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This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with Super HD Gen4

(Out of 10, after 14 reviews)

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Weight Loss > Thermogenics

Super HD is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Cellucor. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with Super HD Gen4

See all 97 products in:
Weight Loss > Thermogenics


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +296
Trust: 100%
  June 16, 2015

Hey SR! Cutting season is well underway and I've just finished my first bottle of thermogenics! Before I start, keep in mind *as an individual, my weight tends to fluctuate very easily (one day at 169lbs, another 165lbs). During my run of Super HD, my diet was not changed. I also do not have a strict diet*. I'm pretty lean, roughly 8% BF at 168lbs on average. My fat (and lack of definition) usually ends up around my obliques, lower back and calves.

----Ingredient Profile---- 8
Niacin - 10mg
Vitamin B6 - 3mg
Vitamin B12 - 250mcg
Super HD Nootropic & CNS Support Blend
Caffeine Anhydrous - 160mg
N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine - 150mg
Toothed Clubmoss - 2.5mg
Super HD Sculpting Blend 253mg
B Vitamin Blend - 15.25mg

As you may or may not notice in my reviews, I cannot explain each ingredient disclosed, so PLEASE check out other in-depth reviews as well

----Taste/Mixability/Dosing---- 10
Simple dosing and capsule form. One in the AM, one PM. No bad taste or burps. Suggested use instructs to take an additional capsule in the AM if the product is well tolerated. I decided not to dose at 3 capsules a day and added small meals with each dose rather than on an empty stomach.

----Effectiveness---- 7
First day of dosing was rough (empty stomach dose). I wouldn't consider myself a lightweight when it comes to stims, but apparently I can't say I'm a junkie. The AM dose kicked me in the teeth; I felt a bit nauseous, but strong appetite suppression, and certain I wouldn't be able to use PW for my lift. The nausea subsided after a few days, but I chose to only turn to PW on major-lift days (no more than 3 days out of the week).
*As an individual, my weight tends to fluctuate very easily (one day at 169lbs, another 165lbs). During my run of Super HD, diet was not changed. I also do not have a strict diet*
After two weeks of dosing I noticed a significant amount of definition around my serratus and obliques. Legs also started showing more cuts and shadows. My weight average dropped to about 166.
From the third week to the end of the bottle, I noticed that the appetite suppression was almost non-existent. Diuretic effects also declined (not really complaining too much there). Keep in mind, I decided NOT to dose three capsules a day. I figured I'd rather practice some willpower than over-do the stims and a shorten the run.

----Value---- 6
I purchased mine from a 24hr Fitness. Under regular circumstances, I would never spend $40 on a 30 day supplement, and I didn't. A sale brought it down to about $30, making me unable to pass it up! I figured it was because the new Gen was being released, but the new ones ran at the same price (found out after I purchased). I can't give a high value score though to a temporary sale price.

----Side Effects---- 9
I'd say there are no adverse sides that anyone should worry about but caffeine intake. Each pill has 160mg, totaling 320mg a day if you don't bump up to 3 caps. Maybe it's because I decided to dose on an empty stomach that I felt the nausea, but I still figure regular dosing while using PW might be overkill on the stims for the average consumer. If you've yet to try anything, always assess your tolerance!

SuperHD came off as very strong to me, guessing because it was a first for me. The effects were very fun to experience, seeing a noticeable amount of definition and leaning in places I didn't have before. I also lost close to no strength gains because I did not diet (to be clear, I don't count macros, but I'm sure I was taking in less calories than usual from appetite suppression). Unfortunately the effects started to decline since the appetite suppression faded out towards the end of the bottle. You could argue that it's due to not dosing at 3 caps a day, but I don't think it's necessary to have so much caffeine to experience the best of the product.

