It is beneficial, gives strength and is nutritious. Can it build muscles? I don't think so. There is nothing in Tribulus Aquaticus which could be linked to anything with muscle building.

    The other ingredient is Chebulic Myrobalan. Also known as Teminalia Chebula or Haritaki in Sanskrit. It is a very important herb and has multiple Benefits (Improves the working of digestive system, rejuvenates each and every part of the body; cleanse out the unnecessary wastes from the body; acts as a nervine tonic and improves eye sight.) Unfortunately none of these benefits are related with "˜strength will go through the roof' and other ridicules claims.
    Prime at most is a nutrient re-partitioner and this is all you should expect from it. Though I was confirmed that there is nothing special about this product I gave it a fair chance by running two bottles. Result was what I expected. Nothing at all. I know there advertisements are tempting. one Ad I read sometime in 2008 said that "˜there are some Indian peasants who earn less than a dollar a day and work 12 hours in scorching heat and are still full of health and vitality because they eat a wonder fruit called terminalia chebula - I have traveled length and breadth of India and I am still to find these dudes who work for less than a dollar and eat this fruit (I think it is not even possible to eat this fruit straight)

    I have seen reviews where people have commented how taking Prime increased their bench 30 pounds in 3 weeks etc. Well all I have to say is "˜you sirs are great'. If it works for you then by all means take it. There are some guys who eat multigrain bread and build muscles. We live in a strange world. Anything is possible here.

    There is no use talking about taste as it comes in pills. All I can say is this stuff did nothing for me and there is nothing in this (Again according to me) that could have any major effect on muscle building and strength gaining goals.
    • Increased Appetite
    • Outlandishly Expensive (especially If Running A-stack)
    • Zero Results.
    • Waste Of Money
    Rep: +4
    Trust: 0%
      January 30, 2013

    USP Labs -Prime -PowerFULL -Test Powder

    I stacked Prime with Test Powder, Compound20 and PowerFull. I was told that it was the best stack out there if you wanted to get big quick. I just got done with all of my Marine Corps training (boot-camp and SOI) and I pretty much came back fat and weak and lost everything that I had before I left. I needed to get back in weight room shape so I decided to try out this stack.

    Bench: 205 - 260
    Squat: 315 - 405
    Pullups: 12 - 22
    Power Clean: 175 - 245
    Weight: 210 -195

    Granted you have to take in mind that a little bit of that would be muscle memory but I need to give a lot of credit to PRIME. I put on 1 1/2 inches on my arm and 4in on my chest. All lean muscle mass because i lost 15 pounds while i was in this cycle.

    SIDE EFFECTS: I didn't excperiance a single negitive side effect other than slightly aching joints due to COMPOUND 20.

    EFFECTS OF PRIME: I would have to blame PRIME for all of my gaines and muscle growth by far. you don't feel anything taking it and don't get the usual acne with mot gaining supplements.

    EFFECTS OF POWERFULL: powerFULL help with everything. you can get only 4 hrs of sleep and u feel like you got 20 with zero drowsieness. you feel fresh in the weight room everyday and fully recouped from are hard workout the day before.

    EFFECTS OF TEST POWDER: that stuff is amazing. it works a little like a pre-workout but it doesn't give you a burst of energy. it makes you able to lift forever. I would walk out the weight room feeling like I didn't even workout other than having a crazy pump and i would wake up the next day to feeling wrecked.

    I felt like in order to get the best results you need to mix all supplements together. because the work best all together. prime will make you gain, test powder gives you the ability to workout like its your job and powerfull will help you recoup like you haven't been destroying yourself in the weight room.

    over all i am very pleased with my results and even tho your going to drop a pretty penny in order to buy all products you are going to see the results that you are looking for especially if you are getting back in the weight room
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value
    • Increases Strength & Recovery
    • Increases Muscle Hardness & Density
    • Serious Mass Gain
    • A Bit Pricey But Worth It
    Rep: +46
    Trust: 36%
      December 21, 2012

    Alright well, I have stumbled across and now I am kind of like a kid in a candy review store here haha. I don't know how I have not come across awhile ago as for I have been on many deployments and what comes with deployments? Supplements! All Kinds, types and sizes! This is my first supplement review and practice makes perfect so here it goes.

