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FlexAgain is our Number 1 Rated Joint Supplement for a Reason

As we age our bodies become worse at repairing the damage our joints take from the stress of physical activity and as such, it becomes very important later in life that we take very good care of our joints. There’s no one magic pill that can fix things for us yet, but joint supplements such as FlexAgain do a great job at providing our body with everything it needs to both mitigate day to day wear and tear and repair what damage is done.

FlexAgain at a glance


  • Natural ingredients
  • Expertly dosed
  • Increases mobility 
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Reduces stiffness
  • Tackles joint pain


  • Only available directly

It’s pretty much inevitable that we will all encounter some joint issues when we get older, and it’s likely happening to some of your friends even if they’re not talking about it. 

When you go to the doctor there are some medications they can give you but side effects are quite common, and quite a lot of doctors would recommend things such as omega-3 supplements and eating more ginger, but that’s all quite a bit of a faff and can be quite difficult and stressful to remember it all.

If only there was an easier way…

What Does FlexAgain Do?

With the commonality of joint health issues it’s no wonder that joint health supplements have been an increasingly common part of many peoples lives. This means the competition is fierce and many supplement brands make claims of being the only clinically proven joint pill that works. 

Now don’t get us wrong there are many joint health supplements out there that will genuinely help a lot, but there’s none quite like FlexAgain.

Natural Ingredients

First things first, let’s talk about how everything included in FlexAgain is completely naturally sourced. This means there’s nothing synthetic that was made in a lab inside, and the majority of the ingredients are simple, therapeutic herbal ingredients that have long been known to provide medicinal effects for our joints.

Expertly Dosed

Many similar brands to FlexAgain have shared ingredients in their formulas but what sets FlexAgain above the pack is how expertly dosed each one is. We’ll go into more detail in our ingredients breakdown but for a quick example let’s look at Omega-3, as FlexAgain has a whopping 1,100mg of the stuff which might seem excessive when compared to its contemporaries who typically include around 500mg, but the data is on FlexAgain’s side as 1,100mg is exactly the RDA for Omega-3.

Increases Mobility

The worst part about suffering with joint issues is the lack of mobility, but FlexAgains formula includes many ingredients that will get you back on your feet in no time. There are many testimonials for customers who have used FlexAgain and said it was the only joint supplement that finally put a spring back in their step.

Reduces Stiffness

Though losing mobility might be an effect of stiffness, the stiffness itself can be horrible to deal with and can affect anywhere from the hands/fingers to knees and shoulders. This is caused by degradation of the synovial fluid that lubricates your joints, so you’ll be thankful to hear FlexAgain has many ingredients that directly target synovial fluid to keep your joints in tip top shape.

Tackles Joint Pain

It’s common for people who suffer joint issues to end up on pain relieving anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, although long time use of such drugs has adverse effects on its user. With its natural ingredients FlexAgain is able to tackle this pain by relieving the stress on joints without any known adverse effects.

Ingredients in FlexAgain

We’ve already spoke about what FlexAgain does as a whole, and we’re well aware by now that it contains only natural ingredients, but what are these ingredients and what specific purpose do they serve in FlexAgain? Let’s take a closer look

Omega-3 1100mg

We’ve likely all seen and heard of cod liver oil or simply fish oil in both liquid and capsule form, and they’re most commonly marketed towards people suffering with joint health issues. This is because of the omega-3 content, which is a fatty acid that our body uses to help keep our joints lubricated. 


Omega-3 supplementation has been found to result in less pain relief requirements for those suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and has a modulatory effect of disease activity, namely on the number of swollen and tender joints.

Vitamin D 15mcg

Being vital for bone health, a deficiency of vitamin D is known to worsen joint pain, and 41% of the US population is deficient.

Vitamin K2 70mcg

Though quite an uncommon ingredient for joint health supplements, studies have found that getting enough vitamin K can slow the progression of Osteoarthritis.

