Canada-based Mutant Nutrition (or just Mutant) began life in 2005. It’s based in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

The brand is owned by Fit Foods Ltd. In addition to Mutant Nutrition, the company’s other brands are Pure Vita Labs, Whey Gourmet, and North Coast Naturals.

Mutant Nutrition’s About page says that the brand is for customers who are not interested in “average” and who “don’t care about fitting in with the crowd”. It also states that it uses “the best ingredients in the world” and makes all products in its own “federally-licensed facility”.

In fact, all Mutant products are manufactured and distributed at Fit Foods’ own 80,000 sq. ft. facility. It complies with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and carries a Natural Health Product (NHP) license from Health Canada.

Fit Foods specializes in making powders, but the Mutant Nutrition range also includes capsule-based supplements. These include Mutant BCAA Caps, Mutant Caffeine, and Mutant Pump.

The brand’s flagship products are Mutant Mass (“a multi-award-winning” mass gainer), and Mutant Madness (“the ultimate pre-workout experience”), and Iso Surge (whey protein with a “gourmet” flavor).

A video on the brand’s Official Mutant TV YouTube channel describes the process behind its Iso Surge protein. Part of this process involves working with a “national flavoring supplier who deals with some of the top ice-cream brands in the business”. Everything is flavored and bottled onsite, while the company also takes care of distribution.

Mutant Nutrition splits its endorsement program into three categories: ‘IFBB PRO’, ‘NATIONAL LEVEL COMPETITOR’, and ‘AMBASSADOR’. The brand’s IFBB Pro stable includes – or has included – Johnnie O. Jackson, Renaldo Gairy, Ron Partlow, and Manuel Romero. But perhaps its most famous former endorser is Rich Piana, who has won several NPC bodybuilding competitions and featured on the cover of Ironman magazine in November 1998.

Meanwhile, Mutant Nutrition counts Karl Anderson, Dustin Mueller, Andre Capobaggio, and Cole Eastvold among its Ambassadors.

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