Good product. Mediocre results, but results none the less.
  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Works!
  • A Tiny Bit On The Pricey Side
Rep: 0
Trust: 0%
  October 8, 2014

Came upon SR from my searches looking up supplements I was planning on buying. Glad to see such a concrete community dedicated to reviewing and critiquing the myriad of products out there. I'm new here, but I'm going to chime in on the products I've used in the past two years. Hopefully someones gets something out of my opinions. So, without further ado:


I've been a fan of Cellucor for years, and I've dabbled in thermogenics here and there (MuscleTech's Hydroxycut Hardcore and BPI's B4 -- both meh), but I found a couple months where I could knuckle down without too many outings/holidays/temptations and see what I could get out of my training and supplementation. Found a good deal on and stocked up on Super HD capsules. I took them for 2 months, 2x a day, 1 upon waking up, and 1 at lunch time (5-6hrs later, as directed). I definitely felt the energy, and a little warm toasty feeling. The slightest exertion of work would bring me to a sweat, though. I guess that was expected, as far as thermogenics go. I came into beginning the product by working on a 5-day split of bodybuilding workouts from MusclePharm's workout of the day. I kept that going and tried to get my diet in check, no more than 2000 cals per day.

I've got to admit that the first two weeks had me feeling very jittery, along with the other effects previously mentioned. I saw a little bit of appetite suppressant action going on mostly due to taking Super HD on an empty stomach (as directed).

I lost around 5 pounds of fat (or water weight). It's hard for me to say that it was Super HD that got me that change, because I noticeably changed my diet and workout effort. I'm prone to kicking my self into gear when starting a workout plan and supplement stack. But, I will give it to Super HD for giving me the energy to finish my workouts with some cardio sessions and really work up a sweat!

I don't know if I'd suggest the product be more potent, but definitely need to tweak the formula to reduce the jitters. Overall, I didn't hate the experience, but I don't know if I'd buy it again. I happen to have another 60 capsule bottle from my purchase, so I will probably use it again. Maybe after a 2-4wk break from thermogenics/pre-workouts, I'll give it another go.
  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Makes You Tweak
  • Not Seeing Direct Results
  • Rapid Heart Beat
  • Sweaty!!
Rep: +577
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  September 20, 2013

Super HD

One of the latest editions to my fatburner supplement options. Only If you get it at a good price.

Dosage very simple. Twice a day, once in AM, once again later. Can adjust serving size after adjusting tolerance. I dosed it at 4 a day. 2 in AM and 2 in PM. On ocasion I did 3 in AM or PM, never went over 5 caps in one day. Those were only on days where I needed extra boost or had lower stimulant intake due to not taking a pre. I am also pretty tolerant to stims.

Ingredients -----7---

I like the indredients but the blend bugs me. Cellucor does list caffeine amount, which is an ingredient I specifically liketo know how much I am taking in. (I do think it should be mandatory in all supplements)
But pretty much everything else is hiding in a blend. But the ingredients in those blends are noteworthy. I really would like to know how much yohimbe is in it though.

Super HD Nootropic & CNS Support Blend:

Caffine- 160mg, Good amount not too strong but enough to help boost you up.
Some L tyrosine to help with dopamine/seratonin and amplify the timulant effect.
Huperzine A, or toothed moss. Added to help with focus I like the inclusion of this,

I like the whole CNS support and nootropic. Dieting can be tough on your CNS especially on a low carb diet, the mind can become clouded and forgetful so support in that area is very welcome. And in my opinion sets it apart from most fat burners. All have caffeine but dont really go as far as cellucor did to support CNS. They also list every ingredients amount in this blend, so thats nice.

Super HD ThermoSculpting Blend
iFAS50- Couldnt find too much on this. it consists of (Camellia sinensis leaf extract, Tuber fleece flower root extract, and Chinese mistletoe stem extract) Found something about bronchodilator for the camellia, Anti Aging for the tuber fleece flower. The Chinese mistletoe found to be helpful to ease breathing for those with asthma.
I can see why a bronchodilator blend is beneficial in fatburner.
Rhodiola rosea root extract found to improve mental focus, mental and physical performance.
Amla fruit extract- In rats found to reduce blood glucose and food intake.
Dandelion Root- Good natural diuretic which aids in shedding water, toxins and such.
As well as Yohimbe, Capsimax and B vitamins for metabolism and energy.

Pretty solid blend in my opinion.

