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MRE Bar Reviews
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About MRE Bar

MRE Bar is a meal-replacement bar made by Redcon1.

According to the manufacturer’s website,  the product is designed to provide “real food sources” that don’t cause any unwanted side effects.

MRE Bar contains 20g of protein, the sources of which include beef, chicken, salmon, egg, rice and pea protein. It also features gluten-free rolled oats and yams. In a bid to add what it calls “healthy fats”, Redcon1 also adds MCT oils to the formula.

In addition to protein, MRE Bar contains 260 calories, 9g of total fat and 6g of sugar.

MRE Bar is – or has been - available in several flavors. These include “Sprinkled Doughnut”, “Iced Carrot Cake” and “Banana Nut Bread”.