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Super HD Fire is a thermogenic fat burner manufactured by Cellucor. It is formulated to “increase metabolism”, “reduce excess water”, “improve body composition” and control the appetite.

The fat-loss supplement contains several common fat-burning ingredients. In fact, SuperHD Fire contains two formulas – one for use in the morning and the other for use in the afternoon.

Both products feature cayenne pepper (as Capsimax®) and caffeine, which are said to help increase energy expenditure, which could lead to faster weight-loss.

The “Morning” formula features ashwagandha, which is said to support weight loss and relieve stress. Meanwhile, the “Afternoon” formula contains toothed clubmoss, which is believed to promote memory and concentration.


1 review for Super HD Fire

  1. bctuthill

    SuperHD Fire – More like satellite signal warm coals…

    —-Quick Summary—-
    Super HD Fire is a daily 2-stage weight loss supplement taken in the morning and afternoon. Ingredients are disclosed from within a proprietary blend with full transparency for the amount of caffeine.
    This was my first bounty rewards product and I want to start by thanking Clipper83 for hooking this up, plus sending along some additional samples & whatnot– that’s always fun! I’ve been on the hunt for a good thermogenic lately which is what drew me into selecting this in the first place. This was also the first Cellucor product I’ve ever used (believe it or not!), so that was fun… Let’s see how it stood up to the hype!!
    —-Ingredient Profile—-
    Super HD Fire has two pills that are taken daily– the morning pill and the afternoon pill. Both pills are a proprietary blend with a separate disclosure for the amount of caffeine. [u][i]Morning Pill[/i][/u] (446mg with 250mg Caffeine) ZumXR Caffeine Anhydrous, Sensoril Ashwagandha root, Caffeine Anhydrous, Capsimax Things to note: It’s tough to ball park dosages with the caffeine being split within the one pill. ZumXR is a time-released ingredient manufacturer, but from what I can tell, Caffeine Anhydrous isn’t one of their ingredients. They have a delayed release option, and extended release option, and an extended release liquid stable microsphere option, but there’s no indication of which one Cellucor is actually including in Super HD Fire. Sensoril Ashwagandha supposedly has 8x the bio-availability of regular ashwagandha. Despite this pill only having 446mg of “stuff”, and only about 200mg left over after removing the caffeine, if Sensoril is legit about increasing the availability 8-fold, that should mean you’re getting an effective dose even at 100mg of Sensoril. Capsimax should be effective dosed at 100mg as well. [u][i]Afternoon Pill[/i][/u] (485mg with 150mg Caffeine) DygloFit, Caffeine Anhydrous, Capsimax, Toothed Clubmoss Things to note: I’m *guessing* that we probably have 200mg of DygloFit, 150mg of caffeine [as disclosed], 100mg of Capsimax, and 35mg of Toothed Clubmoss (Huperzia Serrata). DygloFit mainly works by improving insulin sensitivity, and the toothed clubmoss is a common nootropic with ties to memory improvement and stress reduction. I found the afternoon pill to be a little more interesting because of the nutrient repartitioning qualities of the DygloFit and the mood support from the Huperzia Serrata.
    No Taste/No Mixing. I took the morning pill daily between 9:30 and 10, then took the afternoon pill between 12:30-2. I took the afternoon pill at 3:30pm a few days and actually had trouble sleeping as a result despite a low caffeine dose.
    In terms of appetite suppression, Super HD Fire worked very well. It was very normal for me to go from my morning dose to 12:30 or 1pm without thinking about food. Normally I try to keep healthy snacks on and to eat throughout the day at work, but this made it difficult to keep up with that. The afternoon pill exhibited less appetite suppression than the morning pill. I would still have food cravings after taking the afternoon serving, but they did seem to be more manageable. I did not notice much of a thermogenic effect at any point while taking this, from either pill. That was disappointing because I really love feeling myself heat up from a good thermo! Those seem to be hard to find though. In terms of weightloss, I moved the scale from 223 to 218 over the month. That seems like a solid loss, but my weight can easily fluctuate and I really wasn’t impressed with that. Visually I’d say there was slight weightloss in areas I wouldn’t normally think of as being fatty though– like my forearms and shoulders. I didn’t notice much change in my belly or lower back, but noticed an increased amount of vascularity in my arms and chest that wasn’t just due to a pump. Lastly, this was really most useful as a means of getting energy to carry me through my day. The caffeine doses were easy to work into my day without being cracked out, and it gave me two nice little jolts that could help me through the busiest parts of my schedule.
    The prices for Super HD Fire are all over the place. You can buy it for $60 from GNC, or you can buy it for $30 from, or you can buy it for $20 at There are also lots of package deals from time to time where you can get a whole stack for $30-$50. There are 28 servings in the package, and I really wouldn’t recommend paying more than $30 for this to anyone. For me personally, I wouldn’t spend more than $20. My rating is based on an average of these prices. I don’t think the $20 Amazon price is going to be a long-term price, otherwise I would’ve rated it higher.
    —-Side Effects—-
    The first 2-3 days after taking the morning pill I got a very light headed feeling that lasted for 15-20 minutes, almost like a high of some kind. It was short-lived and didn’t happen again after the first few days. I also experienced sleeplessness when taking the afternoon pill after 3pm. Other than that, no side effects. I’m prone to heartburn but experienced none.
    Generally speaking, this was fun supplement to take because it came in a cool package with neat looking pills and gave me a nice energy boost, but if I was going to need to pull out my wallet and get it again I probably wouldn’t. There was no impressive weightloss while taking this, just a little shedding in my arms that could have been the result of just hard work. The effectiveness I liked the most was the energy boost I got from each pill, and there are much simpler, less expensive methods to attain that same end. If I were trying to shed 10-15lbs and selected this as my champion, I just think I’d end up being disappointed. Regardless, one more big thank you to Clipper for the chance to give this a try and hope you all enjoyed the review!!

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