On to the effects
I will have to say the diuretic effects were strong. I was guzzeling water. For the first 30 days I did also combine this with T7 so that made me extra thirsty but even without the T7 I noticed that. I ran it for about 3 months. I saw some great results especially combined with T7.
Also found that it gave me a good focus/ stimulant boost different than most fat burners. Not as strong thermogenic effect as other fat burners but
Dropped weight quickly. Definitely enjoyed the stimulant effect and weight loss.

Not the best priced fat burner. 39.99 on allstar for 3 weeks if you do 3 caps a day. If 2 caps a day is all you need then its a little better value. It is often at a BOGO 50% deal so you can find it a bit cheaper. Cheapest I have found it when you buy a bunch of it is 44 cents a cap at 80 for 180 caps. Which would put 60 caps for 26. Which is pretty good. In my opinion it is worth the extra money just hunt around for the best deal.
Rep: +47
Trust: 29%
  May 17, 2013

I was looking for a natural diuretic and I stumbled onto this shiny product on sale - so I bought it.

A few important things to note:

1.) I am not stimulative sensitive.
2.) I have a pretty stong stomach.
3.) I am in the athletic range for bodyfat as a female (16% or thereabouts) and I weigh 127lbs.

I have taken OxyElite Pro and as anyone who has tried this product may know, it can be very effective if you take long breaks. I usually go for it every 6 months.

I'm already pretty lean, so I was looking for something a little different this time, something to bring out some cuts and showcase my gains (and losses). I'm a bit of a pull-up junky, so being light is a big plus.

Dosing: I assessed my tolerance with 1 in the morning and one in the afternoon. I'm glad I did because this stuff was pretty powerful. I graduated to two pills in the morning after 4 days. I finished the remainder of the bottle on the recommended dose. First dose at 0600, the next at 1200 - empty stomach.

Workouts: My workouts are straight forward: I run 2-3 miles outdoors and then return to the weight room for some pull-ups, push-ups, light front squats, cleans and presses. I stretch for about 30 minutes. A total of 2 hours in the gym 4-5 days per week. This supplement did not give me extra energy or motivation. I wasn't really looking for it, so that was okay.

Side effects (negatives): This product made me feel pretty bad. My stomach was constantly raw, my head hurt, I felt like my nose might bleed, I made very frequent trips to the can, It KILLED my appetite to the point where I didn't want to eat. There was a pressure inside my head that was terrible. I used to be very overweight and, oddly, this was reminiscent of what I felt like all the time then. I also sweat like I was in the Vietnamese Jungle all day. All Day!

Positives: This product definitely made me appear leaner, despite all the negatives. It enhanced some of my vascuarlity while I worked out and even thereafter. I only lost about 2lbs but I don't use a scale to gauge my progress anymore. The appetite supressant came as a result of not feeling well, but if you have an issue controlling your appetite, I have no doubt this stuff will destroy your desire to eat. this is likely why I lost those few pounds. I eat clean for 10-14 days (100% compliance) and re-feed for two days (if it's not nailed down, I will eat it), BTW, and this did not change.

Overall: You will probably get leaner. You will probably lose some weight. If you don't mind feeling a little crappy for a few weeks (think of what extreme dieting down feels like - you will dream of marshmallows and mountains of sugar), this is an effective product.

Drink plenty of water and be prepared to force yourself to eat.

I give it a maybe because I'm sure it just wasn't for me.

  • Diuretic Effect
  • Weight Loss
  • Too Worried About Side Effects
  • Sweaty!!
  • Fatigue
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  April 20, 2013

First review here.

I've taken other thermogenics before started to take this one.

The first thermo I tried was Oxyelite Pro (old formula) and it worked extremely well. I haven't tried the new formula yet.

After that, I tried Lipo6 black and I found it no effective whatsoever.

Last month I started taking Super HD.
To be honest, it seems like a good thermo, but it was a little too strong for me.
at first, I used to feel really jittery, sweaty
and I could feel my heart beating like crazy.
That's pretty normal for stimulants.
But a couple of hours after taking it, I started feeling really depressed (not tired), but I felt kind of nauseous sometimes and VERY hungry most of the day.

I took the recommended dosage, but decided to give up after the second week due to the stong side effects.

I think it's a great product, but not for everyone.

