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Mr. Hyde is a Pre-Workout manufactured by ProSupps. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

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  June 14, 2015

For my first review and not knowing a lot on what is expected of these reviews, please go easy on me. I'm in my late 20's and have been powerlifting for good health the last year. I'm on my way to my first competition in 4 months. I do take Mr. Hyde as a pre-workout to get energized and have been a satisfied customer. I've used the product for 4 cycles now and afraid to move away from it, as my past with pre-workouts has not seen to many great experiences. I first got hooked as I shop for supplements at my local Vitamin Shoppe in front of my gym. I had experienced with many pre-workouts looking for that balance of needed energy and focus, with less amount of caffeine. I've been completely satisfied with recommendation as I seem to have found that happy medium.

In terms of the ingredients I like, I believe amino's are great for the body. The product contains multiple amino ingredients in their "Strength Matrix" helping to reduce fatigue and increase the work the muscles can do. I've seen results as my workload in the gym has increased. I went from working out and feeling exhausted within an hour to needing more work done to satisfy my body. I think the beta alanine is a great ingredient for the body and I can feel the effectiveness.

I only have one hangup and its any creatine ingredients to any supplement. Creatine is also a component in Mr Hyde. Power lifting comes with a recommendation to use creatine while lifting. I'm still on the fence about creatine as I can't make if it is good or bad with the hundreds of reports out there. However, my strength has risen with weight numbers going up and continuing to make strides. I can say for the most part my strength has gone up. I am weary of the long-term effects creatine could or will have on my body. If there is anything that can give me piece of mind, please feel free to share. To combat my fears, Mr. Hyde has built-in Agmatine sulfate, which I just recently learned about re-writing this review. Agmatine does not have any benefits to muscle strength or growth, however has many other benefits. The one benefit that I found to be great was that this ingredient can increase your kidney filtration.

Where the focus comes into play is from their "Intensity Matrix". From the people I spoke with at the gym, this is where people see the best value out of the product. The big claim I hear is that Mr Hyde is one of the more "green" products. The ingredients come more from different plants and herbs for central nervous enhancements. Hordenine can be found in many plants and is used to enhance the central nervous system with Pikatropin. Both used to increase blood flow to the brain and increasing your focus. Another mental stimulant can be the addition of Yohimbe bark. With varieties of tests, the yohimbe has claims it can be used as antidepressent and libido.


There's not too many flavors available, but I usually get the cherry bomb. Really good taste but they do have a berry blast flavor and now a watermelon flavor. I don't have any problems with grittiness, I usually let it sit for 5 minutes anyways after mixing just in case. No problems with foaming. I started with using the recommended one scoop. After my 4th cycle with the product I'm up to using a scoop and a half to get the pump I want. .


I am very happy with the effectiveness. It's the exact feeling I want in a pump without the racing heart or having to run to immediatley to the toilet. After a couple of cycles now, I'm going to be looking for something stronger here real soon. I have reluctance in doing so with my past. I'm now using a scoop and a half and needing more to get the pump I originally felt. Not getting the amount of 30 total scoops for the same price anymore.


I purchase everything from the Vitamin Shoppe in-front of my gym. They knock the price a couple of bucks on this product. But still affordable even before the discount at $38. However now that I'm using more than one scoop, Its not the same value.


To beginners and intermediate lifters, this is a great product to go through. After bouncing from pre-workout to pre-workout, I was happy I could finally come across Mr Hyde. My overall my message is it gives me the pump without a mess in the stomach. After drafting my first review, SR has made me go back and looking at the ingredients have made me even more comfortable using this product. I've used it for a couple of cycles and haven't been disappointed. 8/10
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Good Pumps
  • Good Taste
  • Good Focus
  • Not A Big Pump
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  April 30, 2015

Ingredient Profile

Happy with this - decent amounts of key ingredients with no prop blend. Creatine HCL included for those like me who don't like to use mono. All amounts detailed and without tons of filler and stuff you've never heard of. Good amount of caffeine though I wouldn't want to go any higher than this. 500mg Leucine included so arguably don't need to add BCAAs if you're on an empty stomach like me however I do add a scoop of Xtend either with Mr Hyde or intra-workout. Also contains 500mg of Agmatine.


