Hourglass Fit Women’s Fat Burner

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Hourglass is a fat burner made by Roar Ambition. It is also known as Hourglass Fit.

The product is marketed as a “women’s fat burner” and is described as “the safe and gentle way to lose weight”.

The Hourglass Fit formula features nine active ingredients. These include glucomannan – a dietary fiber said to expand in the stomach and reduce the appetite.

The ingredient list also features green tea and cayenne pepper (as Capsimax®), which are both thought to help burn more calories and speed up the metabolism. Capsimax is a patented form of cayenne pepper. It is said to have a controlled-release coating that could help prevent gastric burning.

There are 90 capsules (30 servings) in each bottle of the Hourglass Fit fat burner.


5 reviews for Hourglass Fit Women’s Fat Burner

  1. Joyce C

    Works, but slow improvements so far

    Pros – easy to take, natural ingredients, good price, fits nicely into gym bag, no side effects, has reduced my appetite a bit Cons – bit pricey, haven’t seen huge results yet, but only taken for 2 months. Will do 4 months and report back

  2. Mrs Smith

    Finally, a fat burner for women

    As a bit of a gym nut, i’ll try anything that will give me the extra edge and I’m a bit of a supplements aficionado. I’ve taken most of the male focused fat burners and have had mixed results. They’ve either made me feel sick, or have way too large a dose for my size. I have also tried some of the female ones, but they seem to go the other way and don’t have much of an impact. Hourglass is fairly new so I thought I would give it a try. i took it for the 4 months recommended on the website and I have noticed I eat much less thanks to the glucommanan in the bottle. I’ve also toned up my stomach, arms and chest and glutes. My energy levels have increased massively and I’m super motivated. Maybe this comes down to other factors, but this all seems to have happened since i started taking hourglass. Perhaps my body will adjust and I’ll need to cycle but so far, so great. Going to order my next batch for the new year!

  3. GymGirl

    Very good fat burner

    I purchased hourglass as I thought it was refreshing that a company would bother to sell one specificly for women. There are a few on the market but they pale in comparison to the amount of male fat burners out there. womens body are different after all. This product so far has really helped reduce my snack cravings. Ive always snacked at work and at home, but I rarely do anymore. I have noticed too that i dont have really big portions like i used to for my lunch and evening meal. I think the product is a little expensive, but if i eat less i also spend less on food, so perhaps it balances out somehow. Overall, it has great ingredients, no side effects, is natural, easy to use and has been great so far. I’ll carry on using it!

  4. ILY Lily

    Helps you burn fat quicker

    Hourglass has been fantastic for me so far. It has ingredients in each capsule which force your body to burn off fat quicker, stuff like chili pepper extract and green tea. It’ll help you metabolism to speed up. The key thing though is the glucommanan that basically acts like a little meal in a pill. It swells up (safely) in your stomach and tells your brain that you are already full up so you won’t get those annoying hunger pangs all through the day. That for me is worth the price of the bottle alone. I also feel lighter and fresher, so when i go to the gym things just come easier. It has really helped my energy and focus too. I’d highly recommend it so far.

  5. Curvy Gal

    Impressive, effective

    I have been really impressed with hourglass fit since i started taking it 9 months ago. It has really breathed new life into my regime. It was my goal this year to lose 23 pounds to hit my ideal weight and I’m now very close. I haven’t had this much success with losing weight without the help of a supplement before. Some of the other supplements I have used have been very expensive, so i think for the price, Hourglass Fit is really fantastic value for money I liked – price, ingredients, makes you feel full Didn’t like – would be better if they did more offers and deals for long term customers

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