    On to what I am here for, USPLabs PRIME. Great product although it was a bit of a rollercoaster ride with it. While taking prime I was also taking.
    -USPLabs Yoked
    -USPLabs Jack3D Micro
    -Musclepharm ArmorV
    -Muschleparm Amino1
    -Syntha6 Protein

    We all know what it is and "what it does" so I won't beat a dead hedgehog. Prime is a nutrient re-partitioner and has natural anabolic properties. On deployments it is very hard to get a proper diet down, they give you the essentials and Macros you need but it's only a couple of days out of the week. The only real nice thing about the chow hall is they always have a good salad bar and plenty of tuna. Other than that a good diet is hard to achieve. But PRIME helped out A LOT!

    From the start I noticed prime start to work, sitting in the chow hall in between the middle of my meal I would pop two of these bad Larry's in and about an hour later my muscles would feel a lot fuller and swollen. Half way through the cycle of prime is when I started to notice hard muscle gains and jumps in strength, but also a lot might have been with the help of US Labs Yoked. When I say that Prime was a bit of a rollercoaster ride it was because of the dosing and how it affected me, I will explain further ahead.

    Dosing PRIME was normal at first, I work night crew out here in the sand so my diet is a## backwards starting with dinner, then lunch/Midrates (garbage food), and then breakfast before bed. I took two PRIME capsules with each meal usually when I was about half way done with my meal. It wasn't until about halfway through the bottle/cycle when I noticed gains and strength started paltering, so I upped it to 3 pills for each meal. I would take one day a week off of PRIME usually Sat. my half day from work and my rest day from the gym. My gym time is always in between lunch/Midrates and breakfast/Dinner. Sleep while on prime was normal, not much, but who can sleep with explosions going off, jets flying, and helicopters buzzing 24/7? Not this guy.

    This is my own personal review of using USPLabs Prime.

    Value: 9/10 I gave prime a 9 out of 10 because the price was fair at around 30$ on Amazon and it really worked for me both in size, strength and cutting.

    Taste/Smell: Didn't have much of a taste at all smelt a little funky but nothing outrageous.

    Effectiveness: 9/10 my reasoning for giving PRIME a 9 is because this supplement WORKED! In many different ways. Like I stated before from the start of taking PRIME 2pills at every meal, my muscles felt fuller. Half way into the bottle is when I started to notice muscle gain and muscle strength start to increase as well has help me cut, which was very surprising to me. To have both the results of muscle size gain and overall lean cutting happen at the same time is all new to me of any stack or supplement I have taken for a bulk cycle. The Syntha6 May have also played a role in helping me cut but never like this before. As a reference, beginning PRIME I was at a max set of 3 sets of 250 on the bench by myself. Between weeks 2 into 3 I was at a max of 2-3 reps of 275-280 depending on my motivation that night. Although I did hit a plateau after about, the ending of week 3, I upped my intake of 3 PRIME per meal and it picked right back up in the end I was up to a 1RMax of 305 Consistent by the end of the cycle. Pumps were awesome worked very well with Yoked as for I have used Yoked by itself. Prime Paired up with Jack3D Micro and yoked was amazing and had an amazing turnout.

    PRIME had NO side effects at all

    Overall: 9/10 Prime was awesome in gains, strength, and lean muscle cutting. Even though my dosing cut down the cycle length I still saw and felt amazing results. Next time I may run two bottles in hopes to see even better results.