So... I hope it helps you guys to decide.

So far, the best thermo I took was the discontinued oxyelite pto (old formula). It made me feel great, without the hyped sensation and the bad side effects of super HD.
  • Increased Energy
  • Pretty Lable
  • Great Workout
  • Good Price
  • Makes You Tweak
  • Not Seeing Direct Results
  • Too Worried About Side Effects
  • Rapid Heart Beat
  • Made Me Feel Very Hungry
Rep: +1
Trust: 0%
  December 11, 2012

I was looking for Oxy Elite Pro, which I used for 2 years and it worked ok, my weight fluctuated, lost a total of 7-10, but wanted something cheaper. I saw the reviews so I wanted to try it out since it was only 24.99 on Amazon, compared to 59.00 for OEP.

I wanted to review them because I have tried so many supps and I have had unbelievable results with these!

I first used Xenadrine, than Hydroxycut, then BeHot by GNC, then Oxy Elite Pro, now Super HD. SUper hD worked the best out of all of the ones I have tried.

I have been taking them for 3.5 months now.
Since July of 2012 (starting weight 210) I have lost 27 lbs. I am only 5'2".
I started with walks, and doing some morning zumba, and cardio (sit-ups, planks, and push ups. Now my joints hurt less so I can do more planks, and workout at the gym two to three times a week for 30-60 minutes. I am down from size 16 lbs to 13. My face has gotten much slimmer and my bra size is smaller.

I also watch what I eat but I do allow myself one cheat each day (CAUSE I LOVE FOOD:)For the most part I stick to semi paleo diet.

I am full of energy, focus, and lack of appetite when I take these.

As far as any negative side effects:
Day 1: was kind of awful, I took 1 then I cleaned all my cabinets, and organized my DVDs alphabetically and couldnt sleep at all.
My heart raced and I was super sweatty. Day 2, was a little better and by day 3, I could totally deal.

I only take 1 in the morning and one in the afternoon (NOT after 4). 2 in the morning is too much for me.

I just ordered another bottle. I am taking a 2 week break, and already my appetite has changed. With Super HD I only crave fruit or hard boiled eggs for breakfast, this morning I wanted a breakfast burrito, coffe, etc.... All bad... The hunger beast is back!

NOTE: I never drink coffee when I take them, I tried that once and it made me really sick to my stomach. You won't need the caffeine.
  • Extreme Mental Clearity
  • Increased Energy
  • Works!
  • Incinerated Fat
  • Weight Loss
  • Makes You Tweak
  • Rapid Heart Beat
  • Sweaty!!
Rep: +3,139
Trust: 100%
  September 20, 2012

Oh my SUPER HD! View the world in HD vision. As we all know Cellucore is notorious for their shiny out of space labels, and very persuasive advertising. With that said I pulled the trigger on this product to start my cut and see the world in HD!

Cellucore recommends That you start of by dosing 1 cap in the morning on an empty stomach then 1 cap 5-6 hours later to assess your tolerance. Cellucore recommends that if your tolerance is high enough to add an additional capsule to the morning dose, but never exceed 3 caps per day. As for me I chose to run it vice versa 1 in the morning 2 mid afternoon.

Ok first off for the record this product did not produce the mental clarity/focus/HD vision it claimed. With that said it did produce a nice clean smooth energy that lasted the whole day. While dosing this I did notice that I had to go potty alot more often than usual, and that could of been from the Dandelion Extract wich is well known as a natural diuretic. During my 40 day run on Super HD I will say It help carve up my obliques I noticed twice as many striations. Also for the first time I acquired veins through out my mid section.

This my friends is were Super HD takes the biggest dive, the price is outrages. Unless your just dosing 1 cap day. I bought the 120 count bottle for $69 wich comes out to being $0.58 per serving wich if you dose the recommended dose of 3 caps per day you would be paying $1.74 per serving. Thats too much considering OxyECA Black is a lot cheaper and more effective.

