Olly Ultra Strength Brain Softgel Review

Long have we sort for ways to give us an edge intellectually, whether it’s just a daily crossword to engaging in more mentally engaging tasks, such as playing chess, the majority of us have aimed to improve our ability to think in a myriad of different ways. Well what if some simple, easy to swallow softgels could provide this for you in a convenient, compact package?

Well right off the bat we’ll tell you that we’re not left very impressed with this one. There’s only really two ingredients here that have clinically been found to improve brain function and mental acuity, including memory but unfortunately they have been drastically under dosed, likely providing very little benefit to most of us. No matter how much effort goes into designing these softgels, that’s not easy to swallow.

Our recommendation goes instead to Hunter Focus, which is available via www.roarambition.com/hunter-focus

Olly Ultra Strength Brain FAQ

Is it safe?

Ultra strength brain softgels is made entirely with natural ingredients and should be safe for consumption for the vast majority of us. We recommend you speak to your local GP before consuming if you have any worries.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects should be few and far between by our best guesses, however Bacopa can sometimes leave people with stomach cramps, nausea and dry mouth, though with the low dosage here we believe these side effects will be quite mild. Discontinue use if side effects are encountered and discuss them with a medical professional before continuing supplementation.

Where can I purchase?

Olly ultra strength brain softgels are available directly from Olly via their website https://www.olly.com/products/ultra-strength-brain-softgels

You can also purchase from a multitude of different online vendors, including Amazon.

Customer Olly Ultra Brain Softgel Reviews

Glowing reviews present on their host site are to be expected, the ease at which they can flood these pages with fake positive reviews make it extremely commonplace. The few complaints dotted around all centre around people not feeling much of a difference if any at all, as well as some people mentioning side effects such as dizziness.

On Amazon unfortunately we failed to escape the fake positive review hell of online purchasing, though once again dotted through we have complaints of little to no noticeable effects being present and interestingly a few reviews complaining about an unpleasant smell alongside an awful aftertaste.

Olly Ultra Brain Ingredients

For a brief overview, Olly ultra strength brain softgels offer a combination of ingredients designed to look as healthy as possible whilst offering very little in terms of the real deal benefits you expect from nootropic supplements. Let’s take a deeper look:

Vitamin B6 (2mg)

Vitamin B6 does little in the way of improving healthy brain function and mental acuity. It’s inclusion here is likely as a preventative measure, as it’s been known to help protect neurotransmitters. That being said, Vitamin 6 is plentiful, being available in a wide variety of foods and, because of this, it’s very unlikely you’ll be deficient in it. The reason we bring this up is that unless you are deficient, supplementing vitamins has very little effect. Our bodies will only absorb as much as it needs, with the rest being excreted via urine. A fine inclusion and dosed a fair bit above the average persons RDA, but with the few active ingredients present here perhaps this space could have been used more effectively.

Vitamin B12 (0.05mg)

Not much to say here without repeating ourselves, Vitamin B12 is a little more commonly supplemented by those with meat free diets as it’s most plentiful in red meat. There’s been a few studies to suggest viability of supplementing to combat a decline in memory, but these results have been difficult to replicate, leaving to the claims being widely dismissed in scientific circles. That being said again, it’s inclusion isn’t exactly unwarranted as the symptoms of deficiency include extreme tiredness, as well as problems with memory, understand and judgement. A somewhat welcome inclusion that also leaves us wishing this space was better utilised.

Iron (0.4mg)

This is possibly the most baffling inclusion here. It seems almost as if Olly ultra strength brain began life on the drawing board as a supplement to be marketed towards vegans and vegetarians with this choice of vitamin/mineral inclusions, but then somewhere down the line someone added the fish oils. A deficiency of iron commonly presents with a lack of energy which understandably would have adverse effects on ones ability to focus, but again, does nothing to directly impact healthy brain function and could have been space better utilised.

Blueberry Extract (200mg)

Blueberry has been referred to as a “natural super fruit” by some, and has been use for quite some time. There has been studies suggesting some boost to cognition in rodents to help provide some scientific proof to these claims, but how does it effect humans? Well interestingly in a study we found an improvement to memory was found. The participants were tested on individual words remembered, as well as the number of correct sequences recall and with 3 months of supplementing with blueberry extract a substantial improvement was found. However at 6 months this effect seemed to drop off, as the difference between the placebo group was much less at this stage.

One thing we’ve neglected to mention however is dosage, and unfortunately this is where olly ultra strength brain falls short. The tests were on 500mg and 1,000mg as well as an ultra concentrated batch at 100mg. This final, ultra concentrated bath yielded the strongest results, with only minimal improvements shown in the direct blueberry extract. Now the label of Ultra strength brain states Blueberry Extract (fruit), leaving no indication a concentrated solution was used. With this in mind we believe this ingredient will be largely ineffective, as it is dosed much below the amounts found to have any meaningful effect.

Bacosides From Bacopa Extract (150mg)

Bacopa Monnieri has been used presumably since ancient times as a traditional medicine. Some studies suggest that these bacosides from bacopa extract can increase certain chemicals within the brain that power healthy brain function and mental acuity, including memory. All of this has lead of Bacopa being one of the most common ingredients in the world of nootropic supplementation. In terms of dosing once again we are left short, as Olly have only included half of an effective dose of Bacopa, with this number starting from 300mg.

Omega-3 from fish oil (100mg)

Now we’re not going to try to argue that omega-3 isn’t a healthy, and even essential fatty acid in anyones diet, there’s just only much conflicted research that suggests any sort of improvement to mental sharpness or brain support. There’s an argument that there will be an effect, as this has been observed many times in animal studies and the fact Omega-3 contains major components of neuronal membranes. Perhaps the thinking here is that this must mean that supplementing omega-3 will have some positive effects and leave us feeling mentally sharp, but beyond speculation this is been difficult to replicate in a lab setting, leading to many in the scientific community dismissing it’s usefulness as a nootropic. All in all will at least help to support healthy joints, but will do little to provide an edge in intellectual pursuits.


As you can see we’re left a little wanting by Olly Ultra Strength Brain Softgels. A lot of filler content here and what effective ingredients are present are unfortunately dosed poorly. We don’t imagine there’ll be much of an effect, and would instead recommend going for something with better dosing alongside more ingredients with clinically studied nootropic effects. Something like Hunter Focus, which has a completely transparent formula allowing you to see exactly how well chosen each ingredient is, as well as how well dosed everything is. Hunter Focus is available here www.roarambition.com/hunter-focus

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