Couldn't care less about taste but it goes down fine. Mixability ok though some bits left which you have to make sure you swig down. True 1 scoop serving, no need to worry about having to build up to 2-3 scoops.


I work out first thing early in the morning and Mr Hyde delivers just enough to energise and wake me and easily gets me through a hard workout. The first time I used it it sent me absolutely bonkers as if I was turning in to the hulk - this feeling went away almost immediately as my tolerance built but has left a good solid decent experience ever since. Pumps are good, no problems here at all and the product delivers again.


£26.49 for 30 servings where I buy this. Pre-workouts and supplements in general are not cheap, especially here in the UK, but this price is quite reasonable in comparison to other pre-workouts and considering the effectiveness, servings, and ingredients.

Side Effects

No side effects and no crash. The only thing I guess is after a workout, lots of water, and lots of caffeine, I do have to pee a lot for an hour or two afterwards.


Mr Hyde has definitely become my go-to pre-workout. If you are sick of being disappointed by sub-par pre-workouts and propriety blends, and want a good sound reasonably-priced 1-scoop product that includes creatine hcl, agmatine, and added leucine, with no crash, then give it a go.
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  February 23, 2015

Ok, time for my quarterly (I'm trying guys but so busy) review. Its no secret I'm a horrible stim-Junkie. I've said before, I work graveyard shift, so stims are sorta my thing. I need something strong just to get out of bed around noon and get to the gym. I used this pretty much from May-July of 2014, and enjoyed it. My routine at the time of use was a basic 4 day split, and of course some cardio thrown in. Diet was normal food, no emphasis on bulk cut or anything, just meat and potatoes home cooking. Did try to avoid junk and fast food, but that's all the time for me. I actually walked into a GNC and bought this, paid under $40 ( i think) for the "bonus can" which had 48 scoops. So for me, the can lasted forever! it was strong and enjoyable, but came with an *asterisk, at least in my opinion. I'll explain below.

PROFILE- 7 Its got a few blends under the hood, the first one labeled Strength Matrix (@5000mg). Usual suspects are Beta Alanine, Creatine Hydrochloride, L-Leucine, L-Citrulline Malate, Argmatine Sulfate.
The energy blend is labeled the Caffeine Matrix @419mg!!! We got some Caffeine Anhydrous, InfinergyTM (Dicaffeine Malate), and fast acting Caffeine Citrate. Here's where my *Asterisk comes in; we got here 400+ mgs of Caffeine! Even for me, that seems like a bit much. I never had any adverse effects from it, but i did respect it.
We also have an Intensity Matrix (194mg), with Swertia chirayita, Acacia rigidula, N-Isopropyloctopamine, Rauwolfia Vornitoria Root, and Yohimbe Bark Extract. Lots of big words. Then a Focal Martix with Pikatropin, Dendrobium Stem Extract (I've read this is supposed to be the "new 1,3 dymethyl"), N-Phenylacetyl-L- prolylglycine ethyl ester. Some good focus agents in there. All in all an adrenaline packed product.

EFFECTIVENESS- 8 This bad Mofo hit fast and hard from day-1, and never really let up! Some decent tingles about 10 minutes after taking, nothing to make me tear at my face. I got some decent pumps here, too. I started with a level scoop, and eventually went up to a "rounded" scoop. Guesstimate it was 1.25 scoops at most. That's pretty good for not building up a tolerance. I got the Fruit Punch, and it did get old after 2 months. It mixed well, and lasted for several hours with a nice come-down. I didn't go into a coma. But, and here's my point, in the back of my mind I knew I was ingesting 400+ mgs of caffeine. Taking more then 1.25 scoops, for more pump effect, was not an option. Cardio after lifting would leave me more winded then usual. With some of the other New-School Preworkouts using 300mg or less, this seemed like a cop out. But Hey, it did it job!

SIDE EFFECTS- 8, meaning not much. Just the knowledge that you were consuming a lot of caffeine in a short amount of time. Remarkably, I didn't get nauseous with this, or have any stomach problems.

VALUE-8 Pretty good, not crazy expensive. With my gold card this was under $40, and lasted a LONG time. There is better deals online, but at the time I had cash in my pocket and was jonesing for a fix, maaaan.

