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King Whey is a whey protein powder made by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. It was created to promote muscle growth and support recovery.

The product contains 25g of protein per serving, which includes 20g of whey concentrate and 5g of whey isolate. A single serving also provides 1.5g of total fat and 3g of carbohydrates (which includes 2g of sugar).

Ronnie Coleman King Whey is – or has been – available in six flavors: “Peanut Butter Pie”, “Vanilla Frosting”, “Chocolate Brownie”, “Mint Chocolate Chip”, “Cookies N’ Cream” and “Strawberry Cheesecake”.

This protein supplement is available on subscription (which comes with discounts) or as a one-time purchase.


1 review for KING WHEY

  1. DaSlaya

    The King will show you the Whey, Pretty great source of Protein for your daily needs!
    37 years old and I lift 5 times a week. I weigh 235 pounds, so I require quite a bit of Protein intake per day, as I like to keep a high protein medium carb diet. I especially rely on Protein shakes first thing in the morning since I workout an hour or so after I wake up, so a quick Protein shake helps me not train while completely fasted and gives me a small boost to get through my workouts without being hungry. I really wanted to try out Ronnie Colemans line, so in a fathers day deal I ended up picking up King Whey. Is this really the King of Protein, lets find out….

    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Nothing to hide here as Big Ron has a transparent profile, but honesty if there was a blend in a Protein Supp I would probably freak out and/or not try it, but either way, in my experience the RCSS line all has transparent labels, so a big plus in my book. The macro breakdown here is 130 Calories, 1.5g Fat, 4g Carbs, 2g Sugar, and 25g Whey Protein. The breakdown of the Protein is 20g Whey Concentrate and 5g Whey Isolate. Of note, each scoop is 31g in size. In my opinion this is a pretty common profile (at least in the last few proteins I have tried), but thats okay because it fits my dietary needs and I believe this would fit almost everyone else’s if supplemented correctly. As I will always say in Protein reviews, please remember this is a supplement to your diet to get more protein, not a Meal Replacement. If you have allergies please note that this product does contain Milk and Soy.

    Taste: I got the Vanilla Frosting flavor as I typically like Vanilla flavors more than chocolate. All in all it was pretty good, nothing to knock your socks off but I thought it tasted on the line between average and above average. It was slightly sweet, but not too bad where it would hurt my stomach, as I really do not like sweet things. I did not really get a Frosting flavor out of it (was hoping it tasted like I was licking cake topping) but it was a good Vanilla taste.

    Mixability: No issues here, I used around 8-10oz of water and threw in 1 scoop and shook it right up with no problems. I tried both, water in first then powder and powder in first then water into the shaker and it made no difference, which was cool. No residue or anything crazy left in the shaker after, mixed up well.

    Dosing: I took this (like I do all my protein supps) first thing in the morning (around 430am) and post workout (about 730am). I like to get protein in me first thing in the morning to get the metabolism going, and of course to hit it post workout for muscle protein synthesis action. On rest days I would just take one serving in the morning. I see a lot of questions about when people should take protein, the answer is POST WORKOUT, then if you need more protein in your diet, then wherever you fit it in during your day (in between meals as a snack or upon waking etc..). As long as you know what you need then its easy to figure out.

    Okay, we all know its tough to gage effectiveness on a Protein. Its not easy to identify like a PWO or a Recovery type supplement. So I always gage my Protein off of digestion and if it made me feel full or not. I was just coming off a 3 month run of a Whey Isolate, so the first couple scoops was an adjustment to go back to nearly straight Whey. I now truly see the difference. This digested easily for me, it would feel heavy at first but within minutes would seeem to be getting digested, and did not sit in my stomach like a lump, which is nice. Nobody wants that bloated feeling after a shake. I thought it digested rather well. Now this would not fill me up, but it was great for that 60 to 90 minute gap I would have Post Workout and Breakfast time, as I would not be starving. So I think this is a great snack for your day as well. The problems I had with the Isolate were I would be hungry within minutes of taking it, King Whey would at least fill me up for a little while until I can get the time to get real food in my stomach.

    The label claims are drinkability and recovery. Drinkability was easy, tasted pretty good and as I said I had no issues with digestion. Recovery wise though, I would say this did not do anything for me. I require a hefty dosing of BCAAs to truly feel recovered, getting them through straight protein does not cut it for me. My stomach felt recovered post workout but thats about it.

    I did also make protein balls with this and they came out great. Was 2 scoops of this along with peanut butter, flax seeds, and I think thats it (do not have the recipe memorized off the top of my head) but it worked out well. Point is, you can cook with this and it tastes great.

    I picked this up from the Ronnie Coleman Site for $29.99 for 2lb, netting you about 30 servings. This comes out to about a dollar a serving, which is okay since the macro’s here are good. The protein market seems to be getting more expensive these days and “fancier” but I feel a dollar a serving is not bad. Looks like currently it sells for $28.99 on the site, so slightly cheaper. There always seem to be 15% off deals or other deals, so in the end you should be paying a cheaper price. I did enjoy this protein, tasted great, digested well, value is about average in the Protein world, so good enough for me.

    —-Side Effects—-

    Is this really the King of Whey Proteins? I would say no, but its up there in the top tiers of the Protein world. Has a decent value, especially if you catch it on sale, it did its job to fill me up post workout and pre breakfast, digested well, tastes pretty darn good, what more can you ask for in a protein. Transparent label guarantees no amino spiking so we are good to go. Sure there are cheaper options out there, but you run that risk of Amino spiking, so why not trust your protein from Big Ron himself, I do recommend this product!!

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