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A “premium” testosterone booster, Hunter Test is one product in a suite of three supplements from the Hunter brand.

It is designed not just to boost testosterone – it also promises to increase the user’s “performance and fitness level”, to give them “unstoppable motivation”, to raise their “mental strength” and help them “turn heads and command respect in every room”.

Hunter Test contains nine ingredients, which the brand states are “backed by science”. says Hunter Test includes Vitamin D3 to increase testosterone, raise bone strength and enhance muscle mass.

It also contains D-aspartic acid to stimulate testosterone in “three ways”, while ashwagandha promises to “make you strong like a stallion”.


5 reviews for Hunter Test

  1. Bennie And The Jets

    Works but high cost

    I really like this supplements, enough to give it 3 stars anyway. It loses a few points because the entry barrier is really high. I know that it contains high grade ingredients and that’s why you are paying more, but i would like to see something with this level of quality at a lower price point so more people can enjoy it. The product itself works brilliantly. You get a lift in mood, energy and I’ve even noticed some improvements downstairs, if you know what i mean. My workouts are longer and harder too since i started on the supplements. Basically, if you have the dough, it’s worth a look.

  2. Big Ron

    Effective new kid on the block

    Really like this product and the range is good too, worth checking out. I also tried Hunter Burn which seems to work well with this testosterone supplement. Pros – Luxury supplement, high doses, quality ingredients Cons – High price

  3. John Mc

    Wow, wow, wow!

    This is the one. I’ve been waiting for years for a t booster that doesn’t cut corners, and Hunter Test delivers. I don’t understand why so many supplement makers haven’t thought of this before. People don’t want to fill their bodies with rubbish and will be more than happy to pay more! The range of high quality ingredients in Hunter really set it apart from the rest. The premium cost is well worth paying when you look at the high serving sizes. You’re getting more for your money, its better quality and will likely work much better for you. It’s a simple decision for me.

  4. ScoDea

    Brilliant, if expensive

    I’m 51, have 3 kids and struggle to find time to exercise. I run to work but that’s probably not enough. Lucky I don’t drink much anymore as I really can’t handle the pace of the young guys in the office! Well anyway, this paints a picture of me, someone who has let themselves go a little bit but wants to get back on the old horse. That’s what Hunter Test has allowed me to do. I feel like a lot like my old self, which is all you can ask for from this type of product. The best thing is my confidence has returned a little bit. Maybe it comes from having more energy, which makes you more confident in turn. I’m not sure, but what i do know is that I’ll be using Test for a good while. Hopefully the effects don’t taper off like they do with some supplements. Fingers crossed! I can only mark it down really for being expensive. Though it’s obviously for those on the higher wage packets. Worth the price for me but you may have your own opinion.

  5. XFit Fanatic

    A fantastic quality booster

    I heard about Hunter Test from a business partner who gave me one of his bottles. He said it has really helped him to concentrate at work and get more out of his sessions with his personal trainer. I thought it sounded a bit too good to be true, but gave it a shot. I created this account just to literally say how freaking awesome this product is. My concentration at work has gone up massively and I’m finally seeing some real results with my fitness routine (i do Yoga and Crossfit mainly and hit up the gym when I get the time). From the bottle to the capsules to the packaging, everything about this product says high quality. That also includes the price but I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for in life. I didn’t even know what a test booster was until my friend showed me Hunter, but so far so good. I’ve bought a few months supply and I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do for me over the longer term (the short terms results have been stellar)

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