OVERALL-7. I liked this, and recommended (and shared a scoop or two) to any friend and co-worker who asked. I would buy again, IF there wasn't so damn many other preworkouts on the market I want to try!
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  January 4, 2015


Review of Mr. Hyde Watermelon flavored pre-workout.

Background Info: I've been lifting weights for about 7 years now, by no means an expert but I have tried a little of everything (H.I.T, negatives, 300 workout, cross-fit, insanity old fashioned, etc.) As far as pre-supplements go-I only ever took the original Jack3d. It worked great. I am an avid connoisseur of Monster Energy drinks and drink one per day. Did this affect me with this Supp? Who knows. Am I tolerant of caffeine? Yes. So this supp could work for you. But for me it didn't.

Diet: 220 grams protein/day, 3000 calories/day, 1 Monster energy drink a day (more on this later), multi-vitamin, omegas. Carbs could be better.

Goals: My goals are to build mass, not an extreme amount but to just get big and stay big. But other goal is not to get fat. So, it's a complex procedure!

First thoughts on product: I was actually at GNC (don't hate me) and like an idiot asked the counter-guy what people were buying that worked for a pre-workout. He pointed out Mr. Hyde as a great pre-workout. The packaging was attractive and with a name like Mr. Hyde I assumed it would turn me into a beast during my workout! I think I paid $29.99 for it at the time. Anyways, I cycled it for about a month. I hadn't used a pre-workout for several years. As a matter of fact, the last time I used a pre-workout was with jack3d by USP Labs. Since it worked so well, I figured they all did. I stopped using jack3d because allegedly it had been reformulated and wasn't as effective, and I typically have enough energy, anyways.

Day#1-I did get a slight energy boost from Mr. Hyde and the flavor was very Tasty. It was a very artificial flavored Watermelon but it tasted good. I didn't get a pump off it. As a matter of fact, it felt like it kicked in within 10 minutes, and was gone just as fast. So I got amped up for about 10 minutes with a slight tingling sensation.

The mixing directions are take one scoop 15-30 minutes before workout with 8oz cold water. It very clearly says not exceed one scoop daily. (I feel like I should have taken 3 scoops) but I never did and followed directions. One a side note: A buddy tried some. First time did nothing for him, so he did two scoops right in front of me, and he said it did nothing with 2 scoops!.

Week1-Same thing. I would get a slight energy feeling for like 10 minutes, then gone.
Week2-Got worse, like a 5 minute energetic feeling.
Week3-Same-5 minutes.
Week4-Might as well have been drinking water. Also, the powder got really hard and was hard to scoop up. I ended up not quite making the full four weeks and threw it away ;(

How you discovered SR: Was researching HALO-V prohormones and came across a genuine review and decided to try and help and get help myself ;)

Ingredient Profile

The only reason I'm not giving it a 1 or a 2 is because it does have some nice matrixes inside.
You get some decent amino acids, like Leucine, Alanine, Citrulline. It also comes with a nice dose of creatine hydrocholride-1000mg. With the creatine and aminos, you're getting 5000mg of total blends.

Includes a hefty 350mg of caffeine.

Also includes yohimbe bark extract, pikatropin and other things listed as an "Intensity Matrix".


Taste: Delicious!
Mixability: Scoop the powder into a water bottle and shake it up.
Dosing: One scoop into 8oz cold water per day. Don't exceed one scoop.


For me, very little. See my week chart above. By the 4th week I might as well have been drinking water.
I have a hunch if you have never done a pre-workout and don't drink energy drinks, this may work better for you.


Over priced. Worth about $10 to me and thats just because of the Aminos.

Side Effects

If I took this after 4pm it did seem to keep me up until midnight, as opposed to my normal 10:30.
So, restlessness? I wish it had given me restlessness in the Gym ;)


Ok, final point. It plain didn't work for me.
As far as pre-supplements go-I only ever took the original Jack3d. It worked great. I am an avid connoisseur of Monster Energy drinks and drink one per day. Did this affect me with this Supp? Who knows. Am I tolerant of caffeine? Yes. So this supp could work for you. But for me it didn't.