By no means am I saying Super HD is not a solid fat burner because it is, Super HD provided the beginning stages of my cut with a necessary jump. I honestly just wish that I had have learned about oxyeca black first before I pulled the trigger on this. At the end of the day if you don't wanna keep it simple and want a pricey fancy labeled fat burner than this is the winner because it does deliver just at expense of an empty disgruntled wallet!
  • Pretty Lable
  • Increased Energy
  • Works!
  • No Cracked Out Feeling
  • Diuretic Effect
  • Over Priced
  • No Hd Vision
Rep: +7
Trust: 0%
  August 17, 2012

A buddy of mine and I both purchased the 120 count bottle planning to take 3 pills a day for 40 days straight. Now before I begin this is my first review so bare with me. I started out at 14%bf (measured with fat caliper) and after 30 days I'm down to 10% and weighing in at 178lbs. I did a low carb, high protein diet and had 1 cheat meal a week. I kind of messed up in the beginning by only doing cardio 3 times a week for roughly 20 to 30 min. The last 20 or something days I did 30 to 45 min a day and saw a lot more improvement in my lower abs, and have had multiple compliments on my abs (something new to me).

Value : 7/10 - I purchased the 120-count bottle for $70.00. I'm not really gonna complain about the cost because i got exactly what I was going for to burn that extra little fat off the waste. Of course supplements could be cheaper but hell it was $70.00 well spent.

Pill size/Taste 8/10 - The pills are white, and about the size of any multi vitamin. Only thing about it is it says take on an empty stomach but for some reason my acid reflex was not liking this so I usually took it about an hour and a half after meals.

Effectiveness : 8/10 - I'm gonna go with an 8 on this one. I figure I got exactly what i was looking for and could have had better results if i hadn't been lazy in the beginning. Consuming roughly 1700 calories a day with this product and adding cardio to your cutting workout you will see results you want as my buddy did because he wasn't lazy. But from my point of view the pill didn't make me jittery or hungry or anything really negative. It honestly just gave me that extra bump once i got my ass on the track, or treadmill. A lot of people talk about how there abs are affected in sculpting agents but honestly i saw a lot of improvement in detail in not only my arms but my legs really sculpted out nice. I guess it "worked equally" around my entire body. It has B6 which helps boy protein to build body tissue and in metabolism of fat, and B12 which metabolizes protein and fat in the body along with 160mg of caffeine in each pill. Which gave me that extra humph in the gym when i had to go back and do cardio.

Overall : 8/10 - Like I said in the beginning this is my first review so im sorry if i didnt meet your expectations any feedback would be great. Overall though I think Cellucor Super HD gave me that extra energy boost once i got going on cardio instead of just stopping once i got tired. I really like how it worked all over my body and i really dont see any muscle loss just more definition which is what i wanted along with that extra roll causing my 6 pack to look like a 4 pack to go away, which it did. Only bad thing was I *** about 2-3 times a day on it and would sweat profusely while running (like more than usual). Those are the only 2 disadvantages i can think of.. other than that I was impressed!
  • Extreme Mental Clearity
  • Increased Energy
  • Works!
  • No Cracked Out Feeling
  • Weight Loss
  • A Tiny Bit On The Pricey Side
Rep: +4,205
Trust: 100%
  June 20, 2012

SuperHD from Cellucor. Thanks to the folks over at Cellucor for letting me try this product. This is their newest fat burner. It is labeled as a Fat Targeting & Sculpting supplement.

How I ran it: 1 pill AM and 1 pill PM. No additional preworkouts were taken during this run of the product, given the caffeine in each dosage. I never had to increase to the recommended 2 pills in the PM.

Ingredients: I rarely discuss the ingredient profile of most supplements because mostly they are all similar, but since I do not touch fat burners often, I felt the need to discuss here. The primary ingredients are 160 mg of caffeine per pill, Huperzine A , N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, B vitamin blend and a ThermoSculpting blend. The ThermoSculpting blend consists of a wide range of extracts including but not limited to Yohimbe, Red Better and Camellia Sinensis Leaf. Cellucor calls this ThermoSculpting blend the "IFAS50". Sounds very fancy and just a bunch of marketing, but if it works they can call it whatever they want.

My Routine: As many of you know my routines are based on supersets, dropsets and monstersets. Many mass to shred supersets are my niche.