    Recommend? Yes, like everyone else knows, PRIME may or may not work for you who knows. It was definitely worth the try and I am definitely glad I did! Even though one bottle worked for me you may want to pick up an extra bottle. I plan on running a 2 bottle Cycle of PRIME as my final cycle here before I go home. Love it!
    • Works Fast
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value
    • Increases Strength & Recovery
    • Increases Muscle Hardness & Density
    • Cool Colored Pills
    • Dosing
    Rep: +3,139
    Trust: 100%
      December 17, 2012

    First off big thanks to Anabolic Adam for sending me out two bottles of prime. As we all know when you see the name USP Labs on a label you are getting an innovative effective product. I finally can say I have taking all of the products USP Labs have to offer and up until Prime I have always been satisfied, which really blows because I had high hopes for Prime.

    This is probably the high point of Prime the dosing protocol, USP Labs recommends that you take 3 caps twice a day with food 6 days on 1 day off. At the beginning of the bottle I would dose 3 at breakfast and 3 with pre workout meal. After doing some research I found out users were getting better results dosing 6/9 protocol 7 days a week so I began trying it that way needless to say at no point did anything change for me.

    Prime is touted as the ultimate muscle pill. USP Labs claims that prime Promotes Muscle Gain of Thick, Dense Variety, Supports Re-composition Effects, Promotes Strength Gains, increased Recovery Speed, and Train harder and longer than you ever have. I can honestly say that I didn't notice any thing of those sorts. In fact many users claim increased hunger while using prime for me it was the opposite I found myself having to force myself to eat anything. Also I did not notice an increase in strength during my run on prime even when I switched to the 6/9 protocol nothing was changing.

    At no point did I ever notice any muscle hardness or density. I will say while on prime it did seem like my training session were longer. At the end of the day I just didn't respond to prime I don't think its a bunk product because many credible users on this site state otherwise.

    Granted I received Prime for free I think the value on this product is way too over priced. On prime gos for $49 per bottle wich comes out to $0.99 per serving. Me personally I just cant justify spending that much on a product that didn't deliver for me or that is not a Universal Nutrition product.

    As I stated earlier USP Labs is known for its innovative effective products so with that said I can not completely write Prime off and recommend others not to try it because I am just one out of many users who did not respond to prime. The way I see it if you can score prime for a good deal or somehow come across it for free then give it a run.
    • Pills Easy To Swallow
    • Little Pricey
    • Zero Results.
    • Suppressed Hunger
    Rep: +466
    Trust: 100%
      November 21, 2012

    Hey guys. Before I even start this review I'm going to shout out Carl with USPLabs. He made this possible and sent me a few bottles for me to try. Thank you very, very much. Now LETS GET IT!

    Taste: N/A

    These pills are very easy to swallow. They smell like doo doo. But I can get over that. Warning: Do not take these on a empty stomach, every interaction you have with a person that day will hate you. Your breath will smell like doo doo.

    Effectiveness: 9/10

    This gets a well deserved 9. Initially when I actually first saw this product, I laughed. I thought this honestly wouldn't do anything. Within 3 weeks of my first bottle, I started noticing the all day pump look, better vascularity, harder muscles, hungrier, strength gains, etc. I started at 174 9 weeks ago. I'm currently 186. I'm not attributing all my gains to this, but this had something to do with it. I'm on a bulk too, so of course calories help. Dosing on this very simple too. 3 pills twice a day with largest meals.

    Side Effects: 0/0

    I notice 0 negative side effects on this product, no aggresion, no acne, nothing that comes to mind.

    Value: N/A

    I did receive these for free, so of course the value for me is a 10. I usually rate the value on what the price normally is, but everyone has different opinions on money and whats worth what so i will leave it at that.

    Overall: 9/10

    This will probably continue to make it's way into my stack every year bulking season comes around. This was really a shocker for me. USPLabs continues to be dead on with most of their products. This almost gets a 10. But I just can't put that up there for some reason, anyways. I can't wait to gain 5 lbs on Thanksgiving, lol.