My advice: If you drink energy drinks don't use this. I recently started Arnold's Iron Cree pre-workout, and it works amazing! I'll write a review on it in a month. So I think it was just this product...
    • Can Only Take One Scoop
    • Not A Big Pump
    • Rapid Heartbeat After Workout
    • No Pump
    • Restlessness
    Rep: +20
    Trust: 5%
      August 5, 2014

    I'll preface this by saying I have whatever version of this product that was for sale in Canada in 2014. It does not contain any DMAA, but does contain 3 different kinds of caffeine ingredients: Caffeine anhydrous (300mg), Dicaffeine Malate (69mg), and Caffeine Citrate (50mg). It also contains 30mg synephrine and 5mg dendrobium extract to add to the stimulant punch!

    The other ingredient that stands out as unique in this product when compared to other commercially available preworkouts is Pikamillon.

    Let's take a closer look at these ingredients...
    Does this product actually have over 400mg of caffeine per serving? Not exactly. A couple of these caffeine ingredients are salts, and the salt component of the compound has some mass which contributes to the 419mg total. If pull out our periodic table and calculator we find that caffeine has a molecular weight of 194.19g/mol.

    Caffeine anhydrous is essentially just pure caffeine which does not contain water, so lets call that one a legitimate 300mg of caffeine.

    Dicaffeine malate means we get 2 molecules of caffeine per molecule of malate. Malate is a dicarboxylic compound which essentially (for our intents and purposes) means it's got two sites where caffeine can bind to form a salt. Malate weighs in at 134.09g/mol. So the whole thing is 522.47g/mol, of which caffeine makes up 388.38g. So that's 74% Caffeine, so we can add another 51mg (out of 69mg) we can add to our total. 351mg total.

    Caffeine citrate rounds out the caffeine ingredients and it contains caffeine and citric acid in a 1:1 ratio. As a whole it's got a molecular weight of 386.31g/mol. So it's only about 50% caffeine. Let's add another 25mg of caffeine to the total, taking us to about 376mg total. Still a lot of caffeine but at least it's not over 400mg!

    These different compounds will be absorbed and metabolized at slightly different rates, so this may be part of how this product gives a sustained buzz without a quick crash like many other preworkout supplements.

    Pikamilon is kind of a unique ingredient in this product. It is a combination of GABA (an inhibitory neurotransmitter which occurs naturally in our bodies), and niacin. This stuff can cross our blood brain barriers where it dissociates into GABA and niacin. GABA can then exert its inhibitory effects (less anxiety, possibly less caffeine jitters?) and niacin can act as a vasodilator (theoretically increasing brain function and focus). At least that's my take on why this stuff is in the product. It's actually used as a treatment for depression and a variety of other mental illnesses in Russia, worth looking into!

    Dendrobium is becoming a more popular stimulant in preworkout formulas since DMAA got the boot a few years ago. There isn't much in the way of concrete literature out there on this stuff but when I used it as a standalone ingredient during finals at school I found I was very focused and energetic. I've heard similar anecdotal evidence over my two years working with supplements, so the addition of dendrobium doesn't seem like a bad idea. 5mg is a pretty low dose unfortunately, even for a 10:1 extract. Standalone dendrobium products usually have about a 600mg dosage (not an extract), but even at a 10:1 ratio this stuff is only a 50mg dose. Pretty low but all the other stims probably make up for it!

    All the other stuff is your standard preworkout faire: beta alanine, creatine HCL, etc. I won't go into those in any detail but they seem to be dosed decently but I'd like to see a bit more agmatine sulfate in there as I've had the best results from it when taking about 1.5g doses.

    To the review!

    Taste/Mixability (8/10): I have the fruit punch flavour. It's not bad, pretty much a standard supplement fake flavour. It mixes fine. Who really cares, though? As long as it works it could taste like ballsack and stagnant prune juice.

    Effectiveness (8/10):
    I wanted to give this a higher rating because of the excellent stim blend, but the beta alanine and agmatine dosing is just low enough to draw away from a 9/10 or 10/10 score. I love using this preworkout, though. From day one it has given me excellent energy and focus, with limited crash. I have used a lot of different preworkouts in my time, and you could say I have a pretty high caffeine tolerance but this stuff just gets it done for me every time. Not sure what it is but it's awesome. Pump wise it's not the best, I'd recommend taking an extra cap or two of agmatine with it to get more out of that ingredient, but if pump is not a priority for you in a preworkout then this is your stuff right here.

