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Mutant Madness is a pre-workout made by Mutant. It was created to reduce fatigue, enhance muscle pumps and sharpen focus during exercise.

The pre-workout features 20 ingredients. These include L-citrulline malate and L-arginine, which are said to improve nitric-oxide levels, promote blood flow and intensify muscle pumps. Beta-alanine is thought to reduce lactic acid and reduce fatigue, while taurine could help hydrate the muscles.

The product also contains caffeine, which may provide extra energy and power. In addition, L-theanine is said to “amplify” the attention-boosting effects of caffeine, while also decreasing possible jittery feelings.

Mutant Madness’ flavors include – or have included – “Roadside Lemonade”, “Sweet Iced Tea” and “Peach Mango”.


1 review for Mutant Madness


    This over priced and under-dosed preworkout should be called “sadness”

    —-Quick Summary—-
    Unsurprisingly this is a hype pre that’s definitely not worth buying, there’s so many better pre workouts to choose from.
    Hey peeps, decided I will slide in another review before this month ends. Clearly I’m a man on mission lol, having Mutant in the local market has caused quite a stir as they are pushed and pushed here, to be fair I like the look of their isolate and whey protein, you basically can’t stuff that up if the flavor is good and apparently but the rest of the stuff is severely unimpressive and underdosed… oh well let’s get this Madness over wid!
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Serving size 1 scoop (7.5g) Servings per container 30 Energy 21kj Carbohydrates 1g Niacin 20NE Vitamin B6 4.2mg Folic acid 200mcg Vitamin B12 3mcg Salt 0.08g Mutant madness formula Performance intensity matrix L-citrulline malate/L-arginine HCI 2:1 blend 1500mg Beta alanine instantized carnosyn brand 1250mg Taurine/L-tyrosine 2:1 blend 1000mg Malic-citric Acid blend 600mg 5- caffeine + polyphenol/egcg matrix 500mg Coffee arabica bran extract (333mg), green tea leaf (92mg) (source of polyphenols, egcg), white tea leaf extract (25mg), black tea leaf extract (25mg), green coffee bean extract (25mg) (total caffeine 330mg/serving) Amplification matrix 65mg L-theanine (30mg),olive leaf extract (20% oleuropein)(20mg), cinnamon (10mg), bioperine 5mg Damn that’s a lot of mumbo jumbo to sort through, I will say these 2:1 blends etc are confusing to a newbie and seriously it wouldn’t take much to sort out. I am really really unimpressed by the entire profile except the total caffeine content. You will see that my favorites (L-citrulline and beta alanine) are severally under dosed and the L-arginine is literally pointless since it’s not on par with the 6g of the optimal l-citrulline dosage. There is just so much wrong here – but anywho… it’s best to keep it simple and clinical something.
    I was expecting the taste to be great since all these athletes claim “it’s so delicious” etc. I purchased the peach mango flavor in hopes it would taste as great as it sounds… well basically it’s very average it has that standard peppery harsh taste of the bioperine which detracts from the entire taste and makes this taste somewhat savory lol – definitely “not delicious”, it has an undertone of sweetness but the tart peppery taste overwhelms it! I would add a level scoop to 200ml of water as I prefer to down it and not savor it. It mixed well but like most pres it had gritty settlement that was nasty at the end
    Mmmm not much to really say here, but simply I wasn’t surprised as this was a let down and a half. From what the claims were and feedback of it being great blah blah I just think it should be illegal lol coz your gonna get people who have no clue what to look for in a pre buy this. I know you may be asking “but fridge you dumbass you bought this” to answer that pending question is simple I bought it since it never really clashed with my blue juice and knowing hardly anyone would be buying blue juice it’s important to rate this as a pre. So yo anyways the energy is good, I won’t lie it can be a bit of a weird intense rush (nearly anxious) but once you hit the weights it normalizes I would say 2 scoops IMO would be stupid. I noticed no crash which was great for a higher stim pre – crash always tends to be a concern but not here. Naturally intensity was improved a bit as well. The focus was very very poor I felt like it would really improve on this point tyrosine was underdosed imo since I do use the raw variant and 750mg is the sweet spot for me. The pumps were literally none existent since I gauged this without blue blood (I was angry and bitter when I used this without any intra). The endurance element was also way below average, but with the underdosing of so many ingredients this did not shock me.
    This does retails for around $43 here (R630) which is insane since it’s so underwhelming and lacks basically everything besides energy and intensity. It’s around $1,40 a scoop which is epic since you’d need several scoops to get some clinical dosing here. Simply this is way way way over priced and there are so many better options it’s ridiculous.
    —-Side Effects—-
    The only concern here could be the energy is rather strong and a bit overwhelming if your battling with anxiety etc it can cause nervousness but it should pass after the 3rd or 4th day of using it I found, clearly caffeine anhydrous is a better option imo. I hate jitters and this stuff is pretty strong with over 300mg of total caffeine.
    Just NO. It’s the worst pre I have used to date, I did have my reasoning to buy this but I guess I let myself down. With the prospect of no pumps, nearly no endurance and slight pinch of focus and a hard hitting “no-crash” energy rush this fails hard. I’d recommended to stay away from it, if it looks shitty with underdosed ingredients then it is… Shitty. It’s simply Madness how I even bought this and more so how they push this. This can be the pre that would literally scare you away from pres lol.

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