Natrol Cognium Review

Nowadays whether you’re looking for something to help you eat less, exercise more efficiently or even get better sleep, there’s a supplement on the market that can help get you there. Natrol Cognium here is a nootropic supplement that aims to increase memory and recall specifically solely with an ace up their sleeve.

Most of the time a nootropic supplement is made up of a number or ingredients, with various effects to improve things such as memory, mood, and focus, as well as reducing things such as mental fatigue, brain fog and anxiety. Standing out from the crowd then is Natrol Cognium with it’s one effective ingredient, silk protein hydrolysate.

When using just one ingredient like this it goes without saying that you better make sure it’s an effective one, and you’ll be glad to hear that actually the science here is bang on. There’s been many studies that we go on to explain have shown in replicable ways that supplementing silk protein hydrolysate has positive effects on memory retention and memory recall. There’s an elephant in the room though, and that’s the dosage just being far too low to be effective, to the degree that to replicate the results of the clinical trials you’d need to be consuming between 6-12 tablets per day.

It’s for this reason that our recommendation does not go to Cognium, and instead towards a nootropic supplement with good quality ingredients that are dosed properly named Hunter Focus, available for purchase here

Natrol Cognium FAQ

Is Cognium safe?

Yes, in fact the active ingredient here showed no adverse effects within the clinical trials. If you choose to increase your dosage however you may encounter some effects of nausea and lack of appetite due to the other ingredients that fill out the rest of these tablets

Where can I purchase Cognium?

Cognium can be purchased directly on their website at

Cognium is also available on many other online vendors, including Amazon.

Customer Natrol Cognium Reviews

Naturally on the Cognium product page the customer reviews are outstanding, with an unprecedented score of four out of five. Though we can’t say for sure that these reviews have been faked, you can’t deny that the incentive and ease of flooding your own webpage with fake positive reviews is there.

What you can’t do however, without being noticed anyway, is remove complaints. Even on the Natrol website you see people complaining that this product just simply had no effect on them.

Amazon also has a pervasive issue with fake positive reviews, but again when you look you see that the complaints are there, and unfortunately there’s some familiarity with what you’ll find; the product has no notable effect.

Natrol Cognium Ingredients

Silk Protein Hydrolysate (60%) – 100mg

This curiously named protein is found within the cocoons of silkworms. In Asia it was believed to protect various parts of the body from being damaged, and as such was used as a popular traditional medicine. More relevant to its inclusion here are its properties that help to boost memory and even your immune system.

The claim that this boost to short term memory and memory recall are scientifically backed, as one study concluded “These studies indicate that silk protein hydrolysate exerts its positive effects on memory and learning by providing neuroprotection”, and another study stated its ability to improve memory in healthy adults, showing an impressive improvement of performance in a test of attention and memory after just free weeks of use Silk Protein Hydrolystate as a supplement.

So that’s that, it works so it’s worth taking to improve memory. Well unfortunately there’s a bit of subterfuge going on here, as we’ve only told you that Silk protein hydrolysate can help keep your mind sharp. What we’ve neglected to tell you is the dosage used in these clinical studies. There were tests done with doses of 280, 400 and 600mg respectively, with results increasing with dosage. This leaves us with a bit of a conundrum, as all we have at play here is a 100mg dose.

The thing is, it very well might still have a positive impact on your overall cognitive function, there’s simply no research done for such a low dosage. This unique ingredient is certainly a smart choice that helps Cognium really stand out in the world of nootropic supplements, but marketable or no if they really want their claims of being “clinically proven to improve memory and concentration” then they really need to step up their dosage dramatically.

Could I not just take more tablets?

Well yes but we don’t really feel comfortable recommending it. There’s a long list of “other ingredients” that could lead to undocumented and potentially severe side effects when you resort to taking 6-12 tablets daily. Not to mention the cost would sky rocket, where you could just purchase a more reputable and recognised supplement.

Other Ingredients

The rest of these ingredients are largely nothing to write home about and are largely used as an alter to prop up the star of the show here. A lot of these ingredients are simply to improve the texture and taste of the tablets and are not worth mentioning, though there are some with some benefits to speak of.

Dicalcium Phosphate

Calcium and phosphate creating a compound typically used to help convert the active ingredients into their tablet form. As calcium and phosphate are both advantageous to the body, you could however make an argument that this will have a positive impact on the users bones and teeth health. This is undercut, however, when the side effects are found to contain the likes of nausea, vomiting and poor appetite, as well as frequent urination and should not be consumed when pregnant or breastfeeding.


Standing out from the crowd isn’t the only thing you need to sell a successful nootropic, especially in todays day and age where information sharing is prevalent, making it very easy to disperse smoke and mirrors marketing tactics. One powerful ingredient certainly allows Cognium to stand proud on the backs of affirming clinical trials but without the proper dosage people are going to catch on sooner or later that the product is ineffective.

That’s why our recommendation goes to Hunter Focus, as it is completely transparent about the formula it offers, allowing for effortless research into how effective it really is. Hunter Focus is available for purchase here

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