    Value (10/10):
    This is a true 1 scoop pre workout. I'm sick of seeing preworkouts that advertise 60 servings only to recommend you take 2-3 scoops at a time. Most of the time I use slightly less than one scoop because there is so much stimulant in this stuff. You get 40 legitimate servings out of one container and from what I've seen it costs less than PWOs like C4 and superpump which require more than one serving per workout for us guys who like our stims.

    Overall (9/10):
    If you are stim-tolerant/a stim junkie like me then this should be your go-to preworkout. It's got good amounts of most ingredients, but lacks a bit in the pump department. If you are caffeine sensitive then don't bother, try something like neurocore or superpump. Great value and an awesome formula make this a solid overall 9/10 product. Definitely recommended!
    • Increased Energy
    • Good Value
    • Good Focus
    • Not A Big Pump
    Rep: +19
    Trust: 4%
      June 8, 2014

    Lets start from the top!

    Effectiveness: (6/10)

    Mr.Hyde was not the most effective pre i have ever used. Yes it is loaded with stimulants, however, I really didn't feel much more then what a good ole' cup of joe could have done for me. Now, some of those days where your alarm seems to go off a few hours earlier then you expected. It's not bad, Mr.Hyde definitely gave me a slight mental alertness. I can't attest for any extreme energy boosts. The only thing Mr.Hyde did for me was make my heart go 100 mph and make me a little more sociable in the morning. However, I have had a few friends that swear by Mr.Hyde. Maybe i'm just an isolated incident. I don't know.

    Taste: (N/A)

    As in many other reviews i down my supps pretty quick. So i'm not going to waste time writing about the flavor. Can't say I really sat there and savored the taste over dinner or lay awake at night craving the taste of Mr.Hyde. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    Value: (6/10)

    I'm rating this a six based off of the effectiveness. Not really a bang for my buck for what I experienced. (Now again, this is my personal experience with Mr.Hyde.) But, as a college student. Everything could be cheaper.

    Overall: (7/10)

    Overall, I wouldn't say i had a BAD experience with Mr.Hyde. i'd be lying to you if i said i never got any of the advertised effects. Here and there I got a fantastic workout with Mr.Hyde. However, sometimes he didn't show up when I needed him to. Nonetheless, it was a decent pickup. Not great and not terrible. I probably wouldn't buy it again. But, it's definitely worth giving it a try to see if it works for you (as i did for a handful of my friends.). Until then Mr.Hyde is Mr.Magoo in my book. A near sighted old man who sometimes by luck helped my workout, leaving me no worse nor better than before.
    • Good Focus
    • Can Have Bits In
    • Mood Enhancer
    • Running To Bathroom
    • Rapid Heartbeat After Workout
    • Doesn't Mix Well
    Rep: +297
    Trust: 100%
      April 19, 2014

    Throughout my reviews you will notice that I try a lot of pre workouts and a lot of stimulants.

    Needless to say I am quite resistant to most PWO powders, many of them I find average or just give me a little kick or boost and most of the time I need a PWO just to feel normal in a gym session!

    HYDE was different for me.....

    Not in that the gym workouts blew me away vs other products, but simply because of how awful it can make me feel.

    First I will highlight ingredients:

    Strength Matrix 5000mg " 
    Beta Alanine
    Creatine hydrochloride
    L-Citrulline Malate
    Agatine Sulfate
    Caffeine Matrix 419mg " 
    Caffeine Anhydrous
    Infinergyâ„¢ (Dicaffeine Malate)
    Caffeine Citrate
    Intensity Matrix 194mg " 
    Swertia Chirayita Qhole Plant Extract
    Acacia Rigidula Leaf Extract (std. min. 25% Phenylethylamine)
    Rauwolfia Vornitoria Root Extract (std.min. 90% Alpha-Yohimbine)
    Yohimbine Bark Extract (std. min. 98% Yohimbine HCL
    Focal Matrix 60mg " 
    Pikatropin®g; (Picamilon)
    Nobile Orchid (Dedrobium nobile) Stem Extract (10:1)
    N-Phenylacetyl-L-prolylgycine ethyl ester

    Pump/strength/endurance wise - the components in there fit the bill. I found that I could maintain weight and reps and fight through my workout despite being in a heavy cut and massively depleted. Power just seems to come from somewhere - but that usually happens with whatever I have been using recently...
    So in terms of performance - no Hyde doesnt lack in that area

    I would have liked to have seen AAKG s in here as I find those much needed to make a pump and endurance supplement complete - so I ended up adding my own which is of course an added cost and hassle.