    I really hope everyone enjoyed this review and enjoys Thanksgiving. Cheat day is tomorrow. I'll be back Saturday most likely with another review. As always, good luck bulking and take it easy.

    DanTheManski out.

    • Works Fast
    • Increased Appetite
    • Cool Colored Pills
    • Serious Mass Gain
    • Increases Muscle Hardness & Density
    • Increases Strength & Recovery
    • Good Value
    • Builds Muscle
    • Tastes Aweful
    • A Bit Pricey But Worth It
    Rep: +4
    Trust: 0%
      July 23, 2012

    To start, got to thank everyone here for their knowledge - this site has been a huge help maintaining my most serious workout regiment to date. My first review, so please bear with me.

    The Product: Like any supplement I am going to put in my body, I did some background research to see the effects and consequences. Only consequence I could find was lack of research on the ingredients included, lack of understanding what the hell anti-glucocorticoid effect is that USP raves about, and the steep price. Supposedly it allows for the decline in catabolic processes while improving protein synthesis. If anyone could elaborate whether or not this is scientifically proven, please share. Anyway, I knew because its effectiveness was contingent upon a bulking diet (nutrient re-partitoner) I was going to have to pull my weight of the deal (eating a diet high in carbs and protein - which I have done thus far). Purchased a 120 capsule bottle.

    Week 1: Was taking 2-2-2 (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Felt little to no effects, but knew this product took some time. Eating high in carbs and protein, up to 3000 calories a day and minimum of 200g of protein. Also stacked with fish oil, BCAAs, multivit, protein (whey + casein), and muscle marinade. Did not see a spike in my appetite.

    Week 2: Same deal with diet and stack. By the middle of the week, the bellies of my muscle were beginning to gorge, and I definitely felt more vascular throughout the day. By the end of the week, I was getting a nice pump at the gym and was certainly more focused. This was in part to a possible placebo effect, but I also think that there was definitely some sort of anabolic environment forming in my body and it was due to Prime.

    Week 3: Began taking an additional 2 pills before my workout (making that 8 pills a day). I would recommend taking an extra 2 pills before working out because I definitely felt the effects in the gym versus not taking it. The effects of Prime this week included fullness in the bellies of muscle, very very concentrated and focused in the gym, and a strong, consistent pump. Additionally, my recovering time was great. Still little increase in my appetite.

    Week 4: Same deal as week 3! I was very happy with the outcome of this product, and what was promised on the bottle did in fact come true (remember I took the necessary dieting steps). My muscles are certainly expanding outwards and my strength gains have increased (about 10lbs on compounds and 5lbs on isolations thus far). Also, muscle hardness has significantly improved in this week (during and after my workouts)

    Overall (8): Will take another bottle to see if I can ride this wave a little longer, as for ectomorphs, we are always trying to bulk. Realize this is not a pro-hormone or test booster, so given the results, I was very happy, despite the steep price. Also, if you get the nasty burps people are talking about its because you took the dose on an empty stomach.

    Recommend (Yes): If you got the buck, give it a try. Not every supplement works for everyone, but being a hard-gainer at 5'9'' 150lbs (gained a total of 4.5lbs on this, along with a pretty rich diet) I was content. At the end of the day, its a "supplement" so don't expect this to be a quick fix.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Increases Strength & Recovery
    • Increases Muscle Hardness & Density
    • Little Pricey
    Rep: +12
    Trust: 0%
      July 6, 2012

    I ran prime alone a few months back to see what all of the hype was about, and yes it was all hype

    Value: 7/10
    I bought a month supply of this product for 40 bucks. The reason I give a value of 4 is because it is only two ingredients that are extremely cheap on their own. This product can be produced for under 2 dollars and was sold for 40 because of the great marketing.

    Ingredients 5/10
    The prime proprietary blend is only 800 mg and consists of two ingredients:
    Tribulus Aquaticus, Checula Myrobalan
    Thats it. Tribulus as we all know is a contraversial testosterone booster, nothing too potent. Keep in mind its a great addition to a testosterone booster but tribulus alone I could buy from the store for 5 dollars for a month.

