Amplified Creatine 189

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Creatine HCl 189 is made by GNC. It is also known as GNC AMP Creatine HCl 189.

The product is formulated to improve gym performance. It contains two active ingredients: creatine hydrochloride (1250mg) and calcium (132mg). Creatine is said to increase muscle energy (ATP), boost strength and raise endurance.

The product webpage states the creatine in this product could deliver “189% superior muscle creatine uptake” than rival products. It also promises “superior absorption and bioavailability”.

Unlike many other creatine products, Creatine HCl 189 comes in capsule form rather than as powder. There are 120 capsules in each bottle.


1 review for Amplified Creatine 189

  1. irishwhip03

    Not bad. But far from great.
    —-Quick Summary—-
    Swore off GNC products for a long time. But I was looking for a pill form creatine and decided to try this one out.

    —-Ingredient Profile—-

    There is a weird coating on the pill. Hard to explain the exact taste but it definitely isnt “flavorless” like it claims to be.

    Moderate gains. But nothing special.

    Its not expensive per say, but there are many better products out there for less money. If you’re looking for value, then this isnt where to go for it.

    —-Side Effects—-
    The side effects, for me atleast, was my biggest issue with this product. As a creatine user for the last year, I started off with other powder creatines and had limited or no side effects by using them. But once I started using this product, I started feeling a slight vertigo feeling every so often (which got me nervous since vertigo runs in my family), especially while walking or doing cardio. Ever since stopping and switching back to my original creatine, those feelings have stopped. So not sure if this will happen to everyone that uses the product. It probably wont. But in my case it was reason enough to not use again.

    I cant say this is a bad product. It just didnt work well for me. More of a no harm, (well maybe limited harm and more harm in the long run if I continued to use it) no foul type of experience. It could definitely work better for you. But look out for those side effects. Too many creatines out there to choose from, to continue to use one that is hurting your health.

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