    There is something however in this stuff that makes my abdominal area feel uncomfortable and bloated - which is really not what you want on a cut. I cannot see it being the HCL however....but it would be nearly impossible to isolate a reason. It also makes me feel slightly sick - which doesnt help the bloated feel.

    Creatine HCL - I am relatively happy with I seem to respond well to those products.

    The Yohimbine - relevant to fat loss for me which is what I wanted as part of my pre workout....

    However I get on much much less favourably with this than I did the SPEED X3.

    With the SPEED X3 I can triple scoop and feel very drugged from the yohimbine - but it doesnt make me feel paranoid and fear cardiac arrest like the HYDE does. The problem with the SPEED X3 was mainly the bowel irritation which HYDE also causes in me (though not as badly).
    I think there must be something about the Caffeine blend and/or other components in this HYDE that interacts badly with the Yohimbine or other stimulants.

    (I have been using other fat burners/stims on a morning for cardio - which normally sit well with whatever pre workout I put in).

    This time even on recommended dosage of HYDE I can easily have heavy breathing - shortness of breathe - feelings of instability and intense anxiety/paranoia

    Again this could be an interaction with other products like Speed X3 or Dexaprine - however I suspect it something mainly intrinsic to HYDE.

    The stim effect seems to last for literally hours - I took once at 1PM pre gym and remained awake with an unsettled heart rate at 10-11PM and again a similar time frame.

    I have used a few times at half doses or 1.5 doses and it doesnt seem to matter - I can get one of these episodes regardless with this stuff. It is awful and It makes me feel mentally unwell and unstable - with extreme jitters and all the respiratory problems - but most of all an intense anxiety and worry about having a heart attack...... until it begins to wear off and you feel much less anxious and paranoid

    I wont be using HYDE again now due to the unpredictable nature I have experienced. In My Speed X3 review I pointed out that the stim/yohimbine stack was distracting at the gym - which made me favour it as a pre cardio supplement instead (which I love SPEED X3 for) - but Hyde - I dont think I could use it for that purpose either - especially when it triggers such bad respiratory response for me.

    I have a friend who used it - a very experienced body builder who is like me and not by any means lacking any hairs on his chest when it comes to stims and compounds - he said it made him feel awful and the come down was unreal.

    It seems that HYDE really can make you feel like HYDE - not yourself...........

    Again - users all vary, tolerance levels all vary and we all have varied reactions - and of course some people cope well with mixing stims - some dont.

    So I won't say avoid this product (unless you have any medical conditions or you have had any extreme reactions to stimulants or yohimbine in the past) - all I will say is definitely try the recommended dosage or half it first. Many of us who have trained for years and become resistant to stims/PWOS tend to just skip that stage especially since companies often like to put 'ONE DOSE WARNING !!! ' labels all over their stuff to make it look more potent than it is - and in most cases we double scoop and we get a soft spot - but in some cases these take us by surprise and we find ourselves vulnerable.....

    So yes, test tolerance.

    Taste wise - NOT....BAD.....NOT GREAT.

    It makes a thin fruity drink - I prefer them to be a little thicker in texture so they dont go right through you and you feel like your getting more of a treat drink out of it. I had PUNCH flavour - kind of a little somewhere between punch and cherry - with a slight artificial taste - but sweet and not chemical tasting (bitter etc).
    The mild nausea I mentioned earlier may well stem from the sweet artificial taste, the thinness and possibly whatever it is in there that bloats me.

    Overall mark also drops because of the lack of AAKG and the bloating effect.

    If it wasn't for the bad reaction I would rate higher. To be honest the stim complex may work very well for some people - without a bad reaction (which I think is more likely for this product than many others) - then it has the potential to be a nice little strength/endurance booster come focus and fat loss product which is what I had hoped it would work for me as.
    • Good Value
    • Good Pumps
    • Sometimes Crash Afterwards
    • Running To Bathroom
    • Can Only Take One Scoop
    • Rapid Heartbeat After Workout
    • Unfocused Due To Jitters
    • No AAKG
    • Bloat
    Rep: +6,459
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 41

      April 18, 2014

    For some strange reason, I ran out of pre-workout a couple of months ago. I started looking around and was trying to find something that I had wanted to try for a while. I saw Mr. Hyde and at a good deal so I purchased some to give it a run. I've wanted to try this for a while but just never got any for whatever reason. If nothing else, it has one of the best names for a pre because it has you thinking you'll turn into a monster!