Effectiveness 8.5: As stated I have never really run a full bottle of fat burner and I have always been skeptical of any of these items. During the run I noticed no side effects. I am fairly stim tolerant and no ingredient in these pills was an issue. Unlike ChiChi I didn't notice increased urination, although I drink so much water I am in the bathroom constantly. At the end of the cycle I was only down 2 pounds but most notably I was down about a solid inch off the waist. This is exactly the result I was hoping for. Not a significant amount of weight loss but down to roughly a 30.5/31 inch waist. Ended at 190 and 6 foot. No noticeable strength decreases, actually my strength increased, but that was most likely due to the creatine cycle. The effectiveness gets a solid 8, it does the job I just don't know if it is worth the money, but that gets the value (below).

Taste N/A: These are pills, no issue here. Easy to swallow.

Value 5.5: At roughly 39.99 plus shipping on many supplement websites for 60 capsules (30 day supply roughly), this is one of the few Cellucor supplements that is actually priced in a fair range. Typically Cellucor products are overpriced in my opinion, but they priced this more reasonably. However, $40 for 60 pills that contains these ingredients is still expensive in my opinion.

Conclusion 7.5: Overall, this product does the job for targeted fat loss. I did not drop significant amounts of weight, but that was not my objective. I wanted to "target" my lower abdominal section and drop an inch or so off the waist, keep muscle mass and maintain roughly the same weight. It accomplished what I set out to do. This gets the bladeski seal of approval, although price/value is a consideration in addition to not having any other fat burners to serve as benchmarks.
  • Increased Energy
  • Works!
  • No Cracked Out Feeling
  • A Tiny Bit On The Pricey Side
Rep: +1,250
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 38
  June 8, 2012


- I switched up my routine a bit while running this product. I never had straight up lifting days and straight cardio days like I am used to. I used this product with an hour of lifting then an hour of cardio each day.

- On training days, I would take one cap approximately 5-6 hours after my workout(which I took a PWO with). On non-training days, I took one cap early in the morning and a second cap 5-6 hours later. Never needed to use the full 3 cap dosage.

- I reduced my caloric intake by roughly 300-400 every day.

Taste - 10/10 - It's a capsule, so there wasn't much taste. It kinda had a "money"(like...actual money...) like taste if I would let the cap sit in my mouth with water. There was no bad aftertaste or crummy pepper/acid type burps that I have gotten from other Thermos. The cap is also well sized, it's nothing like the ON Amino 2222 tabs I've taken that make me feel like I was choking down a goose egg.

Value - 7/10 - The biggest weak point of this supplement. I paid $52 for 120 caps. The way I ran the product, I got a decent value out of it. However, if I used the max dosage of 3 caps, that's 40 days. A bit pricey, IMO. I didn't NEED to use that much however, which does bring the value up to a 7.

Effects - 9/10 - With the switch up in my routine and more emphasis on cardio, in combination with this product, I lost 18 lbs in those 10 weeks. Now, I was lifting a bit still and didn't want to lose my mass in my arms, chest and shoulders and this product did it for me. It does exactly as it says and "targets" fat. I lost a lot of that weight in my stomach/obliques area. My wife even said to me the other night, "You are losing weight, aren't you?" Which kinda stung at first because I didn't want to appear "smaller" but I did want to lose a bit of that baby fat. She then clarified that statement to say in my stomach area(mind you, I was not a "big guy" to begin with). Mission accomplished!

The strong suit of this supplement is the fact there were no jitters. It was a very "clear" and "clean" energy and focus. No heart racing throughout the day, no crash later. It was like a smooth, constant energy that powered me through the day.

Now, why 9 and not 10 overall? Because I personally don't like to go overboard with 10s like I see around here a lot. You want a 10? I want a "magic pill" :) So for the McGilla skill, this is about as high quality as you get.

Overall, I would recommend this supplement if the price doesn't bother you as it is very good at what it claims. I had a gameplan that I was executing and Super HD helped me get there.
  • Extreme Mental Clearity
  • Increased Energy
  • Works!
  • Incinerated Fat
  • No Cracked Out Feeling
  • A Tiny Bit On The Pricey Side

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