Ginger and Blue Galangal Extract 250mg

A common herbal therapeutic remedy for joint pain, ginger is well documented as one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatories. Though amounts up to 4,000mg have been found to be effective, the blue galangal extract is 12 times more potent, and has been cited by the arthritis foundation to be effective at treating joint pain at 255mg.

Bromelain 100mg

An enzyme that had been observed having a pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect that are comparable to prescription joint medication.

Curcumin Extract 500mg

You may already be aware that turmeric is another potent natural inflammatory, similar to ginger. This is because of the curcumin inside, which targets the same pro-inflammatory enzymes as prescription drug celecoxib. It’s also been found to have similarly potent effects as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen.

Resveratrol 100mg

If you’ve ever heard people say red wine is good for you, it’s likely the resveratrol providing these therapeutic effects. This polyphenol found in grapes is a proven, potent anti-inflammatory that has shown protective effects on damaged joints by decreasing production of pro-flammatory enzymes.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 50mg

This is an interesting inclusion as FlexAgain themselves have said that is one of the less backed inclusions, and has instead opted to include it for it’s promising results in a 2006 study, which showed in improved symptoms of pain as well as physical function without major side effects.

Glucosamine 400mg

Recommended by physician Phillip Barr, MD, Glucosamine is said to be effective at reducing joint pain when a combined dose with chondroitin of between 500mg and 3 grams is taken daily for at least a month.

Chondroitin 250mg

Included as many studies have tested its ability to increase the effectiveness of glucosamine, though FlexAgain have stated they’d look into replacing this ingredient if the evidence changes.

Boswellic Acid 100mg

Known anti-inflammatories, boswellic acids function by blocking an enzyme that breaks down fatty acids into inflammatory molecules that attack joints and other tissues. It’s been found to reduce cartilage damage in arthritis sufferers at around 100 mg per day without serious side effects

FlexAgain Supplement Facts

There is nothing but natural, organic ingredients powering FlexAgains formula, so it’s definitely a clean supplement.

How to Take FlexAgain

The serving size is four capsules a day, and you get a month’s supply at 120 per bottle.


It’s recommended to take FlexAgain for at least 6 weeks as it can take this long for some of the ingredients to take effect, and that’s why there’s a 90 day money back guarantee.

Side Effects

Thanks to the clever and completely natural formula there are very little side effects recorded. It should be stated however that some of the ingredients within FlexAgain have known interactions with blood thinners and blood pressure medications.


We recommend you discontinue use if there are any observed adverse effects and contact your doctor as soon as possible.

FlexAgain Price

A single bottle of FlexAgain is currently priced at $76.99, though there’s a sale on right now so you can actually buy it for $69.47. It’s always worth checking the manufacturers website for the latest prices by clicking this link.

If you buy in bulk you do save yourself some money though, as the 2 month supply is $139.97 (currently on sale at $129.19) and the 3 month supply is $198.97 (currently on sale at $182.01)

Final Thoughts on FlexAgain

Mobility is one of the most important aspects of your life, and seeing that being slowly taken away from you can be incredibly demoralizing. 


Though they don’t offer a magic pill that promises to solve all of your problems, what they do offer you is the pinnacle of science. There’s not a single thing in FlexAgain that hasn’t been clinically proven to be effective against joint pain, joint stiffness and otherwise treating the symptoms of arthritis.


On top of all of that there’s a dedication and commitment to remain true to the scientific literature at all times, as they have declared that they will be changing the formula should new evidence come to light, which is beyond the lengths of what most any other company would be prepared to go for their customers.


They’re definitely one to watch, we for one can’t wait to see what else they come up with. 

Flex Again FAQ

What is FlexAgain?

FlexAgain is a joint health supplement designed by collecting the best and most trusted natural remedies and combining them into a simple, easy to take capsule.

Where can I buy FlexAgain?

You can buy FlexAgain directly from the manufacturers website

How long will it take FlexAgain to work?

On average it takes between two to four weeks to see results, though they recommend you try for at least 6 weeks.

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