    Taste 9/10

    I had the Red Razz flavor and I have to say, I really liked it. It was sweet and not too tart and a refreshing change from the blue razz and fruit punches. Sometimes I mixed it with DPOL Custard Cream too on the way to the gym and it mixed well with that even though it might sound disgusting. They did a good job on the flavoring here.

    Profile 8/10

    4 blends but nothing overly special here.

    Strength Matrix 5000mg

    Beta Alanine

    Creatine Hydrochloride


    L-Citrulline Malate

    Argmatine Sulfate

    Caffeine Matrix 419mg

    Caffeine Anhydrous

    InfinergyTM (Dicaffeine Malate)- caffeine bound to malic acid to help in absorbtion

    Caffeine Citrate-fast acting

    Intensity Matrix 194mg

    Swertia chirayita- glucose metabolism and may act as an anti-inflammatory. Very few studies

    Acacia rigidula-may lower blood pressure and is used in weight loss for feeling full.

    N-Isopropyloctopamine (WHAT?)- balance out neurotransmitters/mood enhancer/anabolic agent/weight loss

    Rauwolfia Vornitoria Root-promotes healthy cell regulation

    Yohimbe Bark Extract-sexual function but more for athletic endurance here

    Focal Martix

    Pikatropin ®- cognitive enhancer

    Nobile Orchid Dendrobium Stem Extract –Supposed to replace DMAA

    N-Phenylacetyl-L- prolylglycine ethyl ester-Increased focus and concentration as well as improved cognitive functions.

    Effectivness 8.5/10

    So you can look at what's in the blends and see that it seems that a lot of things are underdosed. With 5 grams in the strength matrix, it's hard to believe there is enough of anything in there. I did have slight BA tingles in fingers, lips, and cheeks when I upped my dose but nothing crazy. I can't say that I noticed any big strength differences with this but adding 5g of creatine mono (which came with my deal) did help. The pump was noticeable but nothing mind blowing but then again, this isn't a PUMP product.

    The Energy Matrix has 419mg of caffeine! I can tell you that I'm a stim junkie and at 275#, it takes a lot to tweak me. I never felt totally wigged out on this but I could feel the energy for sure. If I took it on an empty stomach, it would upset my stomach a little because of the stims. Be aware of the amount of stims in this before you go overboard!

    Intensity matrix was where this really shined for me! From what I read, the N-Isopropyloctopamine is a very effective mood enhancer. I'm here to tell you, this stuff would make me so happy about 20 minutes into my workout. It was crazy the feeling that would overcome me. I clown in the gym a lot anyway but this was different. I'd walk up to the deadlift bar and start dancing. I mean seriously, the feeling was amazing.

    The focal matrix seemed to work pretty decent too. Even though I was "high" from the N-Isopropyloctopamine, when it was go time, that's all I could think about. My focus is above average anyway but I could tell a difference here.

    Value 9/10

    You're looking at getting this for about $30 for 40 servings. I did get up to using 1.5ish eventually but would still say it averaged out to about $1/serving. That's very good in today's preworkout world where 2-3 scoops is common. When I bought this, I got their Creatine mono included so the deal was even better.

    Overall 8/10

    I liked the energy and focus. I loved the feeling. I can say this helped me make it through some workouts that I didn't have the desire to do for sure with good results. The caffeine didn't bother me as long as I had something in my stomach but please be aware of what one scoop has in it if you're sensitive to stims.

    I would and will buy this again at some point. It is easily in my top 4 preworkouts as of right now. Give it a shot and see if you become a monster!
    • Increased Energy
    • Good Value
    • Good Taste
    • Good Focus
    • Mood Enhancer
      Rep: +7
      Trust: 0%
        March 23, 2014

      Hey all I'm pretty new to this whole SR thing and kinda just stumbled upon it when looking for some answers to a question I had.