    Checula Myrobalan is supports digestion and according to marketing is a "nutrient repartitioner" meaning that it helps deliver nutrients and helps absord nutrients more properly to help your body recover and improve performance.

    Effectiveness: 5/10
    800 mg of Tribulus and Checula Myrobalan is not going to do wonders for anything. I didn't notice better digestion or better gains from the "nutrient partitioning". Digestive enzymes alone usually have about 8 ingredients to work great. This has one.

    Strength and Recovery: 0/10
    Absolutely zero strength gains while taking prime and recover was exactly the same.

    Side Effects: 10/10
    Experienced no side effects because there were no primary effects

    Overall 5/10
    I was a sucker for the marketing because it is USP labs. I didn't do my research before taking prime to see what was in it. I made zero strength gains, libido remained the same. If you are going to consider buying this, buy the two ingredients seperatly for abouut 10 bucks a month total.

    2 thumbs down
    • No Side Effects
    • Little Pricey
    • Zero Results.
    • Waste Of Money
    Rep: +227
    Trust: 100%
      May 11, 2012

    Alright, so with my age at 20 I know it would be pretty much pointless for me to run a natty test booster but I was interested in trying something new and I am quite a fan of USPlabs and their products this seemed like a good choice for me. As state already by other reviews I will state again that this is NOT a test booster. Prime is a natural compound that uses tribulus aquaticus (in the same family as tribulus terrestris) and chebulic myrobalan to keep your body anabolic. This means it is best taken with lots and lots of clean food.

    Prime states that it increases appetite muscle gains, promotes dense muscle, increase recovery, and increase strength and I will be adressing my results in all of these categories.

    My stack was pretty simple and included orange tirad, fish oil, ON gold standard, and energy aminos (pre-workout). Also note that I was cycling off creatine at the time.

    Taste(N/A): Pills, so no taste.

    Dosing(7): Dosing is relativly easy but kinda high, USP suggests 2 pills a day with 3 major meals so a total of 6 a day for 6 days a week. Though based on other reviews I ran the 6/9 protocal meaning 9 on training days and 6 on off days. So the dosing pretty must depends on your preference.

    Increase appetite: I did not really notice any increase in my appetite while on prime though that being said I am one of those guys who is hungry all the time as it is so it would be tough to increase something that is already very high.

    Increase muscle and strength: Here is where Prime kinda lost me, to be honest I really didn't see any strength or muscle gains. No major increases on any of my core lifts and no real weight gain. Pretty disappointing in that aspect.

    Increase muscle density and hardness: This was probably the best effect of Prime, though I didn't see any really size increases my muscles look much more dense and hard especially in my shoulders, arms and legs. This also greatly increased my vascularity which was an unexpected yet welcomed effect. Even when I wasn't lifting my vains were bulging out, even in my shoulders and lower abs. Pretty cool.

    Increased recovery: My recovery while on this seemed to increase slightly, usually by about a day. Especially when it came to legs instead of my usual three days of soreness it was cut down to about two with just slight soreness on the third.

    Value(5): Now I recieved 2 bottles of 120 count Prime for about $38 a piece so with shipping I was looking at about $80 with shipping. Now the way I ran it each bottle only lasted me about 3 weeks, give or take a day or two. So I got about 6 weeks out of the two bottles. This means that it comes out to $60 a month which is pretty steep for any product, especially one with the mediocre results I saw.

    Overall(6): While Prime did help out with muscle density and recovery I did not see the strength gains that it promises so with that and its high price tag I have to say I was not that impressed and will more then likely not be running it again.
    • Works Fast
    • Increases Muscle Hardness & Density
    • Increases Recovery
    • Increased Vascularity
    • Little Pricey
    • Dose High To Get Desired Results

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