      So as an athlete I'm all about optimizing my performance - I want to compete in pankration which is a demanding sport (normally just do ju jitsu and kickboxing events.

      I tried Hyde because it was on sale my my local Vitamin Shoppe and because at the time I was trying many different PW's in order to find one I actually liked.

      The first thing I'll talk about is the taste and mix-ability; I bought watermelon flavor and man does this stuff taste good! Other products I tried such as N.O. Explode and Muscle Fuel don't taste that great and don't mix that well.

      However during my workouts I often felt an uneasy feeling in my stomach and felt way to over hyped from this product to focus. Anyone who competes knows the dry mouth and rapid heart beat Adrenalin rush that can actually decrease your performance if not kept in check and that's what I felt like on this product.

      Besides the giant burst of energy I didn't even feel a pump on this product which made me wonder why I took it in the first place. After a few weeks of taking it I noticed noticeable crashes on days I took Hyde than on days I didn't and some nights I even had trouble sleeping.

      Eventually I simply built up a tolerance to this product all together and felt next to nothing when taking it. However; I only ever took 1 scoop as one scoop contains 419mg of Caffeine and any more than that in a day is well beyond any recommended dosage.

      While many consider Hyde to be the pinnacle of intensity I rather like it's counterpart Dr. Jekyll as it has similar Beta Alanine levels (hyde: 2500mg, Jekyll: 2000mg) The same amount of L-Leucine, same of amount of creatine, Less caffeine (140mg I believe)and I felt way more out of of Jekyll's pump matrix than anything Hyde had to offer.

      I will offer this to Hyde: I saw awesome strength increases (It was during this time I had a 5RM of 355 on my Squat) however I saw the same increases on Jekyll and could focus better.

      The last part of the review is price and this is where Hyde wins. Price/serving of Hyde at my local shop is around $1.05 where Jekyll is around $1.50 so the price value is great!
      • Good Value
      • Good Taste
      • Builds Strength
      • Big Time Crash
      • Rapid Heartbeat After Workout
      • To Hyped Up
      • Unfocused Due To Jitters
      • Huge Tolerance Build Up
      Rep: +54
      Trust: 51%
        February 23, 2014

      This reviews a little late but it has to be said.
      There comes a time in the supplement game when one product stands out and can either accelerate or burn out in controversy. Mr. Hyde is the one that excels and remains on store shelves (with a minor subtraction of 1,3) and satisfies any stim junkies needs.

      Price: I paid a solid $25 for a 20 serving tub. I wasn't looking for a long term stay with this so the 20 serving is a god send. Also I simply cut the scoops in half and stack it with Jekyll. So with careful conserving I can make this last a good 30 sessions. Not a bad deal in my opinion.

      Mixability: The powder has no thick clumps or nothing dense that'll sing. Pure powder that'll blend beautifully to the shake of your shaker cup. No worries here.

      Taste: I got Fruit Punch, it's a classic choice and safe if your not comfortable with new flavors. They have watermelon but I don't like watermelon in general. And might I say the taste is the best of all categories in my opinion! Reason being is that it tastes like red sweettart! No after taste or chemical taste, just a sweet drink you could down all day!

      Effects: First 10 minutes I feel the caffeine rush hit me like a ton of bricks!!! 400 mg per scoop people, this is no joke. The energy rush will wake you up and make it your life mission to get into the gym! I was however sensitive to the stims so the first try I felt jittery and shaky but I grooved into it slowly and now it's all in control.
      The focus will set in but not a tunnel vision kind of deal, just a simple "get the job done" mentality.
      I stayed in the gym an extra hour making a new excuse to work another muscle so my arm day turned to shoulder day and ab day and a little legs too. Yeah, it's that much energy!
      The pumps felt a little lacking on the side. I broke new PRs, but didn't get that swole feeling (unless I threw in Jekyll).

      The pre is solid, it's just for those who have high tolerance that it's more suited for. I do want to note that I lost some hunger after taking this so if your bulking, just a word to the wise.

      If you purchase this I recommend the Jekyll stack. These two Pre really pack the punch of a lifetime. It's pump, energy, focus and endurance that last enough time for you to break records. If your in the market looking for something new, head down for Hyde. There are no regrets with this little guy!
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Value
      • Good Taste
      • Not A Big Pump

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